Princess Haiku


Calling itself a "literary collage of poetry," this blog features prose, music, dance, and book reviews, along with stunning photography selections. Learn a higher appreciation for the arts here.

Study of a Sorrowing Angel
by Diane Dehler over 2 years ago
Study of a Tombstone
by Diane Dehler over 2 years ago

A Creative Harbor


We see life through the eyes of an artist's soul and explore creativity and what it can do to enhance the inner spirit.

Through the Lens 13
by carol l mckenna about 4 years ago
by carol l mckenna about 4 years ago

Everything Is Empty -- Haiku and other poems


Everything Is Empty collects the published, unpublished, and poems in progress of American poet S.M. Abeles. It features primarily Japanese-style (e.g. haiku, senryu, tanka) and other short poetry forms.

A Rest From Moon Viewing


Haiku, mainly written in my back yard or during contemplative walks

M.A.G. Poetry


Poetry and creative writing on love, loss, hope, adventure, youth, work, traveling, and philosophy. Minimalist style. - M.A. Giles

by magnuskane over 3 years ago
by magnuskane over 3 years ago

Cassiopeia Rises


Mine is a poetry blog but of late I do many Haiku.

Daily Haiku by Haiku Andy


Every day, I write a haiku and publish it via social media. Every day, I physically inscribe that same haiku on a single postcard and mail it to someone in the world. Before mailing, I photograph the card in a natural setting and post the photo together with the haiku. If you send me your address, I will mail you a haiku.

New Story Published by 100 Word Story
by haikuandy over 2 years ago
Recent Publications
by haikuandy almost 3 years ago

John Speaks


A place of random thoughts, some activism, a whole wack of Haiku and general - It inspired me, so I will write on it.

Dulcina's Garden


A garden adorned with simple haiku, colorful flowers praising God, love and Nature.

Betty Generic


A new poet writing Haiku, free form, Villanelle poems.



Haiku poems, modern haiku poetry.

Per Lineam Valli


Per Lineam Valli explores Hadrian's Wall in as many ways as possible, including prose and poetry, sound and vision, exploiting facts and data to enhance the individual and collective experience of this World Heritage Site. Oh, and it helps if it's fun too!



lousybuddhist is a blog on Zen and poetry, mostly Haiku, but not exclusively...

haiku & sketches


This blog is my journal. Everyday I try to have at least one haiku and a sketch or a photo for each. I draw my inspiration from master haiku poets like Basho and Issa and the modern poets like Lee Gurga and Kawasaki. As someone so new to the art, I have to ask tolerance on my amateurish attempts. But you are welcome to haiku & sketches.