eXotic Mentality


The interpretation of life's adversity and emotion, through the capture of the light, relayed through my eyes and the reaction displayed by my heart.

Murder She Wrote


I love to write. I want more people to be able to read my poems and relate.



Oh how amazing Love is It can bring breath To death It can bring a smile To a frown Turn it upside down Without it There would be no Just God There be no mother No lover No life No wife Love is A sign That there is a purpose A sign That life exists And that everything Will be okay Today It makes me smile And I hope Love Makes you smile as well It can protect you from life's hell Love

A Dispute With Atheism
by TheAshMan88 over 2 years ago
Room to Grow
by TheAshMan88 over 2 years ago

Sulaiman's work - My dream mausoleum


Basically a very hyperactive student, persuing medicine. Being precise, I'm an enthusiast and a person who seeks peace in what I do. I'm an avid dreamer who also loves to write poems, short stories and do a bit of stand up comedy all depending on my mood. I'm really one who speak's in terms of words what my heart says and what is on my blog is a mirror reflection of what is exactly in my heart (though this is not my personal diary). I just don blog for the sake of blogging but actually to take my blog on to a next level, and also let people know my talent publicly.

A Kiss Within The Cup


This is a blog of love poems; it's themes questioning lines of balance and inbalance, emotional truth and untruths, reality and unreality, despondency and duress.

Love Poems For Her


A large collection of romantic love poems organized by author, time period, category and tone.

Francois Bergh


Where lost words come to rest in pieces...

The Optimist


For the most part I write love poems or song, but occasionally I write short stories.

Perspectives from a Child of the Americas


My blog largely consists of love poems, however it does feature poetry on other themes like life in the Americas. I also have interviews and informational updates from time to time.

Jo Fellowes


New to poetry I am finding it is a great release for the Life and Loves of...



A poetry blog where Leni King and other lesbian and lesbian-friendly poets can showcase their work, exchange ideas and support one another

Love Quotes and Poems


The Top Love Quotes and Poems collection from celebrities and famous poets

E Love Poems


Romantic love poems, love quotes, free love poetry contest, love calculator, love poems for him, love poems for her, short love poems, beautiful poems about love and more

Poems by Unknown


I'm only 15, I've been writing poems since I was 8, but I want to know how to improve them further.

Lady Lovely Blogger


I believe anything is possible and I know that nothing is unrealistic. I help others embrace their child like wonder. Let’s leap into the unknown. Together we can contribute to a bigger life. It’s never too late to start living your dreams.