To Save A Relationship


Relationship saving tips, resources and information on how to save a relationship, and how to fix a relationship that is falling apart.

Relationships 101: Couple Priority


This Page has been created for couples and future couples on finding the way in rather than opting for the way out.Most relationships can work but sometimes people lose faith in what was the most important thing that got them together in the first place..Join on facebook RELATIONSHIPS 101:COUPLE PRIORITY

Vigilance Musings - Eyes Wide Open


Emotional vampires, here, there and online. A certain type of relationship predator best to avoid.

The Relationship Help Blog


Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor, makes it easier to talk about difficult things. Founder of Sow Peace® and The Optimize Institute & Center, she works with couples and teams worldwide to improve conscious communication and collaboration. Trained as a psychologist and professional mediator, Dr. Shaler offers clients the insights, skills, strategies and solutions to sow peace. Learn more and follow her blog at http://SowPeace.com

Relationship Control


This Relationship Control blog is a blog that teaches you and gives you relationship advice. Advice on getting back a boyfriend/ girlfriend and to save a marriage. These are only some examples.

Relationship 101 For Women


Relationship 101 for women is a relationship blog that offers advice, support and other resources to help women with their relationship problems.

Exit Notes


Cathartic sublimations for feelings arising out of a break up.

My Millionaire Men


Dating Millionaires and centimillionaires in the 21st century.

Queen Bitch


DISCLAIMER: This blog is not apt for people of the Male Gender. embarrassment and anger might be experienced. This blog is about liberating yourself from false ideals about man and dating in the 21st century. As women with undeniable maternal instinct our nature drives us to pursue a stable relationship with a reliable partner. Although, it doesn’t seem much to ask many of us want to wrap the wrong man around our dreams. My hope for this blog is to be able to share my own experience as a woman who has failed in finding the right partner and the things I have learned along the way. I hope that my knowledge in Psychology, human behavior and a woman trying to find her Mr. Right encourage other woman to share their experiences and talk about them in this blog.

Love in the Carolinas


Just a place for me to talk about my relationship experiences and the experiences of family and friends, in addition to viewers choosing topics and sharing their situations

Kelly Speechless


Relationship advice blog plus all about how women can look, feel, survive, thrive, and activate their smart bitch in 2012.

The Promise List


The blog follows a man who has just lost a serious loving relationship, and his journey towards closure is finishing a list of promises he made to his true love and more importantly himself. Although the tasks may seem minuscule, there will always be an adventure or surprise behind each task. 1 week per task, 10 tasks. 10 Videos and hundreds of pictures and helpful advice along the way.

Pieces of Dee


As I write my blog, I will take you through it all, from the break-ups that led me here to where I am now. Through all the experiences from heartache to love, I will fill you in as I try to survive in this unexpected world of self discovery and dating. Along the way I shall provide tips and advice I have stumbled across to help you navigate your own journeys.

How To Get Engaged


Sharing my adventures (and misadventures) in getting engaged! For women who want to know how to get engaged.

Everything I Will Never Be


This is my anonymous blog about what's going on in my life, especially in the relationship zone

A New Chapter


I'm a woman in my early 20's writting about dating post-long term relationship break-up. I've been blogging for two years, and my blog follows my dating life from break-ups to back togethers with my ex, to dating new guys, sex, what i'm looking for and more. My readers tell me I'm charming and entertaining and always leave them coming back for me. I also am not afraid to name names. ;) (I also have some random life blogs about my job as a princess for an childrens entertainment company)

by Catherine about 3 years ago
Princessing from a Condo...The Struggle is Real Man.
by Catherine almost 4 years ago

Da Good Guy


This blog is based on relationship issues from a good mans perspective in a very raw, and in your face type of way.

I Know A Wall When I See One


This blog is insightful, funny, and helpful full of relationship advice including a tip of the day, red flags to be aware of, and personal experiences. It relates the importance of self awareness and asks questions to the readers that they might think intraspectively about their own experiences. It is geared for people who occasionally try on the rose the colored sun glasses, and need a chance to have another perspective. Because it is based on personal experiences their are stories of true heart break, and how to bounce back, learning how to be more resilient, and essentially only accepting the very best for yourself, and never doubting that you deserve it. Learning to love yourself will help your draw the kind of people you want to be in your life, that will uplift you as you uplift them

Classy and Sassy


This blog - for women - helps you to look at your relationship challenges from a different perspective, one that put your wants and desires first. It starts with knowing exactly what you want from your interaction and relationships with men and having the type of attitude that ensures that you get exactly the type of relationship that you want ...by being classy and sassy of course!

Milly Modern


A frank, honest and open blog about my experiences with online dating, dating in the real world and how they compare. Along with this I'll discuss my everyday experiences with those mythical creatures we know as 'men'.

Frivolous Glorious


Frivolous Glorious is a series of essays about the (cliche alert!) dating mis adventures of a gal in Boulder, Colorado- a town GQ magazine calls "one of American's least fashionable cities." Martini heavy/fashion laden/perpetually uncomfortable shoe wearing tales poking fun at a litany of socially awkward experiences...Hello, dad jeans.