The Viral Garden


Don't be fooled by the amateur look of this site. Mack Collier is definitely a contender in his field. Learn more about social media and promote your blog.

Daily Blog Tips


This site is ranked one of the top 500 blogs in the world and is developed and maintained by a man who started developing blogs in 2005. Daniel Scocco has a degree in International Economics but his passion is blogging, and he documents his journey and tips he has learned along the way, from the basics to domain names, blog design, social media, strategy, content, and more.

Why Every eCommerce Website Needs a Blog?
by Guest Author about 2 years ago
No App for Your Website Yet? Check MobiLoud
by Mark Zeni about 2 years ago

Communication Overtones


Blogger Kami is an author, as well as a partner and co-founder of Zoetica Media. She offers some great insight into the business world where proper communication and dialogue can make all the difference in the world.

Why You Need a Powerful, Engaged Twitter Account
by Kristi Reddell over 2 years ago
Navigating the Changing Online Landscape for Communicators
by Kami Huyse over 2 years ago

Social Media in Higher Education


This researcher and writer studies how social media is affecting students today. Follow his current research projects and discover how social media offers more outlets for your educational opportunities.

Reflections on my vacation from technology
by reyjunco about 2 years ago
Vacation from technology (December 2015)
by reyjunco over 2 years ago

Spin Sucks


Spin Sucks is a blog meant to help show that PR professionals can be (and are) ethical in their jobs. They do this through covering issues and news on marketing, public relations, communication, social media, advertising, and much more.

DOE to spend $7 million on North Alaska solar power, where it’s dark 24/7 all winter
by Abigale Sherman about 2 years ago
Pakistan’s parliament becomes 100% solar powered
by Abigale Sherman about 2 years ago

Dave Fleet


Dave enjoys studying the relationship between social media, communications, and public relations. His passion for these three is easily passed on to readers.

Marketing, community, support or all of the above?
by Dave Fleet about 4 years ago
How Lean In got me thinking
by Dave Fleet over 4 years ago



Blogger Todd Defren is a globally recognized Social Media and Public Relations innovator, thinker, and lecturer. His blog spot offers everything public relations, marketing, and social media related for the reader.

Did early bloggers make a difference?
by cpenn over 4 years ago

Musings of a PR Student


Public relations actively employs the nuances of discourse and connection that are underscored by communications to the end of bringing together two parties with mutual benefits. Comm students and PR pupils alike will bookmark blogger Mike's superbly organized blog page within reading their second post. Studying in the field for his second year, Mike's ability to coordinate a counsel column, a podcast, and ruminations on PR, politics, and student living belies his years.

Make or Break Moments


Great business means zilch without great customer relationships. Make sure you grasp the importance of that edict with this blog's counsel.

PR in Progress


A grouping of high-level public relations and comm students write about the reality of their field. Those considering a career in either discipline will find this invaluable.

Advice From the Pros: Arik Hanson
by ustprssa over 4 years ago

PR Geek Speak


Walk the comm walk and talk the media-relations talk with this blog page. Blogger Mikinzie, writing from the Midwest, helps her peers improve their skill set.

Scary World of Business


Carli, a British student of communications and marketing, shows understandable trepidation of the biz world. Yet her studies provide her the chutzpah to take it on.

PR and Comms @ Leeds Met


Students in public relations and communications write about college life at Leeds University in England. American students will be touched by the openness here.

Back with a bang
by PR@leedsmet over 4 years ago
Amazing Grace
by PR@leedsmet over 4 years ago

Minnesota Student PR Blog


Public relations and communications major in Minnesota type away the cold by chronicling thoughts on their fields of study here. Push-up bras and Facebook have made for exciting recent posts.

Blurred Lines
by Ryan May over 4 years ago
Honest PR = Effective PR
by Ryan May over 4 years ago

The Clear Risk Blog


Craig Rowe, ClearRisk President, and Dr. Tom Cooper author this informative blog. Their readers are treated to regular doses of risk management advice and a little social media fun.

PR Daily


This is a large website slash blog spot with a ton of information for the reader. This is a fun, intelligent, and exciting site for PR professionals.

Internet Slowdown Day and the fight for net neutrality
over 3 years ago
How one retailer guaranteed people watched its Instagram videos
over 3 years ago

The Proactive Report


Sally Falkow is a blogger with an interest in social media, public relations, and how the two come together to both inform the public and affect communication between companies and people.

Facebook Remarketing for PR
by Sally Falkow almost 4 years ago
5 Ways to Beat the Facebook News Feed Update
by Sally Falkow almost 4 years ago