Beautiful on Raw


You'll notice that people on the raw diet seem to have a glow in their skin and smiles; this site helps you to earn that polish. Tonya Zavasta is the author of this blog and has done extensive research on raw foods to and cam up with what she calls The Rawsome Diet. Her story is fascinating.

How to Get Rid of Age Spots
by Tonya Zavasta almost 4 years ago
Guide to an Ageless Face
by Tonya Zavasta almost 4 years ago

We Like it Raw


Dhrumil Purohit and Philip McCluskey are the brains behind this community based site. They share their passion for living a healthy lifestyle and believe that a diet of raw foods is the best thing you can do for your health.

Dhru Purohit, signing off
by Dhrumil over 4 years ago



Susan Powers the author of this blog wants to introduce you to the healthy, tasty world of raw food. Many people harbor a trepidation about raw food simply due to not knowing if it'll taste good. Trust us, this blog proves that it tastes great!

Give-Away! Raw Pashen Bars!
by Susan over 2 years ago
How Not to Die – GIVEAWAY!
by Susan over 2 years ago

The Rawfoodist


Raw foodists typically believe that the greater the percentage of raw food in the diet, the greater the health benefits.This is a great personal blog about someone who's now living life through the lens of a raw foodie.

Join me on vegan244.wordpress
by Elizabeth over 2 years ago
Going Vegan
by Elizabeth almost 3 years ago

My Years Without Sugar


What? No...sugar! Relax, candy addicts; making a full-time transition from sweet to savory is a rewarding experience. You will find fantastic recipes with many alternatives for sweetening your favorite foods.

The Sugar Blaaaaaahhhhhs
by noreply@blogger.com (My Year Without) over 4 years ago

Ani Phyo


Ani Phyo is the author of this blog and is very predominant figure in the raw community. She has been featured in many major magazines such as Food & Wine for her creative recipes. She will make you want to try a raw food diet!

Raw Rob


Rob Hull the owner of this blog runs a company called Funky Raw which publishes a raw food magazine and has an online raw shop. Mr. Hull believes eating 100% raw food is the healthiest way of eating.

General Update: Photos, Offers and More
by Rob about 4 years ago
Purple Balance Raw Snack Bars Review
by Rob about 4 years ago

Raw Reform E-Journal


Ms. Stokes the author of this blog shares her journey from being morbidly obese to loosing 160lbs. by eating a raw diet. You can follow her through this life changing experience and be inspired. She is devoting her my life to spreading her message of hope for natural and healthy weight loss for others living with overweight.

The Veg Blog


This blog was started with the intention of providing a point of view a new vegetarian has in an attempt to help other new vegetarians, or just people trying to cut some meat out of their diets. You will find a wealth of information on the resources page of this site to help you begin your vegan diet.

Ten Years Vegan
by ryan almost 4 years ago



This vegan food blog features articles like The Starch Solution and other posts that are tailored to specific questions and challenges. The recipes on this for a vegan thanksgiving look absolutely delicious. This site has a great number of resources for all kinds of vegan products.

Eastern Philosophy
by Erin over 4 years ago
Is Carrageenan Safe?
by Erin over 4 years ago

Sweetly Raw


This culinary blogger is doing more than just one blog, dishing out books left and right about raw deserts (as deserts are her favorite), teaches classes on raw foods and even organize quite a few dessert contests on her site! This time around it’s her “Strawberry Mango Crunch Parfait” that grabbed me!

Raw Pear Berry Swirl Cheesecake and lots of other new recipes!
by noreply@blogger.com (Heather Pace) over 4 years ago
New Raw Recipes and Videos
by noreply@blogger.com (Heather Pace) over 4 years ago

Frederic Patenaude


Mr. Patenaude likes sharing his passion about raw foods and health. If you are looking for tips, ideas and recipes to increase your energy, then you are in the right place. Resources are plentiful to help you in your quest for a healthy lifestyle.

