I am just a regular guy who loves to run. I am not fast but I do accomplish what I set out to do. This is where I share my love for running with the masses as I continue tag on the miles.



Mommy of two little boys that loves to run, hike, play - anything to keep fit. I have been running for years and have done numerous runs all for fun. Hiking has also been something I've enjoyed through the years and now we are having our kids join in on the fun. In all, I would really like to share my experiences and hopefully inspire others.

You Signed Up For WHAT?!


You Signed Up For WHAT?! is a blog about the adventures of Cynthia - a runner, triathlete, and working mom of three little kids living in the DC area. She started running 11 years ago as a way to lose weight and be more active, going from her first 5K to a marathon in a year and a half, and losing 43 pounds in the process. Since then she has had three children, run another marathon and numerous half marathons, lost a total of 50 pounds, and achieved a longtime goal of doing a triathlon by age 40 – and is now training for a half Ironman. With a challenging but rewarding job in performing arts management, her work hours are often long and involve weekends, evenings, and international travel, so she is continually walking the tightrope of balance between work, home life, healthy eating, and personal fitness goals. "You Signed Up For WHAT?!" is the standard response Cynthia gets when she tells friends and family about her latest encounter with the “Register Now!” button.



A look inside and out of the running community I surround myself with. There are happy moments, sad moments but all around beautiful life moments with me and my four kids. I run to enjoy every bit of life's pleasure.

Runner's Women


Mary is the author of this blog, she is an avid runner. This blog shares her running experiences and reviews on running-related products.

Aggie Runs


2014 Chicago marathon training, running, fitness, and health topics.

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A candid recap of my experience doing The Goofy Challenge (half and full marathon) in Disney



Runner blogger who has not died despite running's best attempts to maim and injure. It's fun. Really. I hope to become your BRF (best running friend). Or at least the person you come to when your family’s and friends’ eyes glaze over when you start talking about running.

Running with the Dharma


A blog that explores the common ground of distance running and Buddhist practice.