Has To Be Unspoken


Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut while you figure out a better way to handle your life and your love.

Woodbury Wisdom


I find relationships fascinating and complex. Writing articles on common relationship questions is fun and I hope to help. Visit my blog to read about family, friends, food, and fun.

Lez Renovate


Do you love DIY shows best when the woman of the house grabs the tools and nails it? Watch as hilarity and humility ensue as two East Vancouver lesbians grapple with the real time renovation of an 80 year old house, with no handyman in sight.

Be for Living


"be" is a leading consumer resource for information related to Health, Beauty, and Wellness. Because healthy relationships have such a huge impact on our overall wellness, we are expanding this section and are already receiving tremendous feedback from our initial interview on the subject.

What’s the Best Paint Sprayer For You
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Small Wonders – Part II
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La Clef D'or


La Clef D'or is a dating service for busy professionals based in Denver, Colorado. Our blog offers relationship advice given by our experienced staff which includes a certified hypnotherapist. For Love, Dating and Relationships, La Clef D'or is your key.



A new perspective on life, business and relationships

Crush Club Game


Here, a person can uncover, & unlock ways to get a girl, make a girl fall in love & get women into bed with The Tao Of Badass.

Black Love Forum


Black Love Forum is a key influencer in the movement to restore healthy relationships in the Black Community. Our organization is dedicated to being a change agent through our: Website & Online Community (BlackLoveForum.com) Events & Discussions Education & Coaching

Join Us For #TheSoulMan Twitter Viewing Party Wed. 3/26/14 10PM EST
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Black Herstory: The Radical Self Expression Manifesto
by BLF Staff Writer over 4 years ago

Chaste to the Glory of God


My blog educates and encourages a unique and helpful approach to Teen and Young Adult Purity through the use of Chastity Devices.

Considering the Lily


I write about my personal experiences and the wisdom that I've acquired by trusting God. My content is very rich, but I do get silly from time to time. Enjoy!

Shall I Have Pleasure…?
by Alana over 3 years ago
Dealing with Spiritual Attacks
by Alana about 4 years ago

It's T Time Lesbians


This blog brings events happening in lesbian community no matter where they are located. Its also a place to share experience, connect with others and to enjoy the comfort of a good read.



This blog tells you everything your father should have told you about men, had you asked.

My Relationship Journey


My blog is about my relationship with my partner, through the aura. I am not doing it because of getting profit about it. I just want to share with people what have changed my life completely. Around 2 years ago (but more intensively 10 months ago) I discovered that we have something called aura that you can communicate with your aura. After years of searching the right partner, thanks to the aura, in 3 weeks since I met him by person I started living with him and after 5 months of living together we got married. This is the reason why you cannot see posts on February (I was to busy with the wedding :) Form now on I plan to post much more often :) We are a community that recognize works and develops their auras and implement the tools and messages from the auras and other sources in a very practical ways in our life's and our life have changed completely to better. The relationship in between the couples is amazing; I never saw anything like this before! So the blog is to share my personal experience, my development and growth and other couple's growth, as well as open to people the way of the aura to life in a different way. I am doing it with my heart in my hand, sharing very intimate things about myself and my relationship. For sure I invite you to have a look to my blog :) I hope you will enjoy it! If you think that my blog can be part of your website, please let know if I need to do something and I will see if it is possible too implement it. Have a great day! Laura lovesoulandmusic@gmail.com



Welcome to Relationships360°, a complementary blog to the talk show with the same name that airs Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. EST on BlogTalkRadio. Former “FOX 4 Morning Show” producer, Tiffany Williams-Jallow hosts and executive produces the show, on which she and the relationship experts she interviews explore multiple angles of the issues we face in relationships (hence the name, Relationships360°) while offering practical advice to the show’s age, gender and ethnically diverse listeners on how to improve their ties with others. To listen, visit www.blogtalkradio.com/Relationships360. The show also aired on two cable television stations in Tiffany’s home town of Kansas City from November 2009 to September 2010 before making its BlogTalkRadio debut in January 2011. Visitors of Relationships360° blog are encouraged to post comments or questions about their spiritual, marital, family, friend and work challenges while receiving guidance on how to address their relationship issues within Tiffany’s blog entries, posts from relationship experts interviewed on the show or fellow blog visitors, video and audio clips of the show and links to relationship building tools and other helpful information relevant to the program. As a child of divorced parents, member of multiple blended families, pregnancy loss and abuse victim, as well as a recent divorcee, Tiffany has through the years become increasingly motivated to use her personal experiences and broadcasting skills to bring both the show and blog to television and Internet audiences in hopes of assisting others with advice from relationship help professionals foster healthy, happy, long-lasting human bonds.

by writers over 4 years ago
How To Be Celibate: 10 Keys To Avoid Ending Up In Bed
by admin over 4 years ago

could be kismet


We're in love. We both feel like we're in an entirely new kind of love. Something neither of us has experienced before, and we thought that it was special enough to spend some time documenting it. We also want to share some of our thoughts on what love is, or what love should be. We feel like we have a very healthy relationship, and we think that sharing the way we treat each other might be beneficial for others. Life is all about perspective, and if us sharing our life can change someone's perspective on how they should be treated, or how they should treat others (namely the one they love), then we think our blog might actually do some good. We also hope to make this a sort of digital scrapbook of our relationship. We hope to be able to document our relationship in a fun way. We have a lot of fun together, and we think that by having this blog, we can somehow show how much fun we have. So finally, we're in love, we want to document it, we hope someone benefits from it, and we hope you enjoy it!

Letters From Beneath The Sea


We're just another military couple blogging about what it's like to be in a long distance relationship with each other and a long term relationship with the Navy. We cover our toils and troubles, laughs and love, and everything in between.



Never in the course of human history have we teetered so close to the brink of total destruction. Noooo, I’m not talking about nuclear war, global warming or an invasion of aliens. I’m talking about the battle of the sexes. And the scary part is, that if both genders don’t stop doing what I’ve found in my field research, any one of them can turn it into a full-blown war. It could start any minute now. And that’s why I need your help to get the words out, before it’s too late.



This site is dedicated to those seeking counsel and a healthy exchange of ideas on love, honesty, and respect – the foundation of any great relationship. Whether you have found “the one”, having trouble with your current significant other, working on being a stage 4 clinger instead of a stage 5, or still grocery shopping with a hand held basket instead of a cart, this site is for you. No scripts, no hand holding, no sugar coating. Just brutal (but from the heart) honesty, that will help you move forward in life and in your relationships.