Sailing with the MacDonalds


The MacDonalds are a family of 5 sailing around the Caribbean for 12 months. Our blog follows our daily life including homeschooling, cooking, adventure hikes, and Lagoon 440 upkeep and maintenance.

Sailing Fortuitous


for·tu·i·tous adj. 1. happening by chance rather than design. This is the boat log of Fortuitous, our Catalina 22 sailboat, in which we make note of our adventures as we try to figure out how to sail.

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Omen Potential
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finally my darling


Darling is our surname and this is a forty yearlong dream that has finally been realized. Hence our boat got its name 'finally my darling!' Follow this Australian/Canadian family of four adults (dad, mum, daughter, son-in-law) as they cruise the Mediterranean for two summers (2013/2014) with plans to head across the Atlantic to the Caribbean late 2014 and eventually onwards to the South Pacific and the registered home port of Brisbane, Australia. Our dream for this blog is more of a photographic journal of the beauty that surrounds us on this blessed journey, rather than a technical blog focusing on the ins and outs of day-to-day living on a yacht. We are new sailors, so join us on this voyage of discovery and hard lessons. Proving that any dream is possible if you really set your mind to it!

Sailing Nomads


Sailing Nomads - Living Life One Day at a Time

A Sailing Story


Pursuing a dream of learning to sail the author purchases a neglected old sailboat for $4,000 off Craigslist. With no experience in boat restoration, he slowly brings the boat and his dream to life.

Sailing with Sophie


The adventures of 3 year old Sophie and her Aussie cruising Mum and dad



Life aboard an Island Packet 465 in the Pacific Northwest

S.V. Cambria


This is a story about a man, a woman and a dog living their dream aboard a 43-foot sailboat. To get here, we sold everything we owned and left the US for New Zealand with the sole purpose of purchasing a yacht in May of 2001. What was supposed to be a six-month trip turned into a six-year stay and our eventual ownership of Cambria - a Westerly Ocean 43. In 2007, after years exploring the Hauraki Gulf and Bay of Islands as well as making an off-shore passage to Tonga, it was time to go home and we returned to the US. Our initial plan was to leave San Diego Harbor and turn left, but we decided we needed to experience what we'd been told were the best cruising grounds in the world ... the Pacific Northwest. After spending four months harbor-hopping up the coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington in 2008, we're now based up north where we're in our fifth season of exploring every nook and cranny from Puget Sound to Glacier Bay.

Searching for Sunshine Along the Sunshine Coast
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Alphabet Photography Project | W is for Water
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An exciting adventure from learning to sail to joining the sailing fraternity and buying a sailboat.

Sailing Roots


We are a community of four passionate for sailing and what's inside of it. We think we can contribute in doing thing better with a social compromise.

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ISAF Rolex World Sailors of the Year
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s/v The Red Thread


Neil and Jessie are a couple of liveaboard newlyweds with salty dreams and a case of wanderlust. Jump aboard as they gear up to cut the dock lines this fall and to chase adventure from Seattle to Sydney.

s/v The Red Thread


Neil and Jessie are a couple of liveaboard newlyweds with salty dreams and a case of wanderlust. Jump aboard as they gear up to cut the dock lines during the fall of 2014 and to chase adventure from Seattle to Sydney. "The cure for anything is saltwater – sweat, tears, or the sea." –Isak Denesen

SV Terrapin


Family of four from California, say adios to the rat race, sell it all and go sailing.



Sailing adventures, navigating, food, nature and photos mainly from Finland but also from abroad.

Where The Coconuts Grow


Peter and Jody are a young couple from San Diego, California who drove across the country with their two dogs, Betsy and Gunner, to move aboard their 42′ sailboat in October 2013. They sailed away from safe harbor on the west coast of Florida in February to begin a journey of a lifetime in honor of Peter’s mother who passed away from breast cancer in 2012. Named after her, the S/V Mary Christine is carrying them in search of surf, sun, sand and serenity Where The Coconuts Grow. You can read more at www.wherethecoconutsgrow.com and follow the adventures on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Astrolabe Sailing


Follow the adventures of Viki & Andrew as they sail around New Zealand and prepare to cruise the world.

Exodus to Eden


Follow a young (not so young) couple and their canine companions find their Exodus to Eden and learn a little sailing and navigation on the way.

It's Irie


A blog about living aboard, exploring the sights under and above water, sailing, cruising, and traveling the world the way it is - the good and the bad!

Sailing Vessel Froo Gal


The blog of the frugal sailors -- sailing on a budget. The thoughts and deeds of the frugal crew of SV Froo Gal. If like us you read blogs and watch vlogs of crews sailing across the Atlantic or Pacific in search of adventure, but are not yet ready to leave. You want to sail now (boat ownership is expensive); you want to save money for the future, to fund your sail-away dream in a few years' time; so you must sail on a budget. Froo Gal's crew share there experience of boat ownership and trying to keep costs low in one of the most expensive sailing areas in the world -- The Solent and the south coast of England. Please share your frugal tips with us.

Sailing Mareda


A hillbilly (a woman from Kentucky) marries a frog (a man from France) and they drop everything to go sailing on their boat Mareda (a Sun Odyssey 379). Here are their (mostly) true stories of how it's going, warts and all.

Siochana Sailing Blog


My dream is to live on a sailboat and have the freedoms to go where and when I want. The blog name, Síochána, means “Peace” in Irish. I intend to name the cruising boat Síochána and feel it’s fitting because it’s a very accurate description of the lifestyle I want to live and because of my Irish heritage.

Life on Gudgeon


Life on Gudgeon is about what happens when one day you buy a 35 year old boat with 0 prior sailing or boat knowledge, and decide to try to live on it and outfit it to go around the world. Can be kind of sweary!

A sailing family slowly exploring Europe...then the world.


This is the blog of our family sailing adventure. We started in the Mediterranean...who knows where we will end up!