Where I write my rants away, where I keep poetry so they don't scatter away, where I post things I'll never get to say.



poems woven from the threads of the heart

Sin Confín


Mis escritos acerca de los limites, tanto físicos como mentales, y la lucha por derrocarlos.

Rylee Mercado


I'm here to tell a story about my life, my hopes and dreams; my depression and joy. what makes me, me. there so much to tell but yet so little.

Hatcha Dating


Are you becoming frustrated with the dating scene? Our aim to is to bring the fun back into dating by creating a community of like minded people who can share stories and advice with others. We have practical, interesting articles and tips for both guys and girls. We're new and fresh on the dating scene so please give us a go. Visit us today!

James Jean-Pierre


Empowering self help site for everyday life. Meditation, stress relief, advice/directions, variety of poems and the releasing of The Untold Unlocking Of Secrets

Offensive Stargazer


Personal blog of an amateur writer, adventure seeker and life enthusiast.

Overflowing Ideas..


Its a personal blog, where I do share my Poems, my thoughts and my ideas.

Balmy Evening


A blog that one would open on a comfortable evening after a long hard day, a warm mug of coffee in hand with fairylights on, making their room look pretty with amazing music playing, to simply kick back and relax.

All About The Norms


In this Blog i will tackle contents about poetry,Fitness,and my Personal well being.

100 Years Of Journey


Expressing every thoughts is all about sharing your self to social media. a brand new way virtual way to free each and everyone's spirit. to share, to connect, and talk to the world who have been listening with all people around the globe. Cheers folks.