The Fartlek Runner


Fartlek is a Swedish word for “speed running" and Matt, owner of this blog, loves to run fast. He lives in Toronto and his site has many resources for race days and healthy eating tips. There is a fantastic recipe and motivation page to encourage you to be in tip top shape for that marathon you will be running!

NYC Running


Ready or not, here they come -- runners have all but inundated the Big Apple, and this is the top site for them on which they can all fellowship. This blog is loaded with tips for running the most famous marathon in the most exciting city in the world! So put on your running shoes and great ready for race day!

The Fabulous Running Mommy


Olivia Hernandez is the author of "The Fabulous Running Mommy" Blog. She runs for her health but also to raise awareness of NF2 and is heavily involved in this cause. She writes daily on her site with tips on healthy eating, she is vegan, and of course on her running adventures.

Life goes on...
by noreply@blogger.com (Olivia Hernandez) about 3 years ago
My Truth
by noreply@blogger.com (Olivia Hernandez) almost 4 years ago

Run Like H3ll


This blog is jam packed with everything you need to know about running. Whether you are a beginner or long time jogger, you will benefit from the tips and resources found here. Happy running!

Run Addicts


Once you pop, you can't stop -- and we ain't talkin about potato chips; running grows on you after a while, as this site evidences.

My Fitness Depot


This site basically offers everything you need to improve your performance when the sneakers are off -- including helpful diet tips.You will find this site easy to navigate from viewing all fitness products to purchasing them. You will be inspired to be the healthiest you can be , inside and outside.

by Fitfirst over 2 years ago
Pilates Exercise
by Fitfirst over 2 years ago

Girl in Motion


A girl in motion is equivalent to a tsunami -- she will not stop until she hits shore; this lady runner blogger is fierce. You can feel the energy that Flo Karp, the author of this blog, has for life and running. She also has a few online shops for running gear to help make your run a little easier.

Where The Girl Has Been – Part 2
by Flo over 2 years ago
Where The Girl Has Been – Part 1
by Flo over 2 years ago

Runner Girl's Blog Spot


Sonal Modisette the author of this blog, mother of three and newly unemployed started a new outlook on her life. On this site you will she shares her love of running, fitness and healthy eating habits. It's a feel good blog that inspires you to take a different path in life when the other one is road-blocked.

See Corey Run


The hope of this blog is that it informs, inspires, & delights you, but. most of all, motivates you to achieve your health & fitness goals You will find all you need to know about running-related topics, including product reviews, race training, news & events, sports nutrition, healthy cooking, strength training, & exercise psychology.

Coach Corey's Corner: 10 Tips to Set the Stage for a Great 5K Race
by noreply@blogger.com (Corey Irwin Cyberpenguin) almost 5 years ago

The Adventures of a Running Bear


Sarah Jarvis is the author of "The Adventures of Running Bear" Blog. She is an avid runner and chronicles her running journeys on her site. We love the section titled," Inspiring Photo Stuff". The photographs on this blog are fantastic!

Another Mile


This is a very organized and dedicated runner who runs this running blog. From the training log to the discussion section you will find this a very intriguing site about running and races that the blogger has done.

An Ultra Runner's Blog


We're all just trying to hang in there a little bit longer; this blog teaches us that what we learn from running, we can apply to our whole lives. Follow me on my journey to run ultras and other mind altering events and feel the thrill!

"Twas Always Thus"
by Will over 2 years ago
What's Your Age Again?
by Will over 2 years ago

Shut Up and Run!


"Don't let fear hold you down. That's a big time waster. Actually, it's a big life waster." is the mantra this blogger lives by. This is a very passionate, funny site and author. The blogger has loves running and shares his stories from his experiences.

Let Me Tell You Why It’s a Good Day
by noreply@blogger.com (ShutUpandRun) over 4 years ago
9 Myths About Runners
by noreply@blogger.com (ShutUpandRun) over 4 years ago

Running Chick with the Yellow Hat


On this great running blog you will follow the adventures of the author on her running adventures. She is very busy working a full time job, being a community volunteer , and of course an avid runner. Follow this delightful site and you will be inspired to put on your running shoes and go for a jog, or maybe run a marathon!

