Printmaking is unfortunately sometimes seen as one-note. See one print, and you have seen them all, some tend to believe. Printeresting helps to obliterate notions of monotony in this artistic field. The writers bill their prose as fit for the thinking man, who craves exposure to the abundant diversity that defines expression in print making. Lush pieces fit for a museum elbow xerox prints made to look rustic with poor man's ink here.

Miami (Part 1)
by Julia Arredondo over 4 years ago
Ariana Barat’s Maison de Chevaux
by PRINTERESTING over 4 years ago



Etsy, an artist-friendly website, has done much to change and improve the relationship between creative types and those who'd like to purchase their work. Printsy loves on the printmakers of Etsy and showcases some exceptional, rich material. Expectedly, visitors here can feast their eyes on gorgeous work that they can easily look to buy on Etsy. But Printsy expands on its economical roots by providing insightful interviews with the weavers themselves.

New Printsy Team Pages!!
by Elvia Perrin about 4 years ago
Call for Entries: Branching Out, at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking
by minouette over 4 years ago



Zoom to this blog to feast your eyes on some sumptuous prints. Based out of Canada, this artist has easily earned a loyal international readership.



This blog shows examples of printmaking composed with some international inspiration. Every posts highlights an artist you ought to know well.

Printmaking Blog


Delve deeper into the fine points of the printmaking process on this site. The writing affords insight into the nitty-gritty of print formation.

print your heart out


These London-based printmakers are doing work that deserves a worldwide audience. There's nothing hackneyed about these Hackney-located creations.

almost 3 years ago
Congratulations Sumi Perera! ELP member Sumi Perera has been...
almost 3 years ago

Liverpool Printmakers


Liverpool, England continues to exude fame for sheltering the young quartet known as the Beatles. The city is still groovy thanks to these artists' impressive output.

Hockney - Talk
by Emma Gregory over 4 years ago

Scribbles and Snippets


Come to this blog to learn more on the special creative process of this gifted printer. You can track her outings to various prestigious exhibitions as well.

Colin Beaumont


Track the latest exploits and genius creations of a wunderkind printmaker here. Collographs and new etching print styles are recent topics.

HELLO AGAIN - and Merry Christmas!
by Colin Beaumont over 4 years ago



Get a glance into how a local printmaking community works well on this page. Those in the area can also get in on workshops on the elements of the art form.

Royal Scottish Academy 2014 - online entry this YEAR !!
by Aine Scannell almost 4 years ago
Courses at FDPW Spring 2014
by Aine Scannell over 4 years ago

my story


Anyone who yearns for printmaking with a super-modern, trendy, almost avant feel will enjoy this page. Jo chronicles her great travels while showcasing her art.

by jo horswill almost 4 years ago
Solvent Image Transfer
by jo horswill about 4 years ago

Print Workshop Central


Come to this blog when you're in the mood to engage in some printmaking yourself. Experts the world over lend a helpful hand, and maybe a workshop near you.

Spider Ink Studio


This printmaker exudes first-class style and presentation. Fellow artists can learn quite a bit from the light touch shown here.

Solo Show at the Paramount in Peekskill, NY
by Elana Goren over 2 years ago
Quote from MLK
by Elana Goren over 2 years ago

Woodblock Dreams


Blogger Annie has chosen to work with traditional Japanese wood blocks in her printmaking. Peer into her very specific and satisfying artistic exercise here.

Halftone Mezuzah
by Annie B over 2 years ago
Halftone Buddha
by Annie B over 2 years ago

Printed Material


This blog follows Lesley's efforts to inundate her surroundings with the best of the printmaking world. She'll occasionally provide a sweet video in her postings.

Taking advantage
by Printed Material over 2 years ago
Want to join me?
by Printed Material over 2 years ago



Understand more of the specific nuances that go into woodblock printmaking here. Japanese techniques and styles receive special mention.

Bound Staff Press


Printmaker, teacher, and family man Justin blogs about his life's chronicles here. Above all, visit for the really impressive artwork on offer.

Slow Days
by Justin Miller over 2 years ago
Encore! Encore!
by Justin Miller over 2 years ago

Brush and Baren


This Colorado-based printmaker gives her insights on creating amid the Rockies here. As you might guess, she has a special penchant of using nature in her work.

Linocut in Progress: Ugly duckling stage!
by Sherrie York over 2 years ago
Linocut in Progress: Going from dark to light
by Sherrie York over 2 years ago



The work that you'll see here is so winnowed down to feel almost elemental. But that simplification brings a lot of power to the prints on offer.

Anastasia Monotype Hand Pulled Print
by Viza Arlington over 4 years ago
Mary, Mary Monotype Hand Pulled Print
by Viza Arlington over 4 years ago

The Itinerant Artist


This artist may not be able to rest easy in any one place, but her artwork always makes for a stunning swan song. Catch her wherever she is in the world here.

Pressing Issues


Come to this blog when you want not only great printmaking, but equally satisfying analysis of the art scene. You can also learn how this artist goes about creating.

Gabby Test Prints
by Ellen Shipley over 2 years ago
Gabby block Nearly Done
by Ellen Shipley over 2 years ago