The Voyage of Windbird


Mark and Judy Handley aren't just sailing around the world, they are exploring the world as sailors. See the sailing logs and photos from all four years of their completed voyages.

Day 129, Year 11: A New Home . . . for now
by Administrator almost 2 years ago
Day 128, Year 11: Back Home with the Goldstones
by Administrator almost 2 years ago

The World Tour


Alex and Taru began their sailing adventure in October of 2010. Climb on board and discover new foods, new cultures and laugh with them as they discover life at anchor.

sign of spring
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go vego
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Official Jessica Watson Blog


Jessica is an Australian teen who, as of January 2011, is on a quest to become the youngest solo sailer to circumnavigate the globe. Jessica's blog contains the news and challenges she overcomes during her adventure.

about 4 years ago

S.V. Red Sky


John and Lean have been sailing in Mexico. Swing by their blog to see photos, meet the locals, and get a taste of the local flora and fauna.



Dave and Jan have been sailing the oceans blue since the late 80's. Check out their photos, stories, and keep abreast of their current adventures on this resourceful blog.

Proper Course


Tillerman spends his free time perfecting the art of sailing a Laser as quickly as possible. Check out his blog for mishaps and tips to trim your sails and catch more wind.

Sailing Without My Trousers
by Tillerman almost 2 years ago
New Age Junior Sailing
by Tillerman almost 2 years ago

Adrift At Sea


This blog is filled with safety information, tips on sailing, and other useful nautical information good for the greenest of sailors and the salty dogs.

Student Punished for Doing the Right Thing
by Dan over 4 years ago

Messing About in Boats


This blog offers videos, how-tos, and advice on maintaining and purchasing a sailboat. If you're just getting started on your sailing adventures this is a good blog to wet your feet with.

Question Of The Day
by Adam Turinas about 4 years ago
Points Of Sail
by Adam Turinas about 4 years ago

News From the Bow


This blog offers information and news on everything from packing for a sailing trip to operating a boat safely. Get ready to fill your sails with News from the Bow.

Freedom 35 Masterpiece For Sale-Sneak Peak
by newsfromthebow almost 3 years ago

Sailing, Simplicity and the Pursuit of Happiness


Join Teresa's experiences as a teacher turned livaboard. Teresa describes life on a boat with an enthusiasm that will make you want to quit your day job and take charge of the tiller.

Our Journey Looking for the Right Boats
by Ben Eriksen almost 4 years ago
Whats More Exciting than a Boat?
by Teresa Carey about 4 years ago

Tugster: A Waterblog


If you're interested in the waters of New York, then this blog is a must-read. Learn about hidden secrets, view photos, and learn about the maritime history of New York on Tugster's Waterblog.

Seven Seas 5
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Thanks to Jed 3
by tugster almost 2 years ago

Racing Rules of Sailing: Look to Windward


Jos created this blog to help educate people about racing rules and etiquette on the sea. This blog is filled with technical instructions and diagrams to help you master your tack and keep your sails full.

KWS Journaal 2016-1
by Jos about 2 years ago
Theorielezingen bij TEAM HEINER
by Jos about 3 years ago

Apparent Wind


Whether you love racing the Laser or simply sailing in Massachusetts, this blog offers comical anecdotes and tips to catch the wind in lightning fast sailboats.

Campbell Sailing


This blog is maintained by former US Olympic sailing team member. Read Andrew's blog for news on his current racing plans and accomplishments and stay apprised of international championships.

Videos from Lake Macquarie
by Andrew over 3 years ago
Video from Second Camp in Sydney
by Andrew over 3 years ago

Clay Johnson Sailing


Clay Johnson has formed an Olympic team. He sails for competition. Check out his concise and informative blog on the competitive sailing circuit.

Orange Coffee Pot Regatta
by clay over 3 years ago
Sailing Away and Cruising to the Jackpot: Hitting it Big on the Cruise
by clay about 4 years ago

Keep Turning Left


This self-proclaimed middle oriented man has decided to explore every inch of coastline in around Great Britain. Read his blog for anecdotes and tips about his adventures in the frigid UK waters.

O Dock


Have you ever dreamed of sailing in under the San Francisco bridge? This blog is by a veteran sailor living live and loving sailing in the San Francisco Bay.

No Particular Reason
by noreply@blogger.com (O Docker) almost 4 years ago
Merry Crustacean
by noreply@blogger.com (O Docker) about 4 years ago

Sailfast 13


Most of us consider Bahama a place to go for vacation, but this young blogger is a native and he loves to get his sail on. Read this blog to watch Brent gain his salts as a sailor and learn about the Bahama waters as well.

Harbor Cup. Quantum J70 Winter Series. Charleston Race Week.
by Brent J. Burrows II almost 4 years ago
Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup 2014
by Brent J. Burrows II almost 4 years ago

The Fun Hogs


This blog is filled with photos and advice for building your own kayak from sailors in Hawaii. Learn the tricks, check out the pics, and build your own kayak to take for a sail.