A Poet But Know It


I am publishing all my poetry here, one at a time. It takes a while. But there is a comment section, so feel free to give feedback if you are so moved. I am not quite sure how THIS blog works, so until I figure it out, please drop by my blogspot and check me out.

Musings For The Temporarily Insane


A collection of writing about science, philosophy, poetry, and dramatic / comedic pieces. The rest is commentary and a place to put ideas and thoughts.

Verses Of The Inner Self


"Verses Of The Inner Self" is a community blog about everything from God, to poetry, to nature. I particularly enjoy posting Christian poetry and hope readers will come to be inspired and fulfilled through Christ.

Boston Poetry Magazine


Boston Poetry Magazine is a place for the best poets in the New England area and beyond to submit and read great poetry and verse. From time to time, we will also post a poem in the public domain from a well-known author. Submit poetry and prose to bostonpoetrymag@gmail.com.



POETICbug contains poems written for the peace of mind and soul. Poetry is a flow of thoughts entwined with emotions.

I am the Silent Spectator
by Salvwi Prasad over 2 years ago
by Salvwi Prasad over 2 years ago

Experimental Fiction


A blog that holds mostly attempts at poetry, but with some fiction (short stories) and the occasional reading or acoustic guitar covers.

The Hopeless Search for Meaning


Inspirational and entertaining blog posting about life, love, friendship and much more in the form of poetry. Stories and inspirational quotes are also features of this blog.

Steaming like a stinkbomb: “Empty Cars” in Blurring the Line | Lia ...
by LASM over 2 years ago
Man's Search for Meaning. - Keith Law
by keith almost 3 years ago

The Poets Heart


A mix of poetry -- some whimsical, others romantic and some based on the mood of the day -- with a touch of photography added from time to time.

Poem 125:
by jspruell over 4 years ago
Poem 167:
by jspruell over 4 years ago

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal | Jan Jansen


Daily Poetry Portal in English and Netherlands. Enjoy reading the Poems with amazing Exclusive Photography. Poems that will touch your heart and Soul

by Jan Jansen over 4 years ago
Photo World
by Jan Jansen over 4 years ago

True Love Quotes


true love quotes, sad love quotes, love quotes, love quotes on life huge collection in English with images. express your feelings by love quotes

The Quintessential Sesquipedalianist


You have entered a crazy wild psychedelic portal into a world of all things weird and random!



BooknVolume is a blog that extols poetry, creative writing, art, literature, laughter and spirituality. It shares Love, Hope, Peace and Joy through the beauty of the written word, traditional and new era art forms, Shakespeare, and more. Through mirth and lighthearted prose as well as insightful meditations, Booknvolume aspires to create a place where one can relax with a cup of tea, enjoy a poem or three, and find a sense of love and appreciation amoung its many diverse topics.

People Poesia


average surfer & jesus follower, poetry scribbler, enjoying beautiful basque country http://peoplepoesia.wordpress.com

Meem's Blog


Write till the blue ink fueling your imagination runs out.

Musings For The Temporarily Insane


Mostly poetry about all kinds of things. Mixed with science, philosophy (logic), and commentary. Other than things that I have speciially said that I wouldn't include in this blog (anymore), anything's possible. Otherwis, youcould say it's all the stuff that needs to escapemy mind else that it should explode.