Food Politics


From 1986-88, Marion Nestle was senior nutrition policy advisor in the Department of Health and Human Services and managing editor of the 1988 Surgeon General’s Report on Nutrition and Health. She has been a member of the FDA Food Advisory Committee and Science Board, the USDA/DHHS Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, and American Cancer Society committees that issue dietary guidelines for cancer prevention. Her research focuses on how science and society influence dietary advice and practice

Dairy food politics, Australia. Kangaroo politics too.
by Marion over 2 years ago
Three books about eating: 2. The Practice of Eating
by Marion over 2 years ago

Whole 9


Melissa Urban and Dallas Hartwig believe their are 9 factors that need to be addressed when it comes to obtaining a healthy lifestyle. They evaluate each of them to come up with an optimal health and fitness plan to help you to be the best you be inside and out.

Ask Whole9 Canada: Inconsistent Food Reactions
by Whole9 Canada over 3 years ago
Food, Mood, and FODMAPs
by Crystal Ellefsen, Whole9 over 3 years ago

Healthy Simple Living


After the climbing the corporate ladder and finding herself unfulfilled, this blogger reviewed her life and discovered a passion for health and fitness. Her blog features tasty recipes, and advice on a balanced lifestyle.

Finally! A 100% Stainless Steel Cooling Rack That Fits
by lilla about 3 years ago
4 Simple Step for Bicycle Safety (and Other Outdoor Activities!)
by lilla about 3 years ago

Laurel on Health Food


This blog is written by a holistic health counselor who is willing to offer many great tips, advice, and recipes throughout her blog to help assist everyone in living a healthy life.

Jalapeño Cornbread
by Laurel over 3 years ago
Roasted Okra Salad
by Laurel over 3 years ago

Eat. Drink. Better


This blog has a wide range of resources that are all related to food written by many green and organic activists. While environmental issues about food are the blog’s core focus, it also explores different categories including food politics and policy, nutrition, healthy cooking, and organic farming and gardening. All recipes in this blog centre on organic ingredients.

Why Do Onions Make You Cry? How Chemicals Work in Food [Infographic]
by Jill Ettinger over 4 years ago
What if You Woke Up Tomorrow and Cinnabon Was Vegan?
by Jill Ettinger over 4 years ago

Diet Blog


This blog is all about losing weight through making healthy choices throughout your day. RDs, MDs, and fitness experts blog about exercise, healthy alternatives to high fat/calorie foods, and provide support for your body image.

“The Online Coach” Raymond Queridob Talks IIFYM
by Dan Bolton about 4 years ago
Ryan Schroers of Shredded Fitness Talks Flexible Dieting
by Dan Bolton over 4 years ago

I Ate a Pie


This a really great blog that reviews many products that claim to be healthy. They will review anything! It is unique and unbiased, and gives you the answers that you need as a consumer in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Diet Hack


A site devoted to keeping you healthy, Diet Hack offers articles on such wide ranging topics as decluttering your home and the health benefits of garlic. It's an all-encompassing site with some true knowledge to share.

Say What You Need To Say


Lauren is a 20-something runner, self described "foodie," and newly-wed who is sharing her secrets to a healthy lifestyle and says it's "ultimately found when one stops trying to be healthy and just lives healthy."

Baby Bump Update: Week 16
by Lauren over 4 years ago
Hershey Pantry Baked Oatmeal Recipe
by Lauren over 4 years ago

Health 'n' Horizons


I am Christele, a certified nutritionist and yoga instructor with a passion for cooking, fitness and health. This blog is where I share it all!

 Chickpea and millet patties
by Christele Daccache over 3 years ago
Vegan sugar-free hot chocolate
by Christele Daccache over 3 years ago

Optimal Life Blog


Calton Nutrition brings new health research to their health consulting, helping their clients with weight management, multivitamin choices, micronutrient health and much more.

The Health Revival


We're a mother and daughter who blog about all things natural health. Everything from healthy recipes and saturated fats to exercise, gardening, and food additives. Join the discussion!

Size 12 by St Patrick's Day


I lost 90 pounds in ten months, and now I am keeping the weight off! Each day I blog: my current weight, what I ate yesterday, what exercise I got, and how much I gained or lost.

Dog Park Fun!
by Cherise Kelley over 2 years ago
My First Worldcon
by Cherise Kelley almost 3 years ago

Healthy Aging and Healthy Living Blog


We use scientific studies from the Linus Pauling Institute to create easy-to-read articles of less than 400 words concerning nutrition and healthy aging and health spans.

The Weight Control News Blog


The best place to find out about the best diet plans, the best dieting techniques and more about losing weight fast.

Beautifully Well


Beautifully Well is a blog that discusses and promotes every aspect wellness (physically, mentally, and emotionally). Beautifully Well addresses topics of cleansing, fitness, vegan eating, restaurant and product reviews along with tips to improve overall health.

The Empowered Way


EMPOWERMENT Defined: The giving or delegation of power or authority. The giving of an ability; enablement or permission. So many things in this modern world can make a person feel un-empowered... Our medical system Skewed information about nutrition (coincidentally distributed by the biggest food companies) Our food system (how food is grown and processed) Our feelings of hopelessness about the government and political climate Our education system Our old cultural or religious beliefs that make us feel small and unworthy Old mental patterns or self-deprecating ways of thinking The feeling that we lack choices in how to live our life I'm sure you can personally add many more.... The Empowered Way is here to help everyone see the importance of continual learning and re-thinking about things that directly impact our health and happiness. Our lives belong to us! Seems obvious, right? But it took me many years to come to this conclusion. Since I have grown in knowledge and began on my path to health and awakening, my life has changed drastically! I would love to share my experiences with others that are searching for something. Once you find "it" your life will never be the same. Life is truly a gift. But there is a secret in the gift... We create our lives to be anything we want them to be. Can you see the freedom in that sentence? If you cannot- because you doubt your ability to change things- please follow this blog and you will eventually come around! This blog will mainly focus on plant-based nutrition and information related to the connection between our health and the food we eat. I will show you just how easy it can be to improve your health by taking small steps everyday! Even when I post on small topics such as how easy it is to make your own applesauce, or how to modify an old unhealthy recipe- you will start to feel a sense of empowerment about how you can do positive things for your life and you will start to re-think old habits. Health is our greatest wealth! It is my belief that the true key to happiness and health is- knowledge. The more you know, the freer you become. In this blog I hope to make you thirst for knowledge and see the amazing things that knowledge will bring to your life. We have such an amazing resource- the internet! Let's make sure to always protect our freedom to use this freely, as this ability will be paramount to our living a FREE future! Make sure to always keep an eye on any legislation that limits its use IN ANY WAY! Please feel free to share any and all questions and comments. This is a community of inspired, enlightened individuals that are interested in learning and learning- anything to the contrary will be deleted. This blog is dedicated to living life freely... Living life THE EMPOWERED WAY.

My Real Food Family


My Real Food Family is about helping families make healthy food choices using simple, real and delicious foods that are quick and easy to prepare.

Crafts Nutrition


Crafts Nutrition by Jason Crafts is 98% fat free, with no added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavours. It's pure and looks to close the gap between the perception of whats healthy and whats not and the facts.

eating well : living well


As a Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach based in Seattle, my blog offers practical advice on eating well and living well, particularly focusing on people with dairy and wheat allergies or intolerances.