A Teacher's Tale


Follow husband, father and dedicated teacher John Howell as he examines his personal and professional growth. Poignant, amusing, and full of real-world anecdotes, this blog aims at reminding all teachers why they entered the profession in the first place. Here you'll find suggestions for continuing education and professional development as well as classroom survival strategies.

by seconduser over 4 years ago
by seconduser over 4 years ago

So, You Want to Teach?


This blog is one of the best source we found for honest, practical and usable information for teachers and aspiring educators. Real world career advice, continuing education links and articles, classroom survival tips from veterans, and instruction ideas abound. Joel, whose personal mission is to become the best teacher he can be, invites guest bloggers to add depth and breadth to the blog.

Frozen And The Value of Quality [VIDEO]
by Joel over 4 years ago
5 Reasons I Loved Teaching Middle School
by Joel over 4 years ago

Good to Know


This is an interesting blog written by Martin Burns from the perspective of HR recruitment and what this entails. We think you will find this blog useful with plenty of tips for the job hunter.

All Things Workplace


This blog is unique because it allows you to look into many aspects of the workplace. In addition, you can get some tips concerning business management and leadership.

Coaching: The Four Essentials
by Steve Roesler over 2 years ago
No One Follows A Tentative Person
by Steve Roesler over 2 years ago

Past Five


Think your career stops promptly when you leave the office at 5:00? If so, you're missing something. This site will teach you to make the most of your job and even continue developing your career after you're off the clock.

New Blog
by Tom Gimbel about 4 years ago
Ordinary vs. Extraordinary
by Tom Gimbel about 4 years ago

Ben Casnocha


Ben's blog is not just for start-ups, though it does lean this way. He also talks about books that can offer you various strategies for business development. He also has entries on knowing your market and customers, which of course is huge when it comes to start-ups.

The Wisdom of Jonathan Haidt
by Ben Casnocha over 2 years ago
Situationally Competitive vs. Always Competitive
by Ben Casnocha over 2 years ago



Dream Big, the title of blogger Heather's company, encourages her to remind her readers to do just that. The posts manage to arouse inspiration even in ornery job hunters.

Career Doctor


Occasionally, your technique in landing occupation could use an operation or two. Suture your search with the doctor's counsel to cure what ails your job aims.

Electrician Talk


So you want to talk “electrician talk” then go to Electrician Talk.com. Here you will find electrical forums, various electrical trade topics, all about equipment and tools. There tips on safety and even a community center to chat, chat and chat about issues.

Ask a Manager


Alison Green often uses humor in her blog in order to get her point across, which is something that works very well for her. She is a manager and leader and unafraid to tell it like it is, which is something else we appreciated.

how to succeed when deadlines and priorities constantly change
by Ask a Manager over 4 years ago
how to talk to an employee who frequently calls in sick before or after a weekend
by Ask a Manager over 4 years ago



This Human Resources website has provided blog posts with potential interview questions for Business Analysts. Check it out before you head to that important interview. The site has helpful tutorials on how to prepare for and have a great interview.



This 30 year UK electrical veteran packs a wallop with his blog that is chuck full with articles on work wear, wiring regulations, and road shows. He even partakes with helpful information in how to obtain C&G courses.

Practical Guide to Inspection, Testing & Certification of Electrical Installations Review- Chris Kitcher
by Editor over 2 years ago
Metal CUs Update
by Editor over 2 years ago

Ms. Career Girl


We chose Ms. Career Girl authored by Nicole Crimaldi because it is from career person's point of view. This is a very useful blog because unlike a typical HR blog, this one deals with working through HR once hired or during the hiring process. We think you will enjoy this one as much as we did!

How to Maintain an Inviting Store That Attracts More Customers
by Sarah Landrum over 2 years ago
Are You Lonely?
by Maria Bashi over 2 years ago

Think Like a Chauffeur


with 30 years of being a professional chauffeur this will give you the tools an know how to began a rewarding career as a chauffeur not just a sedan also the big limousines .

70% of xray welds are failures in non union shops


Help being offered to solve xray issues by implementing my personally created method application I call. L.W.P.S. Logical weld placement strategies. It works. Seven years, over 1000 xray shoots with 0 defects. All done with no grinders.