How To Live Happily Ever After


Happiness is not something you acquire. It's something you find within you that sustains you through all of life's trials and tribulations. It's a way of viewing life as a journey and a series of lessons and finding humor and joy in every moment.

Pray To God Today


I am a Catholic prayer blogger. I right prayer and devotionals and whatever else God inspires me to write. I started this blog to share the Love, Generosity,peace and wonderfulness that God is everyday!

The Rabid Monk


Brought to you by a guy that has been cooked in the quantum soup, lived a life of meditation and healing service for 17 years, hung out with enlightenment and talked some deep shit with it. Now thanks to this blog, you get to sift through years of my hard work to enjoy spiritual thought provoking tidbits based in reality.

Divine Conversations


Divine Conversations is a book sharing our journey of discovery about the power and possibilities of prayer and to inspire you to capture the vision of the 24-7 prayer movement.

A New Journey Of Prayer
by Robert Evans almost 5 years ago



Interpulpit is a blog aimed at helping Christians discover spiritual truths that can help them now and not just in the hereafter.

What’s Your Story?
by Rick over 4 years ago
Pulling Down Strongholds
by Rick over 4 years ago



Interpulpit is a blog aimed at helping Christians discover spiritual truths that can help them now and not just in the hereafter.

The Name: I AM
by Rick almost 4 years ago
Have A Blast!
by Rick almost 4 years ago

Pocket Full of Prayers


Right now I am studying Jesus Calling but want to branch out and take prayer requests. I am making ready, that page :-)

The New Age Source Blog


Here you can find inspiration for your spiritual practice & everyday life. We have sourced healing, metaphysical and holistic wellness products from around the world to support and nurture you. We hope that you will take some time to browse through our extensive inventory and many categories at your leisure – you are sure to find something delightful for yourself or something unique for that “hard to shop for” person on your gift list.



This is a religion based blog. The Earth, is the lowest of the higher worlds. Here are the different worlds and their various inhabitants.these blog is about The worlds in Hinduism – Part I.

By: swathylakshmi
by swathylakshmi over 4 years ago
By: Team Ishta Devata
by Team Ishta Devata over 4 years ago

Words By Amina


A blog purposed to encourage, enlighten, and empower God's people.

Who is the Holy Spirit?


Part 1 in a 3 part series of "In The Spirit"

The Chapel Blog


Our church's blog that discusses all things relating to the gospel of Jesus Christ!