The Relationship Blog


This blog about relationships, dating, and the L word knows that the process of giving your heart away is not one to take lightly.

Undressing Her


This well-written blog talks about relationship, love, and the problems therein. For those that are interested in reading about the reality of love, this blog is definitely worth checking out.

Long Distance Diva


Want a little empathy? Prefer to obtain advice from those who truly understands what you're going through? If so, this is the site to visit. A diva in a LDR herself lends an understanding ear and a realistic voice.

May December Secrets


When one's older and the other's younger, rest assured -- heads will turn. Bolster your love no matter how big the age gap with this site's assistance.

Hey Loves
by rongayle over 4 years ago

Dangers of Internet Dating


The Online Dating world is full of scammers and con artists who want to take away your hard earned money. Before falling victim to them be informed about internet dating dangers with real stories and experiences of those who have been conned and scammed. We need to get this information out there so people don't fall victim to the scammers and lose their life savings.

Soulmate Connection


Guidance for Love, Relationships and Finding and Keeping Your Soulmate. 80% of people polled believe in soulmates but soulmate relationships come with their own unique challenges

Not All Soulmate Relationships are Meant to Last
by Soulmate Reading about 4 years ago
A Soulmate Connection is a Two-way Street
by Soulmate Reading about 4 years ago

Woodbury Wisdom


I find relationships fascinating and complex. Writing articles on common relationship questions is fun and I hope to help. Visit my blog to read about family, friends, food, and fun.

Be for Living


"be" is a leading consumer resource for information related to Health, Beauty, and Wellness. Because healthy relationships have such a huge impact on our overall wellness, we are expanding this section and are already receiving tremendous feedback from our initial interview on the subject.

What’s the Best Paint Sprayer For You
by admin almost 3 years ago
Small Wonders – Part II
by admin almost 3 years ago

Chaste to the Glory of God


My blog educates and encourages a unique and helpful approach to Teen and Young Adult Purity through the use of Chastity Devices.

Considering the Lily


I write about my personal experiences and the wisdom that I've acquired by trusting God. My content is very rich, but I do get silly from time to time. Enjoy!

Shall I Have Pleasure…?
by Alana over 3 years ago
Dealing with Spiritual Attacks
by Alana about 4 years ago



Never in the course of human history have we teetered so close to the brink of total destruction. Noooo, I’m not talking about nuclear war, global warming or an invasion of aliens. I’m talking about the battle of the sexes. And the scary part is, that if both genders don’t stop doing what I’ve found in my field research, any one of them can turn it into a full-blown war. It could start any minute now. And that’s why I need your help to get the words out, before it’s too late.

Everything I Will Never Be


This is my anonymous blog about what's going on in my life, especially in the relationship zone

A New Chapter


I'm a woman in my early 20's writting about dating post-long term relationship break-up. I've been blogging for two years, and my blog follows my dating life from break-ups to back togethers with my ex, to dating new guys, sex, what i'm looking for and more. My readers tell me I'm charming and entertaining and always leave them coming back for me. I also am not afraid to name names. ;) (I also have some random life blogs about my job as a princess for an childrens entertainment company)

by Catherine about 3 years ago
Princessing from a Condo...The Struggle is Real Man.
by Catherine almost 4 years ago

I Know A Wall When I See One


This blog is insightful, funny, and helpful full of relationship advice including a tip of the day, red flags to be aware of, and personal experiences. It relates the importance of self awareness and asks questions to the readers that they might think intraspectively about their own experiences. It is geared for people who occasionally try on the rose the colored sun glasses, and need a chance to have another perspective. Because it is based on personal experiences their are stories of true heart break, and how to bounce back, learning how to be more resilient, and essentially only accepting the very best for yourself, and never doubting that you deserve it. Learning to love yourself will help your draw the kind of people you want to be in your life, that will uplift you as you uplift them

Dear Whoever You May Be....


This blog is for all those who believe in love. I am a romantic and I thought it would be neat to write love letters to that special someone who I'm supposed to spend the rest of my life with. I'm not sure who this person is, but I'm willing to wait and truly let God bring our hearts together. Sit back and watch a love story that is unlike the rest. A love story that begins before it even happens. I hope you enjoy! Please comment :)