The Washington Roast


A political blog whose goal is to combine humor, news, reader comments and information to the public about the craziness of politics.



Apoliticus finds humor in the ordinary and thinks that truth is often stranger than fiction. This satire blog is full of hilarious quotes and is well-written.

Tina Dupuy


Tina Dupuy is seriously hilarious - she mocks politicians, politics and the news media in a witty, sarcastic, fun loving way. She leans to the left, but she's quick to make fun of both Democrats and Republicans.

Column: How Not to Talk About Wealth Inequality
by Tina Dupuy about 4 years ago
The Atlantic: He Hunted Osama bin Laden, He Breaks Into Nuclear-Power Plants
by Tina Dupuy about 4 years ago



Demockracy is a blog that mocks politics in the United States. Smartly written and frequently updated, it's one of our favorites to check daily.

The Daily Rash


This is a funny site filled with satirical humor focused on celebrities, news, politics and Sports. The blogs are filled with spoofs, parody and completely fake content. It's real funny stuff!

Al Sharpton Urges Vladimir Putin To Take Obama Horseback Riding
by Bertrand Snatch over 4 years ago
MSNBC Commentators Fawn Over Michelle Obama’s Buttocks
by Bertrand Snatch over 4 years ago

Radioactive Liberty


This is a site that takes a humorous approach to anti-government. It focuses on the absurdity of the government and empowering it's visitors.

Tiny Minds


Tiny Minds focuses on the hilarious goings on of politics, science and pop culture. We laugh over the hilarious content that focuses on the absolutely ridiculous things going on in the world.

A Bit of the Other


It's great to check out political blogs from other countries to stay informed. A bit of the Other is an original and creative blog, looking at global news and politics from the land down under.

Brown Man Thinking Hard


We love Brown Man Thinking Hard because even though it's satirical, it also makes you think a lot. He uses statistics throughout his blog to prove that some of the hysteria in politics is crazy and should just be laughed at. This blog is funny and thought-provoking.

Brain Spank


Brain Spank is a blog that covers all kinds of politics - from the serious to the absurd. Brain Spank is always thorough and always funny. It's a great read!

But, some of my best friends are fill in the blank
by Michael Douglass over 4 years ago
Righty Tighty Leftie Loosie
by Michael Douglass over 4 years ago

Bacon Cubed


Bacon Cubed is a blog focused on politics and the American way. The blogger points out the hypocrisy in government and makes you laugh throughout all of his entries.

Politicky Bitch


Politicky Bitch is a blog written by a female who is frustrated with politics, but loves to write about the political process. If you like to read blogs that make fun of politicians, this is the blog for you.

Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump, Which Could Bolster Him in Iowa
by nunya over 2 years ago
Gun Business by the numbers
by nunya over 2 years ago

Rubbish In, Robish Out!


A satirical look at current events, politics and celebrities in an old-fashioned newspaper format. The site also has stand-up comedy videos and tons other hilarious things to help you waste away your day. Updated every day!

NBA Investigating Alleged Racist Donald Sterling Comments
by Johnny Robish about 4 years ago
Police Find Loaded Gun In Teen’s Vagina
by Johnny Robish about 4 years ago

Ask Dr. Bob


Dr. Bob is acclaimed as the world's leading expert on everything. His specialty is "happiness optimization" by providing advice to his many viewers. Topics include: "How to Become the Most Popular Person in Your School" and "How to Find an Honest Lawyer." His video of a top secret presidential debate, Obama vs. Romney hosted by Anderson Cooper will make you think about abstaining from voting in November.

Pundit Pete


Satire from the Pundit Pete Press Service. Stories we'd like to see . . . but probably won't. Satire and a few serious thoughts from Pundit Pete and his friends (all named Pete). Most of them are pretty nice. Conservative/Christian/Tea Party



A little lady's comedic spin on politics, parenting and everything in between. It's political humor at it's breast!