Brian McHenry: a search for hope and dreams from teenage to oldage


Brian brings his unpublished works and rants to the world, hoping to imspire others who are looking for meaning, and fulfillmment of their unlearned potential.



This is a blog dedicated to the newly published book " I AM DIRTY, I NEED WASHING" with many excerpt from the book and some new work by the Poet. The Book is available in all major websites like Amazon, Alibris, FLipkar, Cyberwit, Uread etc

Living is fun!
by noreply@blogger.com (Shamsud Ahmed) over 2 years ago
One more Journey
by noreply@blogger.com (Shamsud Ahmed) over 2 years ago

The Poetry of Courage


Poems, essays and recollections on courage and the need for truth in everyday life.

The Spring Awaits


the blog is meant to make people think.. the old school way.. invoke thoughts and questions.. in general.. about life and philosophy...

About A Girl


About A Girl is just that, life told through the poetry of a teen African girl dealing with all experiences one has at that point in their life. Love, hate, nervousness, all the thrills of growing up and finding one's self away from home.

Note to self
by upile over 4 years ago
by upile over 4 years ago

Memoirs of a Dark Girl


Words spill like blood onto paper. I ooze every feeling in my consciousness onto paper to purge myself of pain, suffering, and sadness. I also chronicle fond memories leading up to these events. Join me on my life's journey through poetry.

Silver Strands
by Amy Russell almost 4 years ago
Lying and Dying
by Amy Russell about 4 years ago

Doorway To Amaranthia


My musings on life, music, expression, and imagination...

Supersonic Euphony


Supersonic Euphony is a compilation of whimsical and original poetry about various aspects of life. Each piece of work is complemented by amazing art that adds value to the overall aesthetic of each page. Please check it out. You'll never be disappointed!

JoeC's Blog Spot


Words that rhyme, Perhaps in time, Will guild a space, In some fabulous place. Original poems and photographs by Joe Carrot (White Robin Photography)

by JoeC almost 4 years ago
by JoeC over 4 years ago

The Writings of Edward Maximum


Just a man writing about the world he sees, the feelings that influences his day to day emotions

Walk with a Broken Angel


Trying to share the images swirling in my head

Baldock Bard Blog


Since 1997 the Baldock Bard has been the resident Versemonger for the Baldock Car Boot Sales writing about the sales, the people that attend them and the beautiful rolling hills of North Hertfordshire that surround the site. He also writes extensively about the countryside and general life observations of the locality and further afield. His verse ‘does what it says on the tin’ and is popular with the general public but will never be clever enough for the academic purist. In real life the Baldock Bard is a farmer who farms 35 miles north of London with a long-suffering wife, a daughter, son-in-law, three terriers and a number of geese and chickens.

The Plastic Hammer!
by The Baldock Bard. about 4 years ago
Thoughts About a Terrier!
by The Baldock Bard. about 4 years ago

Kim Face


I have been writing since I was 15, but here are my everyday thoughts thrown into words. I would love your comments :)

a room with a door, and an ear
by Kim over 2 years ago
Our town, our secrets
by Kim over 2 years ago

Heart Felt Feelings


I have recently started to take up writing poetry again after leaving it be for some years.

Dream Noise


Passionate, compassionate, and heartfelt, Dream Noise’s poetry describes his experiences on love and life. His poetry is known for its intimate descriptions of human reactions, human behavior, intimate feelings, and the intricacies of life, birth, death, love, and pain. Dream Noise draws inspiration from everything he sees and feels. He fully believes that if you open your eyes to see the world through another’s eyes, your heart will be opened. He is particularly interested in the human experience and how we often take things for granted. A deep, philosophical thinker, Dream Noise also draws inspiration from his own life, including his challenges and failures. He prides himself on his originality, not taking quotes or stories from others but creating his own that describe the world around him. Dream Noise’s poetry is published for all to read in hopes that it will live on for all those who want to listen.

Reform the Family Photo Album


A lot of these poems are elegies for my sister, Rachal, who died recently. I've been writing poetry for nearly 10 years. I was an English major with a creative writing emphasis in college. This blog was started as a way for me to be motivated to write poetry daily. Since my sister died, however, it has also become a way for me to connect with those who loved her and those who support me, as well as, a wider community of those who have lost close loved ones.

Barbie and Borax
by Danielle Badra almost 4 years ago
Grape Leaves
by Danielle Badra almost 4 years ago

The Collapsing Poet


A blog about a homeless clog in an otherwise perfect world. There are no boundaries I will be blogging about anything that I see, hear, or even smell, even if it's myself.

by The Collapsing Poet almost 5 years ago
by The Collapsing Poet almost 5 years ago

Lines and Stanzas- Home of Poetry


In this blog, I publish my own poems inspired by my own life experiences and of those close to me. It is regularly updated and highly interractive.

by Aroni over 4 years ago

Against the Grain


Having Bipolar II Disorder seems to have only one advantage that I can think of: fluctuating emotions, which in turn leads to very (hopefully) dynamic writing. Since my thoughts and feelings are constantly shifting, so does my writing. I hope this makes for an interesting read and will keep you coming back.

The Obvious Religion
by Daniel Ryan over 2 years ago
The Right Angle
by Daniel Ryan over 2 years ago

Cliffette's Journal


It's a collection of write-ups mostly in the form of journal entries, since when I created the blog I wanted just some space to vent out the rebellious feelings I had inside. When I used to be angry, I didn't have something like a punching bag, and the people who infuriated me the most, were those I care about most and so couldn't make them my punching bag, because later that would have hurt me. This blog contains some of my poetry, some excerpts from my books (well, yes, I am a novelist soon going to get published), some articles, all touching the issues of love, humanitarianism, art, beauty, nature, spirit, fantasy as a teenager, Peace, Social Issues, India, Urban life, Pastoral life, etc. Well, if I missed out anything, you're always welcome to check...:)

A Hole in the Heart of the Earth
by Cyril Cliffette over 2 years ago
A meadow of frozen flowers
by Cyril Cliffette over 2 years ago



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