The Myth of Variety and a Balanced Diet
by Frederic Patenaude over 4 years ago
The “Power” in Willpower is Glucose
by Frederic Patenaude over 4 years ago

The Daily Raw Cafe


This blog,The Daily Raw Cafe is a recipe based blog for using only raw food. You will find so many great recipes along with fantastic photos of the finished products Terilynn Epperson, the author of this site, prides herself on creating recipes that do a body good.Guilt free eating is here for you to try!

Jenna Norwood


Jenna Norwood is in demand as a speaker on the subjects of health & well-being, detoxing, healthy weight loss and the impact of our food choices on our environment. She has been featured in many major magazines radio and T.V. shows for her knowledge of healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

The Raw Difference


Candice Davis, the owner and author of this blog, is a live food enthusiast. She believes in putting only raw foods into our bodies to be the healthiest we can be. Along with fitness tips and great recipes, you will be inspired to start a raw food journey.

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Diet Resolutions
by Candice Davis over 4 years ago
What Are Your 2014 Heath Goals? Here’s How to Reach Them!
by Candice Davis over 4 years ago

Real Food Tulsa


Penni Shelton is a holistic health enthusiast, writer, educator and the Program Director at Raw Food Rehab. She is passionate about preparing foods from their raw state to create dishes that have texture and flavors that tempt your senses.

Thank you... RFT is signing off
by noreply@blogger.com (Penni) over 4 years ago
Tropical Mango Turmeric Tango
by noreply@blogger.com (Penni) over 4 years ago



Philip McCluskey lost -- this is not a joke -- two hundred pounds with raw food; marvel at his accomplishment here.

Raw Family


Victoria, Sergei, and Valya Boutenko are "The Raw Family". After being faced with numerous health issues as numerous health problems, (juvenile diabetes, obesity and hyper thyroid they started a healthy diet of raw foods together. They were able to reverse there ailments and continue on a raw diet journey and share it with you on their site.

Are There Enough Greens in Our Stores?
by Victoria almost 4 years ago
Vitamin D in Mushrooms
by Victoria almost 4 years ago

Purely Delicious


Rebecca Carlson is the author of this blog and publisher of the magazine Purely Delicious. She believes that eating raw foods is as gourmet as it comes with delicious recipes ranging from exquisite gnocchi with cream sauce and spicy Thai spring rolls to a decadent chocolate torte or ginger flan. This site is jammed full of great recipes and information on everything you need to know about preparing meals for a raw diet.

Kristen's Raw


Kristen Suzanne a raw vegan chef has a passion for helping people succeed with a raw food diet by creating delicious recipes and sharing resources to make it easy! She has been studying nutrition, fitness, and food preparation for 15 years.

Recipe: A Real-Food Nutritious Breakfast in Our Home: Cabbage n Eggs
by Kristen Suzanne over 2 years ago
Recipe: Matcha Breakfast Coconut Ice Cream (Low-Carb)
by Kristen Suzanne over 2 years ago

Raw Dish


The philosophy of Raw Dish is that a raw food diet is one of the kindest things you can do for your health and well being. The emotional,physical and spiritual awareness you can achieve by living a" living foods lifestyle' can only benefit yourself and our planet

Julie's Raw Ambition


Julies' Raw Ambition is about sharing healthful, beautiful cuisine, discussing wellness, and to celebrate healing – and the spirit of giving. This author strives to eat a plant -based diet and discusses the benefits it has had for her life. The recipes she has developed are included here along with some from contributors to her blog.

In the Raw


This is the true journey of one girl's transition into the land of raw foods after being sick and tired all the time. There are articles and recipes on raw food living along with some great photos. This site will make you smile!

Green Smoothies


One of the best ways that you can boost your health right now, even without making a switch to raw, is adding one of these green smoothies to your daily diet. This site offers a wealth of information for incorporating raw food smoothies int your daily diet. We also found a post titled,"Healing Cancer Naturally", very interesting!

I Want Abs (a new film by Sergei Boutenko)
by Sergei Boutenko over 3 years ago
3 More Recipes from Victoria’s New Book
by rfadmin almost 4 years ago