Crazy Mother on the Run


Blog about running and fitness from a newbie (in both).

She Believes and She Does


thirties girl, living on long island, reinventing herself, doing triathlons and everything in-between.

Going the Distance


As a full time college student, it can be tough to fit in exercise and especially to eat healthy. The purpose of this blog is to find ways for us time and money strapped people to live life the way we are supposed to!

Shoulda Ran Faster


Follow a fellow runner and her quest to run more, eat better, and get fit.

The Fit for Life Wife


Recently, I made a decision to make a lifestyle change in order to become healthier and more fit for my wedding and for my life. Through a lot of trial and error, I was able to lose 30 lbs in a healthy, sustainable way. I often read articles about healthy lifestyle tips and diet fads and trends, and I usually have something to say on the subject. That's where this blog comes in. Read all about my weight loss journey, my efforts and roadblocks in maintaining this healthy lifestyle, and receive some tips and yummy recipes along the way.

Adventures In Running


If you want tips on racing or motivation to get you through your next run, this is the place to find it. It's a fresh perspective on the sport of running with some observational humor. You will certainly look forward to each and every post.

Running on Ipsum


I run - a business, a household, on the street and even a few races on the weekends. Chickens in my backyard and miles under my feet; healthy recipes and some not-so-healthy baked goods. I love this stuff.

How to Get Living Room Sets for Cheap Price
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Placing Living Room Furniture
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I have recently decided that now is the time to get back in shape, get fit and get running. I dream of running ultras, but I am just starting from scratch. I have been captivated by many of the long distance runners, but I noticed all their information was written retrospectively and not in the moment when they were feeling the highs and lows. I plan to capture this as I blog and run.

health and Wellness Tips


Tips on various issues on weight loss, fitness, dieting, nutrition, supplements, natural weight loss procedures. some of the best products reviews might includes least but not last are various weight loss apparatus, drugs, herbal treatment etc.

Run With Meg


A blog documenting my training, injury recovery, and balancing marathon training with the life of a young professional.

[Fitness, Health and Happiness]


I'm a wife and mom of 2 that is passionate about running, fitness and an overall healthy lifestyle. I thrive on motivating others, setting goals, attaining them and raising the bar. Living a healthy lifestyle is not about perfection. It's about commitment, effort and progress!



Running started as part of a morning ritual, but now 12 years later it's a lifestyle.

Fitness at 50


Celebrating life at age 50 and encouraging other people to get up, gear up, and get active! Come along as I run, bike, train for black belt in Aikido, write a novel, make chocolates, and share what I learn along the way. And I want your stories, too!

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Trail Marathon Recap: No Wimps, Baby!
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Food Faith and Fitness


I lost over 30 lbs be clean eating. I am a wife and mother of 3 who runs marathons, newbie crossfitter, and fitness enthusiast. I push myself to achieve new goals continually.



I created my blog as a guide to help people understand the process of 'running to work' as a means of commuting. I now blog my activities and adventures as well.

yes, folks. i run like a girl


I travel extensively for work and play. I explore new cities by running my way through them. This blog follows my running and travel adventures, with a dose of humor thrown in for good measure.

Having a child changes everything
by B. Jarosz over 2 years ago
Fresh air
by B. Jarosz over 2 years ago

Mom's Home Run


I started running after I gave birth to my fourth child, and I've been on the run ever since. Running has helped to keep me sane during my journey through the motherhood. I blog about the psychology and philosophy of running, but also about how to find the right running skirt!

Runs with Dogs


Canicross running blog, encouraging the growth of this fledgling branch of running in North America. Also includes some Crossfit training, Primal/Paleo lifestyle, minimalist/Pose running, and general active lifestyle adventures.