Marathon Rookie


Whether you just starting a running regiman or thinking about it, this is the site for all your go-to information when it comes to running.An enormous amount of tips and resources to help you in your quest of being a runner and to being nutritionally fit.

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Jog Blog UK


After 25 years of smoking cigarettes, Cathy, the owner and writer of this blog, started running to help in her quit smoking and get healthy. You will be inspired and yes she has kicked her nicotine habit and is thankful for what running has done for her.

Infographic: Breakfast v No Breakfast
by jogblog over 2 years ago
Infographic: The Anatomy of a Golf Swing
by jogblog over 2 years ago

Steve in a Speedo? Gross!


The blogger, Steve Stenzel, trains for triathlons, teaches and is a photographer. he has an impressive race resume page and his dedication to training for the events will inspire you to get out there and run!

Comparing Splits from my Two 2016 Half Marathons
by noreply@blogger.com (Steve Stenzel) over 2 years ago
My Son Doesn't Like It When I Do 25Ks
by noreply@blogger.com (Steve Stenzel) over 2 years ago

Run Eat Repeat


Weight loss was the motivator for starting a running regimen. Weight loss is a priority to her, but so is health and happiness. She read a book about "Intuitive eating" and swears by it. You can find a section on her site listing the ten Intuitive eating habits to help in weight loss. And of course you will find many running resources and stories to help inspire you!

When You’re LAST To Start the Phoenix Marathon (Results and Recap)
by runeatrepeat over 2 years ago
Easiest Curry Recipe But Not Really a Recipe
by runeatrepeat over 2 years ago

Roni's Weigh


On this blog you will follow Roni, a mom who's journey from fat to skinny is chronicled. She shares her story very candidly and you will be inspired to get up and exercise and to start a healthy eating regimen.

Moving Past “I Can’t”
by roni over 2 years ago
Off to Bowling!
by roni over 2 years ago



The Runner Dude blogger wants to motivate and inspire you to get fit. He runs marathons and fitness centers. This site is packed with resources to help you get in tip top running shape. Happy running!

Five Ways to Stay Motivated During the Winter
by noreply@blogger.com (RunnerDude) over 2 years ago
Endorphin Warrior Prize Drawing!
by noreply@blogger.com (RunnerDude) over 2 years ago

See Dane Run


Dane Rauschenberg is an extreme athlete, author, and speaker. You will be in awe of this runners accomplishments. He ran a certified marathon every weekend in the year 2006. Some people dream of finishing one in a lifetime. He also is a motivational speaker for running marathons and races of all distances.

Runners Against Trump (R.A.T.)
by noreply@blogger.com (Dane) over 2 years ago
Alamo Run Fest 13.1 Recap
by noreply@blogger.com (Dane) over 2 years ago

Frayed Laces


This blogger is a graduate student with a triathlon problem as she endures the physical, mental and emotional ups and downs of training and racing. You will feel the devotion and dedication this young lady has for running.

Strength Running


His name is Jason Fitzgerald but he goes by Fitz. He is fascinated with designing the ultimate training programs that will make runners fast, healthy, and in the best shape of their lives. He also is the author of the workout guide,"52 Workouts, 52 Weeks, One Faster Runner", and offers a wealth of resources to help you get in tip top shape for the running experience of your life.

How long should my long run be relative to my weekly mileage?
by Jason Fitzgerald over 2 years ago
Confessions of a Pre-Dawn Runner (and how to make running in the morning work for you)
by Christine over 2 years ago

Run to Win


The author of this blog a "Marathon Maniac #2867",you qualify for this title when you run two marathons in one weekend! You read his special report, "The 3 Components of an Effective Workout," with regular tips, tricks and news by email, when you sign up for his newsletter here. Who knows, you could become the next "Marathon Maniac" !

RRCA Certified Race Director’s Distribution
by podcast@runtowin.com (Blaine Moore) about 4 years ago
RRCA Certified Coaches Distribution
by podcast@runtowin.com (Blaine Moore) about 4 years ago

For Beginners Only


No question is too small when it comes to beginning a running routine. Susan Paul will answer your questions along with giving tips and guidance for the amateur runner. This blog has many great sections on it from injury prevention to nutrition and weight loss, you will find answers to all your questions.

