High on Bike


She started running at 50 and a year later, this author's enthusiasm for running continues to grow. Fun, motivating, and perhaps just a bit on the edge, join in the conversation about running, life, and getting older but better.

Knuckledragging Runner


My blog includes tails of the Colorado Trails that I run on. Tails of the details of my (3) kids and what they are up to in running and soccer activities. Nothing too serious, nothing too deep. I do go on an occasional rant and not every post has to do with running or family.

Indian Creek 50
by Craig Hilton over 3 years ago
Running the rebound race
by Craig Hilton over 3 years ago

One Run a Month


The adventures of a 33 year old women who hates exercise and decides to do one 5K a month for a year. A little humor, a little life, some product reviews, and an adventure that could go anywhere.

Running 4 the Masses


Running4theMasses is for the masses. The everyday runners that run for the freedom, and have a passion for running. We are not a group of elite runners with pedigrees that go on for days, but we are the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and friends that find time to do what we love, when we can, RUN!! On this blog site, you'll find reviews on products not from elite runners, but from the everyday ordinary joe that is just like you, running for the love of it. It is important that these reviews are done for the everyday joe that might have limited income, may not be aware of certain products out there to meet those incomes, or even know that certain products exist that might help them obtain their running goals. Also, on the site, you will find information about running nutrition, motivation, injury and prevention, and tip to help you achieve your goals as a runner, no matter what level.

Hit the Ground Running


HiTGR is a training blog with a lighthearted touch. The blog explores the ins and outs of training, improving, setbacks and challenges, and the overall love so many runners feel for their chosen sport. At once fun and earnest, this blog sets out to speak to runners at all levels of the most basic reason we run: because we are compelled.

Recommended Reading
by Ali K. over 2 years ago
Shopping, Snacks, & Kitchen Stuff
by Ali K. over 2 years ago

Marathon Slob


Follow the journey of a former unfit slob to running the NYC Marathon!

New York Outdoors


Where & how to have fun outdoors in New York State by hiking, bicycling, running, backpacking, paddling, skiing, bird watching, enjoying nature, etc.

I Survived & Now I Run


This is a blog all about my journey from cancer to becoming a runner at 40 and training for my first half-marathon and beyond. I blog about training, food, motivation, cross training and much more.

The Worst Blogger Ever!
by noreply@blogger.com (Shannon King) over 2 years ago
God Is Good!
by noreply@blogger.com (Shannon King) over 2 years ago

Behold the Turtle


I started my blog when I began training for my first half marathon. Two half marathons (and many 5Ks and a 10K) later, I'm still running and blogging. I chronicle my training, my goals and my new-found love of running.

If invited to Datz Dough, go!
by Jina over 4 years ago
If invited to Datz Dough, go!
by Jina over 4 years ago

health and Wellness Tips


Tips on various issues on weight loss, fitness, dieting, nutrition, supplements, natural weight loss procedures. some of the best products reviews might includes least but not last are various weight loss apparatus, drugs, herbal treatment etc.

5 Miles Past Empty


This is a blog about the ups and downs of training while trying to juggle the ups and downs of life's responsibilities. From 5k to ultra, sprint tri to 70.3 (maybe one day a full Iron Man), AJ leaves little untouched when her feet hit the ground running.

The Hero's Journey...
by 5 Miles Past Empty over 4 years ago
Maybe, Should, Hopefully, Ought to be......
by 5 Miles Past Empty over 4 years ago

The Road to the MCM


Three years ago, I was overweight, had high blood pressure and cholesterol, and was a candidate for a heart attack. At that point, I committed to physical fitness and healthy eating. Fast forward to 2012. I'm 30+ pounds lighter. My blood pressure and cholesterol and very good and running has become a way of life. I decided in January to sign up for the Marine Corps Marathon. This blog charts my journey as I train for the MCM, along with my observations along the way.

by todkehrli over 4 years ago
Learning To Run Again
by todkehrli over 4 years ago

My First 5K and More


An older adult starts to run and gets addicted. After running many many 5ks, she moves on to half marathons. She is currently recovering from an injury and impatiently waits to be able to return to her running addiction.

Monday Running Update
by Darlene over 2 years ago
A Tale of Two 12 Mile Runs
by Darlene over 2 years ago

Couch to 5Katy


Katy is not a runner. See Katy write about her journey towards becoming a runner through the couch to 5k program. Read and learn about her quirkiness while trying to figure this running thing out.