Cabin Fever Reading


I blog about Christian books that I read either through the Library, Kindle, Nook, or books that I win in drawings online or that are sent to me by Authors or Publishers. I give my honest opinion as a Christian of almost 30 years and a Preacher/Missionary “Kid”.

What Motivates Our Faith?


This blog covers thoughts on life and love. You'll find bible quotes, analysis, and more.

After God's Heart


After God’s Heart chronicles events happening in the body of Christ, interpreting such events in the light of the Word of God. It also offers teachings from the Word as well as relates personal experiences with God.

Danise Jurado Blog


Faith and Fitness Blog – Bible study notes, fatih based devotions, health and fitness tips. I am a very blessed wife and mom. I’m also a women’s pastor / mentor for the Los Angeles Dream Center, encouraging women to discover their complete God-given potential in life.

Bible verses for PEACE / Weekly Giveaway
by Danise Jurado over 2 years ago
Valentine’s Day: Real Life and the Pinterest Board / Amazon Giveaway
by Danise Jurado over 2 years ago

Salt Formation Blog


At Salt Formation we discuss the word. We want to reach those who question faith, struggle in there walk, have strong walks and those who have no walk. Come on over and join the discussion!

Thayer’s Greek Lexicon for theWord
by Britt about 3 years ago
Mickelson’s Enhanced Strong’s Dictionaries for theWord
by Britt about 3 years ago

Day and Night Ministries


The blog is about New perspectives on Biblical truths. Displaying practical application for life transformation through Bible study .

Season the Day


Season The Day blog was inspired by a desire to get my family living healthy. This includes what we put in our body as well as our minds and hearts. I love to cook, bake and experiment with food. I enjoy doing creative things as a family and making learning fun. I love the adventure that comes from walking with a real God. My desire is spur others on in their faith in God and I hope to inspire others to “spice up” the choices we make for our families by adding a little “seasoning”. Let’s keep things interesting “You are the salt of the earth…” Matthew 5:13

Best Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
by Amber over 3 years ago
The Flex Express
by Amber over 3 years ago

Drinking from the Fountain


Drinking from the Fountain Ministries exists to help people grow into Christ-likeness by turning them from the emptiness of idolatry to the all-satisfying God of the Bible, through the gospel, for His eternal glory. The blog contains devotions, Biblical counseling and family devotions resources.

A Journey Through Faith


A Journey Through Faith is a blog that chronicles my own personal journey as I strengthen my own relationship with God. It also lists testimonies, devotionals, scriptures, etc. Stop by! I know you will be blessed!

Pray Without Ceasing


Everyone needs prayer. If you are looking for spiritual strength and support then this prayer blog is the place to be - designed to strengthen and build your faith in God, to encourage you through the word that men ought always pray and not faint. As spiritual warriors pray for you each day, witness strongholds and the power of the enemy broken from your life.

Online Bible Study Made Simple


Hundreds of bible scriptures quickly explain 24 life-and-death topics common to all people

The PK Life


The PK Life is a blog that seeks to encourage readers in the Lord by sharing verses and making devotional pages.

Praise Pure Ministry


Praise Pure Ministry is an online Bible teaching ministry. This ministry loves God wholeheartedly and devoted to teaching the uncompromising truths of God’s Holy Bible in a simple and easy to understand style. "Have faith in the Lord our God . . . . Give thanks to the Lord, for His love endures forever." 2 Chronicles 20:20-21 (NIV). Also, visit churchminute.com for daily Bible verses and teaching and pureglory.org for internet radio for Jesus. All glory to God (Philippians 1:11).

Toothpaste from God


This blog is about how God provides for those who love Him. He has been so good to my family because we are constantly praying and placing our lives in His hands.

Baby Orajel
by Tiffany Ibarra over 3 years ago
I am in LOVE with Sleep Number beds!
by Tiffany Ibarra over 3 years ago



Thoughts on prayer and encouragement on the Christian walk of faith.

Echoing Jesus


Following Jesus can be difficult. Who are we even following? Is it all in our heads? EchoingJesus.com exists to encourage those who consider themselves followers of Jesus and those just looking. The blog exists to encourage living as a follower of Jesus in the every day, through exploration of a wide range of themes and responding with spoken worship. The general themes discussed are: Prayer, Worship, Discipleship, Culture, Thankfulness & Community

Two hours in prayer?!!
by Steve Blundell over 3 years ago
Praying from the blueprint
by Steve Blundell over 3 years ago

Inspirations from Phather Phil


Through devotional "Daily Inspirations" and my "Emails to God" I endeavor to share Jesus' message of Love and Redemption, and to examine the impact God's Word and Presence has in our everyday lives.

Rest Easy…
by PhatherPhil over 2 years ago
The Beauty of the Gift…
by PhatherPhil over 2 years ago

nirmal baba


Nirmal Baba is a spiritual guru who is blessed with the Divine Eye. He guides people to righteous ways of living and practicing religion.He has brought about the realization of existence of "All seeing" Divine Eye of GOD in devotees lives and realization that there are Heavenly Supreme Powers watching over us all the time.

Heavens Opened


commentaries, analyses and treatises on fundamental Bible doctrines



I'm discussing topics about life in general and also Christian life and the Church. Topics that many stray from but need to be, in my opinion expressed.



Conversations and thoughts and inspirations by the Grace of Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj...