After freezing in Alaska for two years and getting rained on in Portland, Oregon for five, we have finally realized our dream of buying a sailboat and heading south. Thanksgiving 2011 we moved aboard Camille. Mike and Verena are currently cruising Mexico with plans to head west.



We are a family of three that have been sailing for three years and just added our newest crew in January

Sail Far Live Free


SailFarLiveFree.com is devoted to inspired writing about sailing. We feature personal ponderings, boat reviews, gear reviews, techniques, cruising guides, and logs that have all grown from our Great Lakes sailing roots. Stay awhile and read, dream, and be inspired to Sail Far, Live Free!

Sailing Gear Review: NaviSafe Navi Light 360 Portable Anchor Light
by SailFarLiveFree over 2 years ago
Picture This: Wildflowers
by SailFarLiveFree over 2 years ago

Sailing Sabbatical - Planning our escape


Follow us as we plan to travel around the world by cruising sailboat.This blog will be interactive as we ask those in the sailing community and those who are seeking the same lifestyle to join in and comment on there experiences as we explore topics relating to plans for purchasing and outfitting a cruising sailboat, learning the skills from novice to sailor, and finally untying the dock lines and changing our occupation to world traveler as we set out to circumnavigate the globe

Almost 2 years have gone by but were still working forward to 2016! Here's what we have been up too.
by Chris and Amanda almost 3 years ago
My Sidetracked Summer
by Chris and Amanda over 4 years ago

Jerin and Michelle Dobson: A Day in the Life


Jerin and Michelle enjoy travelling in mexico Cuba and Central America as well as sailing, cruising, live aboard, gulf islands, saltspring, Jerin, Michelle, Dobson

by Jerin and Michelle Dobson over 4 years ago
Look kids, Big Ben.
by Jerin and Michelle Dobson over 4 years ago

Little Cunning Plan


Mike and Melissa have a cunning plan to cast off the ties that bind them to land-based lives and sail across oceans into middle age. Come along for the ride! The blog focuses on the process of letting go of the ties that bind us as well as the fun sailing adventures they have in the mean time.

Solar Power Achieved!
by Michael about 3 years ago
Standing up to Fear
by Michael about 3 years ago

Roads Less Traveled


Come join us in our fun life of full-time travel. Whether cruising Mexico in our sailboat or camping in the US in our RV, we bring you whimsical stories and gorgeous photographs from everywhere we visit. Get inspired!!

Sunny Side Up – Baby Sandhill Cranes Hatch in Sarasota FL
by Roads Less Traveled about 3 years ago
Trailer Disc Brake Conversion – Electric Over Hydraulic Disc Brakes – WOW!
by Roads Less Traveled about 3 years ago

Alishan on the Move


Adventures and daily life of the crew of sailing yacht Alishan (Taswell 43). At present based in Fukuoka, Japan. Our boating story started in Holland, 1984.

Testing Shogun and ourselves at Sea.
by Jaap Mulder over 2 years ago
Even more pictures from IMPERIA and ABOUT
by Jaap Mulder over 2 years ago



A Swiss couple that used to live in the Middle East. We changed desert to sea and moved on our "beloved" IP 380 in 2011. Currently cruising the Caribbean with the dream to sail the world...

Final flashback: Habibi's Sailing Adventure 2011-13
by Rahel over 3 years ago
Flashback: hot, humid and calm - our last stretch
by Rahel over 4 years ago

Log of s/v Del Viento


In our twenties, we traded our boat for a house and our freedom for careers. In our thirties, we lived the American dream. In our forties, we woke and traded our house for a boat and our careers for freedom. And here we are.

Interview: 10 and 12 By MichaelWOODACRE, CA
by Michael Robertson over 2 years ago
Reducing Sail, It's What We Do By MichaelWOODACRE, CA
by Michael Robertson over 2 years ago

Island Spirit 35


Team Island Spirit sails from Maine to Key West to the Bahamas and beyond. We publish Google Maps and beautiful photos and videos. Enjoy our sailing adventures...

Little Farmers Cay
by Hayden over 2 years ago
Black Point Exumas
by Hayden over 2 years ago

S/V Terratima


Life aboard an Island Packet 465 in the Pacific Northwest



A man, a woman, a dog, and a sailboat. Follow Chris, Melody and Jet as we write about hopes, dreams, love, travel, and life aboard Vacilando, our Cal 35 sailboat.

Hollywood… Same Old Thong And Dance
by Chris about 4 years ago
Heartfelt THANKS!
by Chris over 4 years ago

Gone Global


Just two kids in our 20's out exploring the world. Currently heading South to the Caribbean and to points beyond in search of surf, kiteboarding, diving, paddleboarding, spearfishing, culture, food and drinks.

by noreply@blogger.com (Kristen Breunig) over 2 years ago
by noreply@blogger.com (Kristen Breunig) over 2 years ago

The Cruising Kitty


The Cruising Kitty charts a course and the cost to get cruising. 'Sailing is what I live for, the wind in my stripes, my cup of mojo bubbling on the galley stove, the whole sea like an endless fish supermarket ahead of me...' Captain Cat and first mate, The Can Opener, are delivering boats, cruising the Med and gearing up for the cruising life fantastic.

Follow the Horizon


We are normal (well ok, not so normal) people that have a dream to see the world and live life as it was meant to be. We both have successful careers in the healthcare industry, even in this terrible economy. We want to break free of the current cycle of trading time for dollars and dollars for more and more things we don't need. So, we have decided to forego the fruits of our economic success and "retire" well before we are 30 and set out to see what is over the Horizon.

The Hub of Abaco
by Michele about 3 years ago
Farewell to the Exumas
by Michele about 3 years ago

Zero To Cruising


Have you ever dreamt of running away to live on a tropical island, spending your days basking in the warm sunshine while sipping piña coladas? We have. In fact, our dream included running away to live on a sailboat in the tropics, even though when we started we had never even sailed before! Zero to Cruising is the story of how we took that dream and made it a reality. Follow along... you can do it too!

Just enjoying time on the boat!
by Mike over 3 years ago
Improvements overlooked by most guests – Part 3
by Mike over 3 years ago