Sailing Windswept


One couple's part-time cruising life in Nova Scotia and their off-season armchair cruising dreams that inspire a self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyle.



We are Dave and Alex, Sailing Banyan. Dave is a retired Navy man and an avid sailor. I came along a few years ago, and promptly fell in love with both sailing and the man (not necessarily in that order). We left Halifax, Nova Scotia July 2012 and have been making our way "Somewhere South of Somewhere" ever since, please join us on a virtual sail, we'd love your company!

Pictures and Stories
by Alex, hot with a chance of a story. over 3 years ago
Madness and Mayhem
by Alex, hot and breezy with a chance of friendships over 3 years ago

Four Aboard


Four Aboard is the tale of Andrew (AB), Mel, Oscar and Sienna Bowden's quest to sail the world, one ocean at a time. Follow our blog at www.fouraboard.com.au and see how we turn the dream into reality.

Sail + Give + Live


A family of four decides to spend 3 years cruising and volunteering in Latin America. This blog documents the journey, from moving aboard, to shoving off, and all that follows.

Life Aboard S/V Tango


To connect with each other, reduce our footprint and material needs, better understand our impact on the world, and have a family adventure we moved aboard Tango. After a year aboard we are about to cast off from our home port and begin the true cruising life!

Too busy
by four2tango about 4 years ago
Palm Warbler: a cautionary tale
by four2tango about 4 years ago

VELOCIR - raptor on the prowl


Albin Vega 27 Velocir is home to the Captains Howerton. We are a young couple navigating the cruising lifestyle as we sail throughout warm waters. We do our blog not just as a way of keeping in touch with family and friends, but because we enjoyed so many other blogs during our two years working, saving and outfitting Velocir. We found their insight not only entertaining and useful but inspiring.

Quonset House – Our Newest Adventure!
by VELOCIR over 4 years ago
Sail Care, Interview with an Expert – Article in SpinSheet Magazine
by VELOCIR over 4 years ago

Sailing Simple Life


This blog is about a couple who live aboard their 37' Island Packet sailboat Simple Life. It is about their adventures as well as the trials and tribulations of the livaboard lifestyle. Their current cruising destination is from New England to the Florida Keys and Bahama Islands.

On to Hopetown
by michele boulay over 2 years ago
El Niño and its Wrath
by michele boulay over 2 years ago

Good To Sail


A blog about sailing and boating in general with a particular regional focus on Malta, Europe.

Running Downwind


Running Downwind is a blog following the adventures of one man making the long, slow transition from modern desk jockey to seafaring skipper.

Rogue racing…
by Jake DiMare almost 5 years ago

The Adventures of Alianna


A man, a wife and a ships cat.... Live aboard cruisers in the Caribbean

S.V. Night Music


What happens when you are called to simplify and you end up on a sailboat - with only five days sailing experience? Our blog tracks our adventure as a young family of three exploring the south east coast of the US and then heading to the Bahamas . . . follow along!

She’s arrived!
by s.v. Night Music almost 5 years ago
Goodbye to Night Music
by s.v. Night Music almost 5 years ago

S/V Sweet Escape


An early 50's couple from Wisconsin retires from their lifelong careers, sells everything, buys a sailboat and heads out to fun and adventure along the east coast of the US, the Bahamas and beyond.

Random Stuff
over 4 years ago
Dinner Key
over 4 years ago

Taught by the Sea


Here you’ll find a seabound homesteader telling stories of adventures in canning, sailing, bicycling, hosting, and local eats. For me, life on a boat demands and affirms a lifestyle I strive to maintain. One of sustainability, sea-going know-how, and simplicity. It also affords the opportunity to host friends and make creative meals for them, to plan adventures and travels that are rewarding, fun, and easeful, and to organize your life creatively in a small space.

Launching Day, 2014
by Anne about 4 years ago
Buddhist Teachings, Joyful Effort, and Boat Work
by Anne about 4 years ago

Bettie del Mar


This blog documents our world travels aboard our 36-foot Cascade sailboat, Bettie. See how we live the life afloat without a ton of cash or experience.

For Sale: Cascade 36
by Bettie del Mar over 3 years ago
In Retrospect
by Bettie del Mar almost 4 years ago

Learning to Live Aboard


We're living aboard our sailboat and sharing what we learn along the way.

S/V Charis


A family of 5 cruising on a small sailboat, since 2009, currently in the Bahamas~