We Like it Raw


Dhrumil Purohit and Philip McCluskey are the brains behind this community based site. They share their passion for living a healthy lifestyle and believe that a diet of raw foods is the best thing you can do for your health.

Dhru Purohit, signing off
by Dhrumil over 4 years ago

Raw Rob


Rob Hull the owner of this blog runs a company called Funky Raw which publishes a raw food magazine and has an online raw shop. Mr. Hull believes eating 100% raw food is the healthiest way of eating.

General Update: Photos, Offers and More
by Rob almost 4 years ago
Purple Balance Raw Snack Bars Review
by Rob about 4 years ago

Raw Reform E-Journal


Ms. Stokes the author of this blog shares her journey from being morbidly obese to loosing 160lbs. by eating a raw diet. You can follow her through this life changing experience and be inspired. She is devoting her my life to spreading her message of hope for natural and healthy weight loss for others living with overweight.

The Raw Difference


Candice Davis, the owner and author of this blog, is a live food enthusiast. She believes in putting only raw foods into our bodies to be the healthiest we can be. Along with fitness tips and great recipes, you will be inspired to start a raw food journey.

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Diet Resolutions
by Candice Davis over 4 years ago
What Are Your 2014 Heath Goals? Here’s How to Reach Them!
by Candice Davis over 4 years ago

Raw Family


Victoria, Sergei, and Valya Boutenko are "The Raw Family". After being faced with numerous health issues as numerous health problems, (juvenile diabetes, obesity and hyper thyroid they started a healthy diet of raw foods together. They were able to reverse there ailments and continue on a raw diet journey and share it with you on their site.

Are There Enough Greens in Our Stores?
by Victoria almost 4 years ago
Vitamin D in Mushrooms
by Victoria almost 4 years ago

Choosing Raw


This is not a raw foods blog, but rather a celebration of foods and lifestyle habits that bring us closer to the earth. Gena, the author of this blog, is passionate about living a cruelty-free and healthy lifestyle. She believes by incorporating more plant-based foods in ones diet can only benefit your health wihout having to go totally vegetarian.

Weekend Reading, 2.28.16
by Gena over 2 years ago
How It Feels To Leave an Eating Disorder Behind
by Gena over 2 years ago

Raw Food Restaurant Guide


If you are a devote vegan,raw food and or vegetarian and are looking for reataurants that cater to this, you are in the right place. The Raw Food Restaurant Guide is updated periodically to reflect new raw vegan (living food) restaurants, cafes, and juice bars. The ultimate guide for healthy alternative restaurants.

by rawfoodrestaurantguide about 3 years ago
คาสิโนออนไลน์ ต้องไปภาคตะวันออกเฉียงเหนือ
by rawfoodrestaurantguide about 3 years ago

Renegade Health


A blog and small television show focused on vegan, organic and healthy living. This blog is very popular for good reason, the authors are easy to relate to and they take a lot of the guesswork out of organic shopping.

Is 10 Minutes of Daily Exercise Enough? Make Your Healthy Minutes Count
by Dr. J. E. Williams over 3 years ago
Creamy Dill Cashew Ranch
by Jennifer McClelland over 3 years ago

Raw Foods Witch


Raw Foods Witch wants to share tips and recipes to help you maximize all the incredible benefits of raw food. They want to break the misconceptions that it is hard to maintain this healthy way of living.

The Most Important Asset Of All… Is This
by danielleabt almost 3 years ago
How to Make Your Butt Look Good By Being Inspired To Move
by Nathalie Lussier about 3 years ago



Barf World looks at the modern movement, which introduces the use of evolutionary diets that are based on feeding pets whole, raw, natural foods including whole raw eating bones. A healthy pet is a happy pet!

4 Common Diseases That Promote Dog Obesity
by The BARF World Team about 4 years ago
Alarming Statistics on Pet Obesity A Serious Cause For Concern
by The BARF World Team about 4 years ago

The Best of Raw Food


This mini journal about how to get started on a Raw Food Diet. It contains everything you need to know about delicious and easy recipes, shopping lists, diet plans, and lots of resources to kick start your way to looking and feeling great!

Breaking The Food Seduction
over 4 years ago

HiHoRosie's Place


This is a personal blog of health, food, good finds, gardening, and whatever else the owner of this blog, Heidi, likes to share. She is a huge supporter of a plant-based lifestyle but also believe one should eat and live how it best fits their own needs. What she strives for in her home is eating wholesome, fresh, unprocessed foods and eating as much organic as possible. She shares her recipes and tips on how making the transition to eating all raw foods an easy one.

Giveaway: ShabbyApple.com Dress
by noreply@blogger.com (HiHoRosie) over 4 years ago
Guest Post: Pros & Cons of Juicing
by HiHoRosie over 4 years ago

Nature Mom's Blog


Nature Mom's Blog is a guide to living a natural life. The blogger gives ideas and tips on how to raise a family in a healthy and environmentally conscious way. Along with her creative recipes you will find a wealth of information from buying green toddler toys to eco board games. It's all about family here!

Stop Getting Sick! Banish Illness & Stay Well This Winter
by Tiffany over 3 years ago
KitchenAid Stand Mixer Deals 2014: Only $72, Shipped!!
by Tiffany over 3 years ago

Pure Jeevan


Pure Jeevan's blog features 900+ articles on raw foods, the raw food diet, raw food weight loss, raw recipes, videos (and more!).

Hundred Raw


Losing 100 pounds in 90 days on raw food -- without amputating a limb

Raw Crave


My site offers a fun approach to eating raw foods and much more.

In Perfect Health


In Perfect Health is a blog devoted to exploring our deep connection with whole, fresh raw foods and understanding how nutrition and our environment affect our bodies.

Pulp & Peel


Pulp and Peel offers recipes and information on healthy, clean eating by living an 801010 RAW lifestyle.

Raw Vegan Living


Raw Vegan Living is a delicious, mind, body and soul changing lifestyle!