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The consistently excellent poet has a blog where his work, imaginings, and mentality can enjoy free reign.

Nina Andrews


What should you know about poet Nina? "I love birds, dogs, magicians, and blue. My favorite food is strawberries, the little wild ones."

Comic of James Cummins' poem, "Fling"
by Nin Andrews about 3 years ago
Millay Comic
by Nin Andrews over 3 years ago

the word cage


In Ohio, "Akron's finest poetry and garbage" somehow coalesce to form this intriguing blog.

This is happening.
by marybid almost 3 years ago
Small Enterprise
by marybid almost 3 years ago

Chicano Poet


This poet is definitely one to keep an eye on; the worldplay and sense of rhythm are regularly dazzling.

by RC over 4 years ago
by RC over 4 years ago

Victoria Chang


"Thoughts about poetry, business, culture, books, and parenting" all coax this blog's readers' full attention.

New Poetry Books
by Victoria Chang over 2 years ago

Average Poet


Though Bob claims not to be the next Longfellow, his current work is anything but ordinary.

by rch over 2 years ago
by rch over 2 years ago



pesbo is Pearl Pirie’s notebook of write ups and photos of readings and of books read, as well as event listings, press releases, conference, festival and workshop write-ups, poetics mullings, and occasionally poem drafts.

Tree: Sol, Johnstone and French-Canadian
by Pearl about 4 years ago
95 Books for 2014, list 5
by Pearl about 4 years ago

The Alchemists Kitchen


The Alchemist's Kitchen: Elements of Poetry, Travel, and the Creative Writing Life fosters community between writers, travelers, and foodies. An appetizer tray of high quality poems from around the world, travel ideas, and useful musings on the writers life is what I'm aiming for. I've long been skeptical of the blog and this is my attempt to make peace with this technology by offering my readers something practical, philosophical, and fun. Focus on contemporary women poets and travelers.

Vermillion - A Poem on Revision
by noreply@blogger.com (Susan Rich) over 2 years ago
Understood. Deadline Extended to Sunday, January 31st
by noreply@blogger.com (Susan Rich) over 2 years ago

A Shade of T


This is the one place I pen my thoughts through poetry and creative expressions, and I welcome you to share my writings. Looking forward to your visit!

Adria Guinart


released on October 23, it's a collection of poems written and re-worked between 1996 and 2011. Inspired by my own experiences, and by writers such as Sylvia Plath, WH Auden, HC Andersen, Luis Cernuda, Miguel Hernández, Maya Angelou or Paul Celan. Biography of Desire explains the history of a wounded person, where pain comes from, how it manifests, how it translates to anguish. It is a trip from childhood to maturity, a journey through an ocean sometimes unruly, sometimes calm, with heaps of storms, generally inner ones. The experience of this inner journey through different states of being starts with a rape, a childhood sexual abuse which marks the tides and the waves erasing happy memories. The poetic-I is a broken voice, sometimes on the verge of existentialism, some others speaking from depression and mental disorder; almost always from the strangeness of a world which is too beautiful and sinister at the same time, which he is unable to understand. Biography of Desire is an attempt to understand such duality.

If you enjoy my posts...
by David about 4 years ago
Goodreads Book Giveaway Biography of Desire by Adria Guinart: ENTER TO WIN!
by David over 4 years ago

Hudson Valley Poetry Blog


A blog that features new poems and poetry books from the Hudson Valley and beyond maintainted by Will Nixon, a poet and journalist.

Crap and Brilliance


Not everything can be loved by everyone, and Neal is not someone that can be loved by everyone. His work depicts a sense of pain and loneliness that can only be derived from a lifetime of searching. As he continues to search he chronicles his ideas, and thoughts on what life is, and how we interact, here with Crap and Brilliance.

Bittersweet Goodbye
by noreply@blogger.com (Matt Wright) over 2 years ago
Endless Love
by noreply@blogger.com (Matt Wright) over 2 years ago

This Is All Your Fault


Ms. Hamm, author of this great blog, has had her poetry work published in The Adirondack Review, Pebble Lake Review, Horseless Press, Lodesta and many more well established magazines. This is a really terrific blog for prose.

How a Mermaid Becomes a Daughter
by Christine Hamm about 3 years ago
Still Life with Archaeology
by Christine Hamm about 3 years ago

A Writer In the Moment


The posts on this blog are written by Ms.Glixman to promote her work. She likes sharing her love of writing and also her love of the visual arts with all. Very well written blog and the artwork we found here is very thought provoking.

Bringing More Soul Into Society- The Power and Place of Poetry
by noreply@blogger.com (Elizabeth) over 2 years ago
Cut Paper Illustrations/Matisse's Garden Friedman and Amodeo Museum of Modern Art
by noreply@blogger.com (Elizabeth) over 2 years ago

Lotus11 Love For Words And Music


This is a beautiful site. You will listen to classical music while reading the poetry here. I find it very spiritual and inspirational. An example post called "Meditation - Chinese Bamboo Flute?" is truly amazing to read and listen to.

by noreply@blogger.com (Zuzanna Musial) over 3 years ago
'Just To Say Thank You' by Nadia Cripps
by noreply@blogger.com (Zuzanna Musial) over 3 years ago

Joshua Robert Long


Official website for Joshua Robert Long. Features samples from his books, as well as exclusive web-only poems. Updated daily or also-daily. Tons and tons of stuff to read.

Kangertech EMOW, my new space dildo as @sessiboi would say.
almost 4 years ago
I hate you so much Joshua sleep on the floor (at Hole In The...
almost 4 years ago

Ando Peres


Writer & poet. Nomadic, lives simply, thinks zen, is yoga. Ando is a minimalist poet, writing haiku, monoku and fragments, occasionally writing as many as 4 or 5 lines in a poem. She shares her passion for and understanding of zen, tao and yoga through the poems and other forms of brevity on her blog.

Weekend hermitage / 01.
by Ando almost 4 years ago
Find me elsewhere.
by Ando almost 4 years ago

Krystal Volney


Hello,salut!haai!barev!namaskar!MAMBO!hallo!aloha!yoh wah gwaan!ahn nyeong ha se yo !heisann! hola!xin chào !E karo! Welcome to the official page for the Trinidadian poetess and playwright Krystal Victoria Gabrielle Volney. Her favourite novels as a child were the Nancy Drew files, the Babysitter's club and the famous five. The poetess and playwright started writing both female and male poetry in categories such as fashion, romance, the environment and children's poetry in the year late 2010. (Cosmos and Spheres) The poetess views humans as both monarch and emperor butterflies because of the transformation from an egg into a butterfly showcasing the metamorphosis as various stages of one's experiences throughout life. Her analysis states that as a result of the prodigious difference between each human being in the global society, experiences differ and some persons mature into butterflies while some remain at a particular stage permanently at various points in their longevity. The contemporary poetess's character is floral. In the 21st century, this meant that one consisted of many petals and each petal told a different story of who she was. She saw lily and hibiscus flowers as demonstrating what it meant to be a woman and a lady. Some of her influences have been Mozart, Van Gogh, Emily Dickinson and Claude Monet. She is currently writing her second poetry book for 2012. Other upcoming works- book of plays

Krystal Volney's Quotes
by Krystal Volney over 4 years ago
Mr. Penurious
by Krystal Volney over 4 years ago