Chris O. Cook's Poetry


This "semiformalist necromantic" crafts a heartfelt style of poetry that is worth several investigations.

Chicks Dig Poetry


Hey macho men -- listen up; if you really want to impress your lady friends, you'll read this site often.

Four By Two
by Sandra over 3 years ago
22 Hours in the Big(ger) City
by Sandra over 3 years ago

Seth Abramson


Anyone looking to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing -- click on this site now! It's a treasure trove for all readers, writers and non-writers alike.

Poetry Instigator


This site firstly functions as "a fine poetry making machine," then goes on to inspire equally profound activity in its readers.

Poet Hound


This blog is extremely well written and organized. The main purpose is to give people who love poetry a forum to discuss and connect with each other. I check this blog out at least once a week. I love going back through the archives.

Kristina Marie Darling's The Sun & The Moon
by Poet Hound over 3 years ago
how to be another by Susan Lewis
by Poet Hound over 3 years ago

Poetry After Ink


Poetry ebook reviews, digital news and views, anything digital and poetry related.

Joy Leftow's Poetry Blog


Poetry bluetry & prose with a player to the left to listen to bluetry. Photos, drawings, book reviews, author interviews, short stories, musings and more.