Girl in Motion


A girl in motion is equivalent to a tsunami -- she will not stop until she hits shore; this lady runner blogger is fierce. You can feel the energy that Flo Karp, the author of this blog, has for life and running. She also has a few online shops for running gear to help make your run a little easier.

Where The Girl Has Been – Part 2
by Flo over 2 years ago
Where The Girl Has Been – Part 1
by Flo over 2 years ago

Jill Will Run


Jill, the runner and author of this blog, shares her running experiences and reviews on running-related products. She remembers the exhilaration she felt when crossing the finish line of her first marathon and hasn't stop running since.

#NEDAwareness 2016
by Jill over 2 years ago
I’m Still Around
by Jill over 2 years ago

Running Shoes Guru


Running Shoes Guru is a team of former developers and product managers of running footwear for some of the leading sports companies. They share their expertise on this blog with you. Everything you need to know about having the proper footwear to make your feet happy!

Saucony Type A6 Review
by Brian O'Connor about 4 years ago
Make an Educated Decision about Running Shoe Selection
by James Dunne about 4 years ago

Barefoot Josh


According to this blogger, "the bare foot is the best running coach money can't buy;" we're willing to take him up on the claim. Josh is a total running enthusiast. His site list the many accomplishments and has a barefoot dictionary for the barefoot beginner runner.

So Long, and Thanks For All the Shoes
by Barefoot Josh over 4 years ago
Annoyance Of De Feet: Victoria Marathon Race Report
by Barefoot Josh over 4 years ago

Barefoot Angie Bee


Barefoot running mother to four boy who finds peace through running. Lots of giveaways and reviews and chatter about life the universe and everything!

5 things I learned from 365 days of handstands
by Angie Bee Hotz about 4 years ago
Lems Boulder Boot review
by Angie Bee Hotz about 4 years ago

Obsessive Runner


Reviews on minimalist, barefoot style running shoes and everything related to running.

The Running Robot


A blog about the running robot, the colours and seasons of his life. Blogging about running, running gear, aviation, driving and cars.

18 years old once again...
by The Running Robot over 3 years ago
Saying Goodbye
by The Running Robot about 4 years ago

Mad Athlete


Tom Flummerfelt Founder & President, MadAthlete.com A lifelong athlete and former division 1 hockey player, Tom caught the adventure sports bug back in 2000 after years of watching the Eco Challenge on TV. He has tackled adventure races up to 6 days in duration with as little as 8 hours of sleep (a natural hallucinogen). Top results included 5th place at the 6-Day Eco-Challenge North American Championships and 5th place at the 4-Day Beast of the East. Tom is also a four time Boston Marathoner with an overall marathon PR of 2:55. In 2012, Tom is jumping into ultramarathons after a couple years focusing on road marathons. He came in 11th overall at his first 50 in January (the Avalon 50) and has a full schedule planned, including Racing the Planet’s 250km 7-Day Stage Race across the deserts of Jordan in May and the Vermont 100 in July. Tom has brought the same grit and determination to MadAthlete.com, a company he founded in 2003. Though he’d done well as a consultant in a firm he co-founded, the work and business environment eventually left him unfulfilled. By aligning his career to his passion for adventure sports, Tom enjoys waking up each day to work for his own company, in a field he both loves and knows well and for customers that are inherently just like him - that is, a little “mad”.

Rock/Creek Chronicle


The Rock/Creek Chronicle features regular interviews with runners, talks about trail running races from the Salomon Rock/Creek Trail Series, and reviews new trail running shoes and gear.

Nathan Holland: 2014 Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race, Day 2
by Jeff Bartlett almost 4 years ago
Guest Post: My Outdoor Adventure Shoe Obsession
by Jeff Bartlett almost 4 years ago

Laced Up With Lipstick


A blog where you can find reviews on beauty, skincare and running gear. Who say's you can't have it all?!