Prayer Habits


Most of the blogs on this list either present prayer requests to the wider Internet community or feature personal prayers from bloggers. Prayer Habits is different. Prayer Habits is a blog that brings you many tips for building prayer into your life. It helps to give you a structure to your prayer life, advise you on ways to maximize your focus, and corrects you on the proper mentality that is necessary for righteous prayer.

Seed Gifts: A Subtle Form of Evangelization
by Jared Dees over 2 years ago
How to See Others for Who They Truly Are
by Jared Dees over 2 years ago



Thoughts on prayer and encouragement on the Christian walk of faith.



Interpulpit is a blog aimed at helping Christians discover spiritual truths that can help them now and not just in the hereafter.

The Name: I AM
by Rick almost 4 years ago
Have A Blast!
by Rick almost 4 years ago