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Tina Tessina holds a Ph.D., has written eight books, and has 30 years of counseling experience under her belt. Dr. Romance, as she is addressed on the blog, uses each post to respond to her subscribers' heartfelt questions concerning love, romance, and relationships. Dr. Romance is gentle yet firm in her advice, and knows just what to say.

Dr. Romance: Does your relationship need a spring cleaning?
by Tina Tessina over 4 years ago
Dear Dr. Romance: I am in my forties, and hadn't had sex in years.
by Tina Tessina over 4 years ago

Le Love


Le Love is made up of reader submissions demonstrating expressions of love. The blog features photos, stories, poems, and other demonstrations of love and romance. If you have an expression of love to share, consider posting to this blog.

how to not run away from the ones that love you?
by noreply@blogger.com (Le Love) about 4 years ago
love two people
by noreply@blogger.com (Le Love) about 4 years ago

It Might Be Love


It Might Be Love is a site for any and all things related to love. From the romantic love you share with your spouse or significant other to the love you have for family and friends to the things you love like fashion and music, this blog has it all. The blog also offers a plethora of resources including articles, dating and relationship advice, love poems and quotes, and music and book reviews.

The Loom & Crystal Story
by Chelle over 4 years ago

Dear Future Hubby


Dear Future Hubby is a lighthearted, sarcastic, and entertaining blog about weddings, romance, and love. The blog is written from the perspective of "your future wife," as she describes the things she wants and doesn't want in her future husband. Posts on Dear Future Hubby also shine a light on the blogger's personal experiences with love and relationships.

Blogs of Love


Blogs of Love showcases love and romance stories, love poems and quotes, romantic song lyrics, and romantic date ideas. If you need some help in the romance department, this is definitely your go-to guide.

Roses Romance Poems Directly From The Heart<3


my website is based on short stories romance poem directy from the heart by roseann sabia<3

Romantique Innocence


I hope your not looking for fairy-tales, and happy endings? Okay, I would be lying if I stated Romantque Innocence is not linked to these fanciful tales. Romantique Innocence indulge in array of topics such as; poetry, history, psychology etc, and yet it all stems right back to L'amour. If your in love with love, you'll l'amour Romantique Innocence. Hope too see you there. Nailah D'arcy

by ND almost 3 years ago
Hello? Was I Missed?
by ND almost 3 years ago

2 Lovers 52 Days


Two lovers living 4,000 miles apart. Fifty-two days before they can see each other again. Two decks of cards decorated with inspiration and left in places to be found by strangers, one on each day, to pass the time and to spread our happiness with others. Send us an email if you find our cards and let us know! 2lovers52days@gmail.com



At Memeoirs, we are story-tellers and romantics. We aim to write about the love stories of our customers as well as giving advice relating to love and how to make it last.

Tales Of Woo


New York City couples tell their stories on how they found love in the big city.

Xtra Small


A young pair's stories about a teenage romance maturing in adulthood