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With special emphasis on handling financial issues in romantic relationships, Make Love, Not Debt offers regular posts on the money issues that come up for dating and married couples. Past posts include deciding whether or not to purchase life insurance together and how to budget for a happy relationship during tough financial times.

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Celebrate Love


Larry James has been a full-time professional speaker, author, and relationship coach since 1987. His blog has great relationship advice and will help you to determine which relationships are worth saving, how to save them, and when it's best to let go.

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Bonny's Dating Blog


With more than a decade of experience in using online dating formats, Bonny's the girl to go to for your virtual flirting scenarios.

Marriage Counseling: Relationship Advice


This relationship clinic may charge a fee for in-person services, but its frequently informative blog posts are free for the taking.

How to Fix a Relationship


Is your relationship broken? Do you fear that the love has been lost? This blog will tell you how to restore love and fix a relationship. More specific topics covered on the blog include how to get your ex back, why men and women cheat, jealousy in relationships, and relationships without sex.

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Erwan Davon


Erwan Davon has taught thousands of singles and couples how to have exceptional romantic relationships over the last 17 years. His relationship blog covers everything from personal growth and being happy to finding a partner and how to have a great relationship.

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Love in Ninety Days


Love in 90 Days is the name of Dr. Diana's best-selling dating advice book. The blog makes references to the book and also provides information on dating tips and relationship advice. Dr. Diana shares pieces of her personal journey and expert advice to ensure that you have a great relationship.

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This engaged blogger from Malaysia is quite gifted at the art of knowing what advice to offer, and when as well.

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Tools for marriage, relationship, and emotional health are plentiful and ready to be put to use immediately from this blog.

Interracial Dating Advice


What used to be a huge ordeal back in the '60s is now becoming increasingly common. Should your lover be of a different race than you, or you'd like him or her to be so, come here.

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You CAN win at romance; all it takes is a few tips and tricks at perfecting your dating skills -- and you can come here for those.

The Opinionated Parent


This blog focuses on the relationship that exists between a parent and their children. The blog is well-written and maintained and should give you some insight into this very important relationship.

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The Marriage Counseling Blog


When your seemingly happy union starts to teeter on the rocks, The MCB can provide timely advice to restart you sailing smoothly.

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Called America's most quoted dating expert, David Wygant offers modern-day relationship and dating advice for men and women on the topics that everyone are interested in: Learn how to "Get Out of the Friend Zone" or "5 Ways Your Lifestyle Makes You Instantly Attractive."

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Honeymoon's over, and it seems like the tiffs between the two of you are escalating. This site lets you know that it's all normal.

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Blogger Brad's happy marriage is a product of his positive online dating experiences. He seeks to guide others along this same path, sharing his personal thoughts and tips along the way.

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A guide to relationships. Get advice, share your personal relationship story, or read helpful articles on maintaining and making long distance relationships work.

Am I being paranoid

http://am I being paranoid

I have been in a relationship with a woman for 2 years now. Our relationship started out great. We were both very affectionate to each other and love to find ways of telling each other how much we loved to be with the other. Now, recently within the last two months she has become less affectionate towards me and it seems that I am always initiating the affection and, when I do, she doesn't seem to be into it as much as she use to. We did just have a baby a month ago so I know that may affect her in some ways, but I was wondering when I should start worrying that she is becoming uninterested in our relationship or accept the way things are now and live with it. I must admit that I have been divorded for 4 years now and, due to the infidelity of my ex, I am still dealing with a few insecurities. We still say I love you to each other, but again, I seem to always initiate the words. Am I being paranoid, or is this normal for a relationship of 2 years to focus on other matters and put affections 2nd?