Poetry Unite


A blog where I can share my poems with others!

Euphoric Poetry


it contain all kind of poems written with experience and emotions

Rough Verse


Personal blog of poet Amber Decker. Decker had her first collection of poems published at age 19 and her second at age 26. In years between and since, her poems have been published internationally in numerous print and online venues. Find out more about the poet, her life and her work here.

Simple Truths
by amber decker almost 3 years ago
When You Think About Killing Yourself
by amber decker almost 3 years ago

The Tattooed Poet


A blog about the writing process and the ups, downs, highs and lows of trying to get published. Including poetic examples and poems written online, allowing followers to comment and critique during every stage of the poems evolution.

Through the Retina


Attempting to reaffirm the status of poetry as being invaluable to human existence. Poetry is not, and should not be thought of as a few comforting words which leave the reader in a cozy state of complacency. Poetry is something to wrestle with, to craft, to make infinite revisions upon, to strive for, to express uncertainties. Most of all, it is something that we must use to take the language with which we are infinitely and intimately familiar, and create something novel. In other words, we must battle against our quotidian language, in order to arrive at some kind of transcendence, and ultimately to glimpse aesthetic beauty, fleeting as it may be.

Heidegger's Letter on Humanism
by thrutheretina over 4 years ago

Singing Campfire songs with Mr Spock


Blog featuring poetry, book reviews and more from prize winning UK-based poet Christian Ward.

B F Moloney Poems


This poetry is inspired by human frailty, politics, the God confusion, sport, health and the many ways and byways of long journeys.

A Goodreads community review - The Testament of Mary
by B F Moloney over 3 years ago
No madness
by B F Moloney over 3 years ago

RAD is RADically Primetime!


Hi I’m RAD. I’m a poet, a songwriter, and a country boy just trying to find his way. I currently reside in Blountstown Florida, which is where I’ve resided my whole life. Peace means equilibrium . . . .

Abstraction and Normality
by RAD about 4 years ago
A Jovial Holiday in Town of Disarray
by RAD over 4 years ago

Forbidden Poet


A Blog of Poetry Inspired by Forbidden Knowledge, Life, Love and Relationships.

Our Cities Vanish


It is a world built through conversations with the dead, with the voices of the literary past, allusions to the things that have come before and constructed with a clear, conscious sense that poetry is a Craft. These poems understand the value of things like aesthetics, culture and meaning. Ray Hinman understands the poet as the modern descendant of the Shaman, treading the boundary between what is forbidden and what is allowed to guide us beyond the things that distract us and drown the spirit to the transcendent and the sublime.

Our Cities Vanish--The Poetry Of Ray Hinman
by Joe Hinman over 2 years ago
Whitman's Ghost Takes a Tour of the City
by Joe Hinman over 2 years ago

Backbends Over Landscapes


Ecofeminist poetry that speaks to the intersections of nature writing, feminism, lesbian identities, and various gender expressions.



tanka, other poetry, and insignificant writings of janet lynn davis—feel free to comment or just quietly walk through my neck of the woods

the grass minstrel


tanka and other poems by jenny ward angyal

Poets are dying


Poets are dying, Not like a Dan Brown or a JK Rowling book, Rhyming is for children, And there are no more children left, No money, nor any recognition, Poetry has no stance and is losing respect, Emotions is for the weak man, apparently, But we are not human without emotions, So poets must be human beings, Once used to bravely speak, To spill out your guts to your loved one, Facebook is now for that, Name a poet, not a poem – but a poet, I assure you, you will struggle with that, Poetry is dying or even already dead, Who is the Jesus in poetry, To resurrect or heal if that is possible, There are museums full of poetry, More like a graveyard, for the dead poets.

Eron Falbo's Poetry


Eron Falbo is a recognised singer and poet. With philosophical depth and romantic intensity his poetic projects have been acclaimed all over the world.

dina sins before she saves ?


My name is Dina, and this is a blog that shares my personal poetry, and photos. An English professor once told me that a poem is not "good" until you have taken your guts out from under your skin, and thrown them onto a table for display. My style of writing is always honest, and reveals the thoughts most of us try to ignore, or forget about. I believe that vulnerability is never a state that should be avoided, and that overexposure could lead to liberation. I don't want to be accepted, I want to reach out