Faith Lawless' Makeup Guide


This is a really great blog for those of us looking to keep a general track of the industry and the latest products.

How To Use The Beauty Blender Sponge
over 3 years ago
Foundation Primers: Yes Or No?
over 3 years ago

Product Girl


So you really would like to try that new eyeliner, but it costs a fortune and seems risky. No prob -- just wait for this girl to test it for you.

Kohl’s Coupons
by Carla over 2 years ago
Seattle Ladies! Get a Free Facial Compliments of Skoah!
by Carla over 2 years ago

Modesty Brown


"The lack of sleep" brought on to this woman by her three children "drove me to find ways to disguise the tiredness and a serious love of make up was born!"

by Modesty Brown almost 4 years ago
A/W Style Update with Katy Dyer
by Modesty Brown over 4 years ago

For the Love of Beauty


Everything that you need to step out of the house looking hella fine, you can find here, with an emphasis on great makeup tips.

Organic Beauty


Remember, sometimes your makeup supplies may have been sadly tested on animals -- ensure that such an atrocity doesn't occur again with this site's help.

DIY Pumpkin Spice Exfoliating Scrub
by Natural Organics over 4 years ago
Natural Perfume Review: Pour le Monde Fragrances
by Natural Organics over 4 years ago

Safe Mama


All mothers want to make sure that they have the best and safest possible environment for their little ones. Get the latest baby item recall news here, along with other posts relating to child safety, health, well being, and eco-consciousness.

EcocentricMom.com Mom Box UN-boxing!
by Kathy almost 2 years ago
How much to you trust product labels?
by Kathy almost 2 years ago

My Cat Goma


Living in Burlington, VT, Goma is the gorgeous Hymalayan you'll never forget. You can see him posing, looking just like a catepillar in his basket. Put a shirt on him, and his fan of fur looks just like a skirt, (although he's not the cheerleader type).

FOG September Movie Is Here
by Sachie Tani over 2 years ago
FOG May Movie is here! Kitty Belly!
by Sachie Tani over 2 years ago

Blog Sparks Direct


On Blog Sparks Direct you will find all sorts of electrical tidbits that will be sure to tug you in. We personally took an interest in the first aid of electrical shock guidelines. This blog article leads you through on how to approach to what to do until the ambulance arrives.

SparksDirect.co.uk Nominated for the 2014 Best Electrical Wholesaler Website
by sparksdirect almost 4 years ago
Fancy a Spring Break with a £3000 Holiday Voucher? Check out Schneider EZ Rewards!
by sparksdirect almost 4 years ago



ToBeThode is a mom blog that includes stories and anecdotes from the life of a nurse turned stay-at-home mom. You will also find photos, money-saving deals, reviews, and giveaways.

So where have I been?
by Stefany almost 4 years ago
$100 Toys R Us Giveaway
by Stefany almost 4 years ago

Mommy Who Loves Giveaways


A fun place to read product reviews, enter giveaways and find some great giveaways going on across the blogosphere. All that, with a little of my family life, passions, opinions and random thoughts thrown in.

Have Sippy Will Travel


I am a late-20-something momma and teacher. I love my job (usually) and my kids, and of course my very patient dear husband. I am a recent grad student, lover of books, travel, yoga, animals, children, and fun. I love to do product reviews and giveaways! Always on the lookout for adventure, we have sippy, and will travel!

by Samantha almost 2 years ago
Open Season: Scared Silly on DVD
by Samantha almost 2 years ago

Simply Stacie


Simply Stacie is a top Review & Giveaway site that features daily deals, reviews and giveaways of women's products, books and family friendly items. As a leading blog in her niche, Stacie also shares with her readers blogging tips on how to grow and improve their own sites.

Howard Johnson Happy Monday Deals + Giveaway (US & Can)
by Maureen almost 4 years ago
RIO 2 Giveaway (US) #Rio2
by Stacie almost 4 years ago