Run Bulldog Run


Once you visit Run Bulldog Run blog you will be hooked! This blog is big on inspiration and training techniques to help you be the best runner you can be.

by Steve almost 4 years ago
Training Update
by Steve almost 4 years ago

Running and Rambling


This site is loaded with a ton of running information. Everything related to trail running: race reports, gear reviews, photo tours, general training discussions, and alittle bit about nothing in particular.



Running, marathon training, healthy eating, yoga, meditation, traveling...these are the things that create joy in my daily life! RunToTheFinish is a place to talk about using my passion of running to explore the world around me and continue becoming the women I hope to be. My goal is to live each day with more joy, more experiences and more love...hopefully you'll find something here to inspire you on your journey!

Highs and Lows of Training - The Rundown
by noreply@blogger.com (Amanda RunToTheFinish) about 3 years ago
8 Natural Sleep Aids - Beating the time change!
by noreply@blogger.com (Amanda RunToTheFinish) over 3 years ago

ROJ Running


It's about an active lifestyle not elite performance. A mid 20's lady, living in Ohio, who is a mid-pack runner. I enjoy both trails and roads. I've completed countless 5Ks, 21 half marathons (my favorite distance) a full marathon and 2 50Ks. My next task is to attempt a 50 miler in 2012.

Test Run with Hoka’s Conquest
by Julie @ ROJ Running about 4 years ago
The Time I Didn’t Lose 10 Pounds
by Julie @ ROJ Running about 4 years ago

Racing and Saving Mama


My blog is about running, working out, outdoor activities with my family, healthy eating and couponing. I am a PR Friendly site that host/preforms reviews, giveaways, and sponsored posts. My blog is a place people come to read a great story...AND learn about an awesome new product and possibly win one for themselves.

Cute Dollie and Child Dresses on Sale Today! Plus Mommy and Me Dresses!
by Kristina over 2 years ago
3 Tips For Improving Your Workouts
by Kristina over 2 years ago

Running 4 the Reason


I'm running for the reason... what's the reason? Could be charity, fitness, solitude, a race, sanity, motivation, cake... every day the reason changes! What's *your* reason? I'm a stay-at-home mom of 2 kids, living in the Bay Area. After having my 2nd child in 2005, it took me 5 months to start getting back in shape. After 2.5 years of boot camp style exercise classes, I started running and racing... and haven't stopped since!

SLO Going
by Laura about 4 years ago
Today’s Reason: Respect
by Laura about 4 years ago

Crazy Mother on the Run


Blog about running and fitness from a newbie (in both).

She Believes and She Does


thirties girl, living on long island, reinventing herself, doing triathlons and everything in-between.

Earn Your Donuts


I ran my first 5K in 2007, and was hooked. Since then I've had a great time at races from 5K to 26.2 miles. I'm probably never going to make it to Boston, but wherever this is going, I'm trying to have some laughs along the way.

One Last Run Before the Snow
by noreply@blogger.com (Brian) over 2 years ago
Good Run? I Guess?
by noreply@blogger.com (Brian) over 2 years ago

Going the Distance


As a full time college student, it can be tough to fit in exercise and especially to eat healthy. The purpose of this blog is to find ways for us time and money strapped people to live life the way we are supposed to!

EnerChi Fitness


EnerChi Fitness provides health and wellness resources such as ChiRunning®/ChiWalking® for efficient and injury-free fitness.

2014 Dirty German 50K Ultra Summary
by echifitness about 4 years ago
2014 NJ Marathon
by echifitness about 4 years ago

Brian's Running Adventures


Over the last 11 running years I've Logged miles in some very cool places: Alabama, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Overseas at locations like Crete, Iraq, Sicily, Greenland, United Kingdom, and Qatar. I have over 40 races under my belt, including 9 half marathons, 5 full marathons, and two 24 hour Ultra Marathons.

My Blog Has Moved
by Brian over 4 years ago
Week in Review
by Brian over 4 years ago

Big Daddy Diesel


One of few that believes in everyone, a huge age group supporter and motivational believer that everyone can do this sport

by Big Daddy Diesel over 4 years ago
Update and Other Ramblings
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Barefoot Angie Bee


Barefoot running mother to four boy who finds peace through running. Lots of giveaways and reviews and chatter about life the universe and everything!

5 things I learned from 365 days of handstands
by Angie Bee Hotz about 4 years ago
Lems Boulder Boot review
by Angie Bee Hotz about 4 years ago

Obsessive Runner


Reviews on minimalist, barefoot style running shoes and everything related to running.

Outrunning Fear...literally!


Outrunning FEAR and ED ... literally! A woman who runs because NOW she can. Recovering from a living a life of fear (and an eating disorder) Jenn has reclaimed her body, mind, and soul over a decade ago! She now uses her gift of running to raise awareness and fundraisers for those in need of Eating Disorder Treatment. Eating Disorders are serious illnesses that affect approximately 1% of the population. However, a much larger % of the population struggles with unhealthy thoughts of food, weight, body, and insecurity about who we are. This is why "Outrunning Fear and ED...literally" is a program for all of us! YOU are invited to join in the awareness, prevention and hope for ANYONE struggling to have a chance at reclaiming their right to leave fear and doubt in the dust!

For The Love Of The Run


Slightly off kilter, not too young not too old mom of a few who is a runner that knows there's so much more to running than just... running. Great giveaways almost every week.

If You're Not The Fastest, Why Run If You Can't Win?
by Tina Plantamura about 4 years ago
Run For Dignity. Days for Girls Virtual Race
by Tina Plantamura over 4 years ago

Shoulda Ran Faster


Follow a fellow runner and her quest to run more, eat better, and get fit.