Orlando Bankruptcy Law Blog


Everything you need to know about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Orlando, FL. Even if you aren't a Florida resident, the blog also has general information on debt consolidation and how to deal with creditors.

Business Depreciation of Homestead Jeopardizes Bankruptcy Exemption
by Jonathan Alper about 4 years ago
Recipient of Fraudulent Transferred Property Can Recoup Some Expenses
by Jonathan Alper about 4 years ago

Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney Blog


Arizona bankruptcy lawyer Joseph C. McDaniel shares the best quality bankruptcy information and best bankruptcy resources, including Chapter 7, 13, 11, and 12. Most of his clients come from several cities in Arizona.

A Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer's Blog


This blog highlights case updates and commentaries of interest to Texas bankruptcy lawyers. The blogger is a bankruptcy lawyer from Austin, TX and posts current cases or issues that are legally significant or just make for a good story.

Creative Lawyers Thwarted in ASARCO Workaround Attempts
by Steve Sather about 2 years ago
Fifth Circuit Report: Oct.-Dec. 2015
by Steve Sather over 2 years ago

Kansas Bankruptcy Information


Mark and Jill, the contributors to this blog as well as Topeka's only consumer bankruptcy law specialists, understand what it means to go through hard times, and they are committed to helping anyone who is going through financial turmoil. The blog is warm, welcoming, and friendly and the information it provides will help you to get the fresh start that only federal bankruptcy laws can give you.

Kansas Bankruptcy Means Test Changes November 1 – Mixed Message
by Jill Michaux over 2 years ago
tax transcript
by Jill Michaux about 3 years ago

Long Island Bankruptcy Blog


This blog was created by Craig Robins, a Long Island bankruptcy lawyer who is primarily focused on helping individuals and families find solutions to their debt problems. Posts on the blog range from bankruptcy crime to the benefits of bankruptcy to bankruptcy humor.

San Jose Bankruptcy Law Blog


Gemma V. Reyes, attorney at law, is the blogger behind the San Jose Bankruptcy Law Blog. She specializes in chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy law. The blog covers a multitude of topics including personal bankruptcy, wage garnishment, credit card debt, and foreclosure.

Dallas, Texas Bankruptcy Blog


This blog is maintained by a North Texas law firm that has extensive background in bankruptcy, criminal law, and family law. The blog's bankruptcy section is quite resourceful and features information on chapter 7 and 13, debt settlement, the bankruptcy process, and much more.

If physical ills become fiscal ills, what options exist?
by On behalf of Pelley Law Office, L.L.P about 4 years ago
Texas court grants bankruptcy protection to bitcoin exchange
by On behalf of Pelley Law Office, L.L.P about 4 years ago

California Bankruptcy Attorney Blog


This blog focuses on complex and major damage cases in the areas of predatory mortgage lending, bankruptcy, debt settlement, and many other fields. The attorneys behind the blog have represented plaintiffs and consumers from all over the country in many complex and high profile litigation matters. The teams of attorneys represent thousands of consumers, who have been victimized by fraudulent, abusive, and predatory business and lending practices.

The Kentucky Bankruptcy Blog


Here you will find bankruptcy case studies, tips, and resources for Kentucky and Southern Indiana. The blog is hosted by Julie O'Bryan--a certified Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney by the American Board of Certification.

Correcting Inaccurate Information on Your Credit Report
by Julie O'Bryan, Esq. almost 4 years ago
Filing Bankruptcy on Joint Debts after a Divorce
by Julie O'Bryan, Esq. almost 4 years ago

Bankruptcy Indiana


The law firm behind this blog has been helping people with debt problems since 1991. They exclusively practice consumer and small business debtor bankruptcy law, and they are committed to helping individuals and families pave a fresh start through financial freedom.