Here's the site's credo: The whole truth and nothing but the truth, unless making it up is easier or funnier. This site "dissects the publishing industry with love and skepticism". This is a look at the story behind those books you're reading.



In a nutshell, this blog is the thoughts and opinions of the TSTC Publishing staff. While the name seems a bit boring at first glance, the contents are surprisingly interesting. Lots of current news stuff relating to the world of books and information.

The Book Deal


Though covering several genres including fiction, this blogger's inside look at the publishing world is an invaluable resource. Several posts specifically touch upon memoir themes, including how technology can be a new source of inspiration, and when it is best to tell your story as non-fiction vs. fiction.

Write a killer memoir: My 9 top tips
by Alan Rinzler over 2 years ago
Self publisher’s wild ride
by Alan Rinzler over 2 years ago

Real Actual Hilary


This blog is written by, yes, an intern at a publishing house, and she's eager to share her experiences. With biting commentary on the publishing world, INTERN blogs her contemplations on the writing and editing life.

a letter about A SENSE OF THE INFINITE, plus giveaway!
by Hilary Smith about 3 years ago
should bloggers be novelists? INTERN looks back
by Hilary Smith about 3 years ago

Nicola Furlong: Novelist, Interactive Storyteller, and Chocoholic


This blogger and podcaster offers her services in the hopes that she can help you get published. Read or listen to free practical tips about writing and publishing. Make sure you look for the special author interviews!

Pimp My Novel


While many blogs will help you to get to the point of being published, the work doesn't end there! Pimp My Novel is an informative blog on life after publishing.

Publetariat: People Who Publish


Everything that you've ever wanted to know about self-publishing is right here. Join the rising population of independent authors by investigating how self-publishing could be the right answer for your novel.

Self-Publishing Review


This blog is made for aspiring writers, and while college reviews are few and far betweem, academia is a definite subtextual stream. You may publish your self to this blog, which makes it a unique resource for people trying to get their voices heard.

Interview with SPR Awards Shorts Winner Gerard Marconi
by Cate Baum about 4 years ago
Ten things to do to win a writing contest
by Cate Baum about 4 years ago

ePublish a Book


A wealth of resources and information regarding book publishing. Book promotion tips, legal tips about copyrights, news of the publishing industry, book reviews, jokes for writers and much more

#WriteTips When an Error Isn’t an Error #writers #writing
by Patricia de Hemricourt almost 4 years ago
Protecting Your Online Written Content from Unauthorised Use #writers #bloggers
by Patricia de Hemricourt almost 4 years ago



Anobiumlit.com is the blog site for Anobium, a Chicago-based literary publisher and multimedia arts resource, specializing in the representation of the strange, surreal, and super-ordinary.

An Interview with Heath West
by Anobium almost 3 years ago
A Portrait of a Native American as a Young Woman: The Labyrinth of Crazy Horse’s Girlfriend
by Jacob Singer about 3 years ago

Pub(lishing) Crawl


Authors & industry professionals blogging about all things writing, publishing, and books. Formerly Let The Words Flow. Reading You Under The Table Since 2012!

Duology vs. trilogy – a battle to the death
by Jodi about 2 years ago
Building Blocks of a Novel: Sentences
by Julie about 2 years ago

Bookkus Publishing


A publisher dedicated to unpublished authors. This is a full service independent novel publishing company. It gives them an alternative to find a publisher instead of choosing a traditional publisher. Authors can submit a manuscript to be evaluated and judged be real readers.

April Showers Bring May BOOKS!
by William about 4 years ago
Did you forget to review a book in February?
by William about 4 years ago

For Books' Sake


Founded in 2010, For Books’ Sake is the UK webzine dedicated to promoting and celebrating writing by women. An intelligent but irreverent online community and magazine, we feature books by and for independent women. Systemic and institutionalised sexism continues to be a problem in publishing, media and beyond. In more than forty years of the Booker Prize, there have been only fourteen women winners, and in mainstream media book reviews, an average of only 30% feature books by women. Our aim is to provide a dedicated platform for readers and writers alike. With daily news, reviews, essays, features and interviews, we shine spotlights on classic and contemporary writing by both iconic and upcoming women authors, from reading recommendations to in-depth analysis. We’ve been featured in print, on TV and radio, curate a national live events programme, and have events at arts and literature festivals across the UK.

Win! Gabrielle Zevin’s new novel: The Collected Works of A.J. Fikry
by Stephanie Gunner about 4 years ago
Become a For Books’ Sake Contributor!
by Jane Bradley about 4 years ago

Everett Coles


This blog publishes a post every 3 to 4 weeks... short stories/ flash fiction, help & tips, occasional reviews, thumbnails of covers with blurb and link to new novels by David Coles and Jack Everett

The Pressing Pen


C. Ammon (sounds like 'Salmon') Cheney. I am thirty-two and I have written for pleasure and for therapy for 20 years. I want to one day finish a novel, but for now I am satisfied to share my inspirations. I believe the motivations that have kept pressing my pen to the paper can spark the creativity of others. Attaining "Truth" through writing is my objective, which is to say that I am trying to acknowledge the truth of my identity, my past, and my potential. I am truly grateful for any that take the time to read my words. May your pen always have ink in it!

For the Down Under
by Ammon over 4 years ago
Between Midterms: In The Eye of the Storm
by Ammon over 4 years ago

Byrdie Grey - A Writer of Poetics and Poetry


A young 20-something writer living in the San Francisco Bay Area, just about to graduate into the "Real World". I post about my adventures in publishing, college, travel, as well as book reviews and original poems and excerpts.

Book Review: Reached by Ally Condie
by Byrdie Grey about 3 years ago
by Byrdie Grey over 4 years ago

Writing Tips and Publishing Advice from Chrysalis Editorial


Thoughts and inspiration for creative writers provided by the editors and agents of Chrysalis Editorial.

Story Girl Press


SGP is devoted to publishing the best in can't-put-it-down fiction for your reading pleasure. SGP offers writers content development, copy editing/proofreading, social media solutions, and conversion to e-book compatibility.

almost 4 years ago
almost 4 years ago