Blind I for the Kids


This blog features smart remixes and performances as well as updates on hot upcoming and recently released albums. Blind I for the Kids is a great blog to check out new music!

by Rosey Gonzales about 4 years ago
by Noah DeeAkili about 4 years ago

The Nod Factor


This blog is part of a larger website that features music news, remixes, and artist updates. Come to The Nod Factor blog if you want to check out new remixes, funny videos, and neat posts (like a hip hop version of Darth Vader's theme song).

K-Def – “Rhythm Roulette” [VIDEO]
by JLBarrow over 2 years ago
STREAM: Eric G, “Another One”
by JLBarrow over 2 years ago

Beats and Bombs


This is a blog that is full neat remixes. Beats and Bombs also discusses and sheds light on a lot of rumors floating around out there in hip hop news. So if you want to keep up on what's going on--check this blog out.

Live for the Funk


This blog sifts through all the new music, remixes, and reviews from all genres of music. Just because Live for the Funk isn't exclusively hip hop doesn't mean they don't have good taste in hip hop music. Check it out and you might be surprised.

Ab-Soul- Tree Of Life
about 4 years ago
Vegyn: All Bad Things Have Ended… EP
about 4 years ago

Remix the Video


This blog features really good remixes of top hip hop artists like Drake and Wiz Khalifa. Remix the Video is a great place to go for free downloads and innovative new takes on popular new music.



Broke2dope is a hip hop music blog based in Atlanta, GA. The site specializes in song reviews, new music, exclusive interviews, event coverage and more. We have interviews from rising indie artists such as Sy Ari Da Kid, Rolls Royce Rizzy, Tuki Carter and more.

Chuuwee (@ChrispyyCREAM) - Pimp My Ride dir. by Chris O'Quinn [watch]
by Shanika Simmons almost 4 years ago
Kay Real (@KayRealNYC) - Line Up prod. by MF Doom [listen]
by Shanika Simmons almost 4 years ago