The Relationship Blog


This blog about relationships, dating, and the L word knows that the process of giving your heart away is not one to take lightly.

Undressing Her


This well-written blog talks about relationship, love, and the problems therein. For those that are interested in reading about the reality of love, this blog is definitely worth checking out.

Make Love, Not Debt


With special emphasis on handling financial issues in romantic relationships, Make Love, Not Debt offers regular posts on the money issues that come up for dating and married couples. Past posts include deciding whether or not to purchase life insurance together and how to budget for a happy relationship during tough financial times.

When Should You Buy Your First Home?
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by a guest poster over 3 years ago

Help My Relationship


This blog is written by a man who has been married for over 35 years. His personal experiences combined with his relationship coaching training allows him to provide a unique and trusted opinion on how to best salvage a relationship.

Regain Your Relationship


This single, Southern guy decide to chronicle his counsel to his friend going through a divorce, and fortunately his blogging on the subject continues.

Bonny's Dating Blog


With more than a decade of experience in using online dating formats, Bonny's the girl to go to for your virtual flirting scenarios.

Marriage Counseling: Relationship Advice


This relationship clinic may charge a fee for in-person services, but its frequently informative blog posts are free for the taking.

Ukrainian Dating


Dating an individual from the Ukraine, as we learned from just a few posts on this site, provides special rewards and challenges. Ukrainian Dating covers them all.

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Lucky Lily


This engaged blogger from Malaysia is quite gifted at the art of knowing what advice to offer, and when as well.

The Toolbox


Tools for marriage, relationship, and emotional health are plentiful and ready to be put to use immediately from this blog.

Letting Go - A Breakup Blog


They say when going through a break up, writing down your thoughts down is helpful. This blogger has taken that advice and run with it in this heartfelt site.

A Year of Living Flirtatiously


The author of this blog is in her thirties and claims to have never been in love before. She decided to start making dating her job if it's ever going to happen, and thus this blog was born. Topics covered include love, flirting, and romantic expectations.

L.A. Dating Blog


Looking for love in the City of Angels is no more cherubic than the search for it anywhere else. This site provides a man's perspective on it all.

Interracial Dating Advice


What used to be a huge ordeal back in the '60s is now becoming increasingly common. Should your lover be of a different race than you, or you'd like him or her to be so, come here.

Succeed at Dating


You CAN win at romance; all it takes is a few tips and tricks at perfecting your dating skills -- and you can come here for those.

Lesbian Life


This blogs offers great insight into the history of lesbian relationships, as well as advice on topics such as same-sex marriage, sex, lesbian/gay rights, lesbian teens, and spirituality.

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Long Distance Diva


Want a little empathy? Prefer to obtain advice from those who truly understands what you're going through? If so, this is the site to visit. A diva in a LDR herself lends an understanding ear and a realistic voice.