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This blog, the byproduct of a self-improvement company, specializes in helping readers better themselves to improve their businesses. The advice is applicable at any moment in your search.

Three Sales Coaching Tips
by robertr about 4 years ago
Be a Better Leader Today with these Tips for More Effective Leadership
by robertr about 4 years ago

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We think you will find this blog very useful to you in terms of management and leadership. The blog offers useful tips and insight concerning different business matters.

Mission Minded Management


This blog is all about the art of management people for better productivity and employee satisfaction. Michelle Malay Carter offers expert advice that everyone in business management can appreciate.

Manager Tools Blog


Let's face it, no matter how much experience you have in business management, you often need some fresh insight. This is what you will find on this blog, food for thought!

Never Mind the Manager


This blog is concerned with both sides of the coin, the business managers and the employees. Learning from one another is what makes a great company better.

Negative is not the opposite of positive
by Frode Heimen about 4 years ago
Success is an illusion
by Frode Heimen over 4 years ago

Lead Change Group


This blog is a breath of fresh air when it comes to business management. You will find everything from leading with character to realizing your title does not make you a leader.

Certain Uncertainties
by John Smith about 2 years ago
Why Tomorrow’s Leaders Shouldn’t Mimic the Leaders of Today
by Hollis Thomases about 2 years ago

Making Strategic Sense


This blog does give you the opportunity to sign up for some leadership training, but there is also some great reading here that costs you nothing but your time!

B+W Engineering and Design


B+W Engineering and Design, LLC is a civil engineering firm in the Los Angeles area experienced in the production of Grading Plans and preparing Structural Calculations and Structural Drawings.

Client List
by Brandon over 4 years ago
Beverly Hills
by Brandon over 4 years ago

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Practical ideas, lessons learned and shared experiences for those in the world of CPA firm management, human resources, administration, marketing and technology.