Regain Your Relationship


This single, Southern guy decide to chronicle his counsel to his friend going through a divorce, and fortunately his blogging on the subject continues.

Letting Go - A Breakup Blog


They say when going through a break up, writing down your thoughts down is helpful. This blogger has taken that advice and run with it in this heartfelt site.

The Breakup Blogger


Moving on after dating your best friend can tremendously deflate your sense of self; here's a blogger with whom those out of love can empathize.

The Breakup Bitch


The Breakup Bitch focuses on moving on from a bad relationship, how to find your next great relationship, and not letting a relationship define you. This blog is updated frequently and is very well-written.

Fresh Start After Divorce


The experience of going through a divorce is an enormously frightening concept, but this blog lets you know that you can successfully regain your life.

Thrive After Divorce


Certified spiritual divorce coach and Harvard graduate Carolyn B. Ellis provides success strategies and resources for separated and divorced individuals. Her personal mission is to empower and inspire others to reach their highest potential.



So you tried your hardest, but this relationship just wasn't meant to be. Sometimes it happens. Get back on your feet and find the short cut to breakup recovery with the help of Eddie Corbano, a relationship coach who has also been through a devastating breakup situation.

What Your Ex Left Behind
by Eddie Corbano about 4 years ago
The Ultimate Goal After A Break-Up
by Eddie Corbano about 4 years ago

Exit Notes


Cathartic sublimations for feelings arising out of a break up.

Husband Hustling


The purpose of the blog was to avenge a friend whose husband left her and their two young girls for his employee. This article does a decent job of breaking down the blog: http://columbiaheartbeat.com/index.php/news/headlines/275-070512 . The blog itself is www.husbandhustling.net. The blog has over 30,000 hits so far and is somewhat of a sensation in central Missouri.

the blushing bride
by Annie Schulte over 4 years ago
Oh boy! What do we have here???
by Annie Schulte over 4 years ago

Life, Love, and Everything


A 29 Year old, breaking up with his partner of 9 Years and trying to work himself out.

The Modfather


My name is Loki-Lou...in July 2012 my partner of 5 years ended our relationship (out of the blue), as a result within 24hr I lost my home and my job and ended up (at the age of 27) moving home with mum and dad! Here's my (rather sarcastic) tale of starting over.

10 Things I’ve Learned…
by Loki-Lou over 4 years ago
High End vs High Street
by Loki-Lou over 4 years ago

Break Up Recovery


Articles, video and books about break up recovery in relationships.

Girlfriend Magnet


Relationship connoisseur Mike Sully shows how to get an ex girlfriend back, Like a boss. For men only.

The New Divorce


This is a blog I started as my therapy, to help me understand the pain of going through a divorce. It has evolved over a few months into more of my general thoughts on relationships.

Breakup Vote


Breakup vote lets you submit real content to be voted on by users in order to develop a better grasp on your relationship troubles.

Late Night Calls


Read these dating stories and learn the lessons they teach. It's the stories you hear from your friends on those calls made late at night.

A year wasted.


Back in September of '12, I began dating a man. Correction a boy. A boy who I thought would bring my world up. Instead he crashed it straight down, breaking everything and anything I had to my name.

Relationship Questions


Relationshipquestions.org tackles tough relationship topics including marriage, sex, communication, money, and more!

Ms. Nix in the Mix


I've seen it all, been through it all and I am still standing strong. I have very little patience for foolishness but I have enough compassion and drive to help those who ask for help. Recently, I got tired of seeing women just making some poor choices and having made many mistakes in my life; I am here to help you out!

Soulful Songbird Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley Still Believes
by Leigh Langston about 3 years ago
The Rise of Eve: Stop Violence Against Women Worldwide
by Leigh Langston about 3 years ago

The "L" Word


The "L" word is an advice and personal experience blog about living and loving yourself so you can love everyone else around you. It examines family, friendships and romantic relationships.

Contemplating Love


An honest blog written by a twenty-something girl who doesn't mind discussing her roaring twenties with the world. Advice on love, dating and relationships. Occasional rants, personal stories and sarcasm.

Twenty-Three and Fancy Free


Because getting dumped by my long-term boyfriend inspired me to start a blog.