Christine's Running


Another excellent blog for runners of all levels of experience to find new trips and that little extra dash of gusto for the next trek. Christine Luff, the owner of this blog, offers many resources and tips to make your next run a great experience.

Common Racing Mistakes to Avoid
over 4 years ago
Monday Motivation Tip: Think About Your Post-Run Self
over 4 years ago

Mizz Duffy's Marathan Blog


Ms. Duffy from the Bronx in New York City takes no prisoners in her quest to become the best runner she can You will enjoy Ms. Duffy's enthusiasm for running and her quest to be the best. This site has daily posts to keep you up todate on her running adventures!



Why I Run: The Story of How I Became a Runner is a post on this fantastic running blog. It is about the author's journey into the running world and how running has turned into a passion for getting healthy and having a great time doing it. This site offers a wealth of tips and resources to help improve your performance.

Altra Lone Peak Neoshell and Lone Peak 2.5 Review
by David Henry over 2 years ago
Pearl Izumi Trail N2v2 and N1v2 Dual Review
by David Henry over 2 years ago

Your Pose Running Coach


Any serious runner will swear to you that the winning edge comes not from who's lighter, but which runner has the better form. Improve yours here. You will find tips on various running techniques such as Pose Running, barefoot running and general fitness.

Four Years Today
by Ken Schafer over 4 years ago
Running Form: Distilled (Parts 3a, 3b, 3c, and 4) By Christopher Drozd
by Ken Schafer over 4 years ago

Run, Janelle, Run!


This blog is somewhat of a journal of the blogger's running experiences. From her running days in college to the present. Janelle, the author, shares her views on the sport as a participant to a spectators point of view.

Naturally Protein Packed Pancakes
by Janelle Vadnais about 4 years ago
Banana Oat Chip Bites
by Janelle Vadnais about 4 years ago

Science of Running


Train hard and smart and you will win easy is the philosophy behind this blog. To help you achieve the ultimate running experience this site explores the science behind running.The author of this blog is finishing up his Masters in Exercise Science and coaches other runners to reach their potential.

Recovery Addict: How overemphasizing recovery creates dependency
by steve over 2 years ago
New Podcast- Training for the 800
by steve over 2 years ago

Old Man Running


This blogger is 74 years old and just starting to get back into long distance running and sharing his experiences with us. Not only does he talk about the fitness aspect of his journey, but it’s also very inspirational as well.

Did another 2 miles
by noreply@blogger.com (Allen Leigh) over 4 years ago
Ran/walked 2 miles
by noreply@blogger.com (Allen Leigh) over 4 years ago

Old Runner


Richard Hefner, the blogger of this site, created this site to remind myself of how far he has come and to hopefully inspire other people who thought they were too old to get in shape. He has lost 50 pounds and attributes it to healthy eating and especially running. He is passionate about setting an example to his children and the older crowd to be health conscious and to live life to its fullest.

TheOldRunner has Moved...
by Richard Hefner over 3 years ago
Race #282 - Belk Bowl 5k - Charlotte, NC - 12/28/14
by Richard Hefner over 3 years ago

Adam Culp -- The Crazy Floridian


This site chronicles the running journey of Adam Culp. From as early as his grade school days through his time in the Army. You will be inspired by his dedication to a sport that is affects every aspect of his life.

My Personal Record...


"The greatest pleasure in life, is doing the things people say we cannot do", is a quote that Jen, the author of this blog, lives by. She is an avid marathon runner and tries to attain her personal best every race she enters. You can follow her running journey her on her . There are many more inspirational quotes for the running fanatic.

Myrtle Beach Mini-Marathon
by noreply@blogger.com (RunJen) over 2 years ago
Happy Fall!
by noreply@blogger.com (RunJen) almost 3 years ago

Jill Will Run


Jill, the runner and author of this blog, shares her running experiences and reviews on running-related products. She remembers the exhilaration she felt when crossing the finish line of her first marathon and hasn't stop running since.

#NEDAwareness 2016
by Jill over 2 years ago
I’m Still Around
by Jill over 2 years ago