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This blog is published by the Law Office of Timothy J. Evans. Evans is a Hattiesburg, Mississippi attorney who emphasizes the areas of divorce, family law, and bankruptcy in his practice.

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Popular topics on this blog include divorce settlement agreements, alimony, and child custody disputes, amongst others. The blog is published by the Siemon Law Firm, which promises to do their best not to add any anxiety to the already stressful process of divorce.

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Strategically located in Houston, Texas, Kerr, Hendershot & Cannon, P.C.--the publisher of this blog--serves clients throughout Texas, across the nation and internationally. Their Texas lawyers handle a wide variety of family law matters, including divorce, annulment, paternity, child custody, child support and custody modifications, adoption, spousal support, and alimony.

Investigations involving Stark, Anti-Kickback Statute are more frequent
by On behalf of Kerr, Hendershot & Cannon, P.C. about 4 years ago
Employers Need To Know: Changes Under the Affordable Care Act in 2014
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Divorce Coach


Claudia Broome, this blog's creator, is a certified divorce coach eager to help divorcees take control of their lives. She has created a special "Woman's Guide to Divorce" and many other strategies for forging a new and successful path after divorce.

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The purpose of this blog is to help people make respectful, civilized, value-based transitions from couple to single. The blogger is a collaborative family lawyer, trainer, speaker, writer, and consultant to collaborative divorce professionals and practice groups worldwide.

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The Smarter Divorce blog is a blog about employing collaborative dispute resolutions throughout and even after one's divorce. Collaborative Dispute Resolutions--the group behind the blog--is a group of independent professionals who are dedicated to the promotion and practice of respectful conflict resolution.

Collaborative Divorce Coaching


Micki McWade presents information and helpful tips for collaborative divorce coaches and those training to be collaborative divorce coaches. The material on this blog will be most helpful for professionals as opposed to individuals going through a divorce.

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This blog provides news and updates on family law and collaborative team practice issues. The blogger is an experienced divorce and family lawyer who has been practicing law for over 20 years.

Top Five Reasons Why You Need a Will
by Brian Galbraith about 4 years ago
Smart Divorce Options
by Brian Galbraith about 4 years ago

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Oh, this is a funny one. Effing Dykes is a humor blog about lesbian culture, with long, detailed posts that range from yoga to gaydar to hairstyles. We have no idea how, but it makes sense.



So you tried your hardest, but this relationship just wasn't meant to be. Sometimes it happens. Get back on your feet and find the short cut to breakup recovery with the help of Eddie Corbano, a relationship coach who has also been through a devastating breakup situation.

What Your Ex Left Behind
by Eddie Corbano about 4 years ago
The Ultimate Goal After A Break-Up
by Eddie Corbano about 4 years ago

Online Dating Guide & Blog


Blogger Brad's happy marriage is a product of his positive online dating experiences. He seeks to guide others along this same path, sharing his personal thoughts and tips along the way.

eHarmony Free Events Valentine’s 2016
by Brad over 2 years ago
OkCupid: An Overview
by Stephanie over 2 years ago

Your Online Relationship Guru


A guide to relationships. Get advice, share your personal relationship story, or read helpful articles on maintaining and making long distance relationships work.

College Times


College Times relationship guide. Dealing with relationships while in college can be as stressful as keeping up with those grades. Here are the relationship topics that students will appreciate.

College Lifestyles


A friendly, personal, and fun site for college students. Tons of college advice and tips on all things college, and the relationship section can guide you through the rough spots in a long distance relationship.

Intern of the Month: Arielle Hines
by Debra Schreiber about 4 years ago
Intern of the Month: Carly Michaels
by Debra Schreiber about 4 years ago

Her Campus


A Collegiette's guide to life and relationships. What to do when he cheats, how to deal with betrayal, and other common complications of the college relationship.

Marriage Counselor Blog


Whether you are feeling lonely in marriage, looking to learn how to manage marital conflict, or wondering about the best way to work with children who have become sad and distant during your divorce, Marriage Counselor Blog has your answers. This blog, written by a practicing marriage counselor, is insightful and often positive in its suggestions and outlook.

Key Benefits of Assisted Living Communities
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What To Do When Going Bankrupt
by Maury over 4 years ago

Conflict Remedy


Specializing in communication and conflict resolution skills for families with problematic teens, individuals Lorraine blogs about listening and forgiveness for everyone, teen psychology, and the role of families and raising their teens among other things. Her blog is a fantastic example of how well spoken mediators and conflict management coaches can be about their work and beliefs.

Bad Art and the Benefits of Owning Our Mistakes at Work
by LorraineSegal over 2 years ago
Let Go of “Shoulds” and Expectations at Work (or Anywhere)
by LorraineSegal over 2 years ago

inspiratio vitae


My little hurricane of emotions! Personal blog, with my stories, experiences and views on many subjects.

Am I being paranoid

http://am I being paranoid

I have been in a relationship with a woman for 2 years now. Our relationship started out great. We were both very affectionate to each other and love to find ways of telling each other how much we loved to be with the other. Now, recently within the last two months she has become less affectionate towards me and it seems that I am always initiating the affection and, when I do, she doesn't seem to be into it as much as she use to. We did just have a baby a month ago so I know that may affect her in some ways, but I was wondering when I should start worrying that she is becoming uninterested in our relationship or accept the way things are now and live with it. I must admit that I have been divorded for 4 years now and, due to the infidelity of my ex, I am still dealing with a few insecurities. We still say I love you to each other, but again, I seem to always initiate the words. Am I being paranoid, or is this normal for a relationship of 2 years to focus on other matters and put affections 2nd?

Relationships 4 Love - What Mom and Dad Did Not Teach You


This is a Relationship Blog. It talks about various issues during dating, being in a relationship, and marriage. Although it mainly focuses on women and encourages female feedback, some topics geared toward men. This blog will talk about any and everything, when it come to relationships - no holding back... including those subjects mom and dad did not want to touch.

Black Women As Stay At Home Moms is Not Accepted by Some Black People
by N. Campbell over 2 years ago
Settle Down with Yourself, Before You Settle Down Anywhere or with Anyone Else
by N. Campbell about 3 years ago

I Want Closure


This blog is a Relationship Guide for Women dedicated to changing the dynamics of dysfunctional relationships! Millions of people, both men and women alike, hang onto broken relationships and relationship expectations, putting their lives on HOLD in the HOPE the relationship will get better! This site is not about ending relationships that need to be put out to pasture but ENDING THE FALSE HOPE THAT THINGS WILL CHANGE VIA MIRACLE!! It’s time to stop playing games and put and end to relationship sabotage so you get the relationship you want and deserve or give you the tools to close the door for good!

Dangers of Internet Dating


The Online Dating world is full of scammers and con artists who want to take away your hard earned money. Before falling victim to them be informed about internet dating dangers with real stories and experiences of those who have been conned and scammed. We need to get this information out there so people don't fall victim to the scammers and lose their life savings.

Soulmate Connection


Guidance for Love, Relationships and Finding and Keeping Your Soulmate. 80% of people polled believe in soulmates but soulmate relationships come with their own unique challenges

Not All Soulmate Relationships are Meant to Last
by Soulmate Reading about 4 years ago
A Soulmate Connection is a Two-way Street
by Soulmate Reading about 4 years ago