Broken Hearted Runner


This runner and author of this blog has had two heart surgeries. The first at 14 years old and the second at 23. You will be inspired by this site to not let any obstacle get in the way of being the fittest and healthiest you can be.

Asthma and the Gift of Running


Anne, the author of this blog has severe asthma. She has overcome the ups and downs of dealing with a chronic disease. One way she copes is to run. She chronicles her running journeys on her blog. She will inspire you to try running, or anything that you think you may not be able to do! Where there is will there is way!



Half-Fast is blog that is dedicated to the humorous side of running. There are tips, running stories, poems(a few), advice and news about the running world. This site will make you laugh!

No, Not in the Ribs!
by Ian almost 4 years ago
Plus ça Change
by Ian almost 4 years ago

Tall Mom on the Run


Life is busy and with a hectic schedule this blogger has found an outlet in running. She is an accomplished racer and you will follow her in her quest to be the best in all she does.

Stick and Stones . . .
by noreply@blogger.com (Mel -Tall Mom on the Run) over 4 years ago
Tall Mom Catching up
by noreply@blogger.com (Mel -Tall Mom on the Run) over 4 years ago

Complete Running Network


Complete Running Network is your one stop for everything to do with running. You will find tips, gear reviews and inspiration flowing on every page. So grab your running shoes and head for the finish line!

Retail Therapy: The Grip V
by Runner Susan almost 5 years ago

Brandons Marathon


Brandon Wood is an opera singer and an avid runner. His site and podcast follow his adventures on the way to competing in and training for all kinds of endurance events including marathons and triathlons. You will be inspired by his drive to be the best he can be ,whether it be singing or running!

Instagram #picoftheday ironbrandonshow 2015-01-18 23:35:10
by info@ironbrandon.com (Brandon Wood) over 3 years ago
Instagram #picoftheday ironbrandonshow 2015-01-18 19:48:49
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Running Shoes Guru


Running Shoes Guru is a team of former developers and product managers of running footwear for some of the leading sports companies. They share their expertise on this blog with you. Everything you need to know about having the proper footwear to make your feet happy!

Saucony Type A6 Review
by Brian O'Connor over 4 years ago
Make an Educated Decision about Running Shoe Selection
by James Dunne over 4 years ago

Run faster Mommy


Heather Gannoe, the author of this blog, is a full time mom and college student pursuing a bachelors degree in exercise and sports science. She shares her passion for running and the posts on her site are delightful.

Jessica Is Getting Fit!


This fitness blog is a blog about getting not just physically fit but also mentally and emotionally fit. You will find reviews on nutritional foods and fitness gear to help in your goal of a healthy lifestyle. A bonus is the motivation you will feel when you visit this site!

Brooklyn Running


Brooklyn, which would be America's fourth-largest city on its own, boasts a healthy community of runners who tell all about their time on the path here. You will find information to help you be a better runner as well as meeting fellow runners with the updated posts.

Joe Kleinerman Near Capacity/Other Marathon Qualifiers
by noreply@blogger.com (Brooklyn Runner) over 2 years ago
Happy New Year's Eve!
by noreply@blogger.com (Brooklyn Runner) over 2 years ago

Run, Zoe, Run!


"I am an everyday athlete; leading a normal life, but with big goals and dreams," is this author's mantra. You will follow the daily adventures of this author's running life along with product reviews and some great giveaways on this site.

Barefoot Josh


According to this blogger, "the bare foot is the best running coach money can't buy;" we're willing to take him up on the claim. Josh is a total running enthusiast. His site list the many accomplishments and has a barefoot dictionary for the barefoot beginner runner.

So Long, and Thanks For All the Shoes
by Barefoot Josh over 4 years ago
Annoyance Of De Feet: Victoria Marathon Race Report
by Barefoot Josh almost 5 years ago

Run to the Finish


This blogger,Amanda, would love to help others find the joy of running me when they hit the road. She knows a lot people still think they "hate" running but her mission is to show them the joy one step at at time.

5 Things of Interest Lately: Beach Edition
by noreply@blogger.com (Amanda RunToTheFinish) about 3 years ago
DailyBurn Black Fire Review–AKA I want to die
by noreply@blogger.com (Amanda RunToTheFinish) about 3 years ago