Help My Relationship


This blog is written by a man who has been married for over 35 years. His personal experiences combined with his relationship coaching training allows him to provide a unique and trusted opinion on how to best salvage a relationship.

A Year of Living Flirtatiously


The author of this blog is in her thirties and claims to have never been in love before. She decided to start making dating her job if it's ever going to happen, and thus this blog was born. Topics covered include love, flirting, and romantic expectations.

L.A. Dating Blog


Looking for love in the City of Angels is no more cherubic than the search for it anywhere else. This site provides a man's perspective on it all.

Never Had a Boyfriend


Never Had a Boyfriend chronicles the challenges, experiences, and thoughts of a straight woman in her late twenties who has never had an intimate relationship with a man. She started the site to promote community amongst others in the same boat as her. Many of the posts explore the intersection of love, sex, and dating in modern times.

Stepping Away for a Bit
by neverhadaboyfriend about 4 years ago
Facebook vs. Reality
by neverhadaboyfriend over 4 years ago

He Loves Me Not


Sarah has been blogging about her self-proclaimed pathetic love life for over five years. Visit her blog to read her funny, entertaining, and at times even inspiring stories about the remarkable quest for love and companionship.

"Post Script," Alternate Title: "He Remembered Things," Alternate Title: "Let It Go"
by Sarah over 3 years ago

inspiratio vitae


My little hurricane of emotions! Personal blog, with my stories, experiences and views on many subjects.

Has To Be Unspoken


Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut while you figure out a better way to handle your life and your love.

Black Love Forum


Black Love Forum is a key influencer in the movement to restore healthy relationships in the Black Community. Our organization is dedicated to being a change agent through our: Website & Online Community (BlackLoveForum.com) Events & Discussions Education & Coaching

Join Us For #TheSoulMan Twitter Viewing Party Wed. 3/26/14 10PM EST
by BLF Staff Writer over 4 years ago
Black Herstory: The Radical Self Expression Manifesto
by BLF Staff Writer over 4 years ago

My Relationship Journey


My blog is about my relationship with my partner, through the aura. I am not doing it because of getting profit about it. I just want to share with people what have changed my life completely. Around 2 years ago (but more intensively 10 months ago) I discovered that we have something called aura that you can communicate with your aura. After years of searching the right partner, thanks to the aura, in 3 weeks since I met him by person I started living with him and after 5 months of living together we got married. This is the reason why you cannot see posts on February (I was to busy with the wedding :) Form now on I plan to post much more often :) We are a community that recognize works and develops their auras and implement the tools and messages from the auras and other sources in a very practical ways in our life's and our life have changed completely to better. The relationship in between the couples is amazing; I never saw anything like this before! So the blog is to share my personal experience, my development and growth and other couple's growth, as well as open to people the way of the aura to life in a different way. I am doing it with my heart in my hand, sharing very intimate things about myself and my relationship. For sure I invite you to have a look to my blog :) I hope you will enjoy it! If you think that my blog can be part of your website, please let know if I need to do something and I will see if it is possible too implement it. Have a great day! Laura lovesoulandmusic@gmail.com

Letters From Beneath The Sea


We're just another military couple blogging about what it's like to be in a long distance relationship with each other and a long term relationship with the Navy. We cover our toils and troubles, laughs and love, and everything in between.

Vigilance Musings - Eyes Wide Open


Emotional vampires, here, there and online. A certain type of relationship predator best to avoid.

My Millionaire Men


Dating Millionaires and centimillionaires in the 21st century.

Love in the Carolinas


Just a place for me to talk about my relationship experiences and the experiences of family and friends, in addition to viewers choosing topics and sharing their situations

The Promise List


The blog follows a man who has just lost a serious loving relationship, and his journey towards closure is finishing a list of promises he made to his true love and more importantly himself. Although the tasks may seem minuscule, there will always be an adventure or surprise behind each task. 1 week per task, 10 tasks. 10 Videos and hundreds of pictures and helpful advice along the way.

Milly Modern


A frank, honest and open blog about my experiences with online dating, dating in the real world and how they compare. Along with this I'll discuss my everyday experiences with those mythical creatures we know as 'men'.

Frivolous Glorious


Frivolous Glorious is a series of essays about the (cliche alert!) dating mis adventures of a gal in Boulder, Colorado- a town GQ magazine calls "one of American's least fashionable cities." Martini heavy/fashion laden/perpetually uncomfortable shoe wearing tales poking fun at a litany of socially awkward experiences...Hello, dad jeans.

The Guilty Good Girl


Funny stories along with helpful advice. Interesting twist on men and women and relationships as we know them in today's society.

In Vay's Diary


My blog is about me and my crazy dating experience with men of different race and size. Love to share my experience with the world...at least, don't want to be the only one who has been there before. Let's talk about it.

Nigerian Artistes Lead MTV Africa Music Awards 2014
by VANESSA OBIOHA about 4 years ago
by VANESSA OBIOHA about 4 years ago

Yakkarius: Down & Dirty "Real" Talk about Relationships, Love and Life


Yakkarius. Pronounced:\Yah-care-ree-us\. This blog was created for those who have a lot to say (about the presented scenarios) and need to be heard. Part forum, part gossip; just like sitting in a Beauty or Barber Shop…just talking to the girls…just hanging with the fella’s…in a private conversation about the issues that plague us all!



A blog about my experiences with many people. If there's anything you want to know, just comment and ask.. I'll be glad to answer.