Circling the Cuckoo's Nest


I work in a psychiatric hospital. I write to put it all back in the universe.

Chronicles of Illusions


You’ve entered a parallel universe. Take a respite from real life and open the doors into the alternate reality I am creating amongst the pages of my blog. Some is based in reality – some grew from the fantasy that dwells within the realms of my mind.

Wordless Wednesday
by Joanne Bryant almost 4 years ago
Wordless Wednesday
by Joanne Bryant almost 4 years ago



Whether trying to pin down a thought in some familiar form, or to capture a fleeting insight into substance; I feel most alive when I discover something relevant that makes sense to me, and extremely zombie-like otherwise. I have been in hiatus; I want to get back to being alive again.

Freedom of Spit
by rejoi over 2 years ago
Lonely as a Cloud
by rejoi over 2 years ago

The Continuous Poem


A blog on poetry, creative writing and literature



Words provide a means of expressing fears,anxiety and all experiences we have.... My thoughts exclusively exposed!

Right Living!
by justdme almost 4 years ago
Right Living!
by justdme almost 4 years ago

Gathered Pearls


poems and stories- fact and fiction- emotions and fantasies- invigorating and interesting

Love Stories Online by Manny Gergo


Home of the sweet romantic love stories , Love stories online, romance love stories and short stories online.

Oaks to Acorns


Oaks to Acorns is where I attempt to find the essential through poetry, shorts and occasional nonsense. It is where I experiment. For a taste of my novel, Finding Grace on Facebook, please click on the link in the sidebar. Your feedback is welcome.

14 haikus (published)
by Elizabeth Hornor Boquet over 2 years ago
by Elizabeth Hornor Boquet over 2 years ago

Never Mind the Beasts


A blog dedicated to poetry and travel writing in all its various forms. Inspired by New York School, Beat, Deep Image, Zen Buddhism, Surrealism, and a Punk DIY aesthetic.

by noreply@blogger.com (JJ Mars) over 2 years ago
The Shining
by noreply@blogger.com (JJ Mars) over 2 years ago



I write about what I think. I use the power of opinion.

The Poetry Warehouse


The Poetry Warehouse is the personal website of poet and writer Jenn Flanagan. It is a compendium of her original work, writing tips, commentary, and updates.

Poetry In Motion


Poetry In Motion is a writing blog belonging to Starr Austin, poet and schemer, living in Northwest Arkansas. Living life like a poem and capturing as much as possible in ink, this blog contains creative essay, poetry, photography, and tales of traveling on the cheap.



Poetry and creative moaning blog. Moaning about existence, moaning about society, moaning about self-loathing, moaning about being invisible and some poems about stuff.

landscapes looked like boiled spinach
over 2 years ago
mad women fight back/ psychiatric survivor’s protest ,1976
over 2 years ago

Cawthorne Drake Poetry


Creative ramblings from an energetic youth. A combination of both traditional and contemporary poetry distilled through the unusually bitter and excitable mind of Cawthorne.



Fresh, inventive, confessional poetry that looks underneath the table top. But don't read this for a description, read the poems.

by taracelwit over 4 years ago



This site is nothing more than a memoir to share my thoughts, beliefs, experiences and words with those daydreaming along their own journey.

Dark Matter


Dark Matter is a blog for speculative literature. Dark Matter refers to the unknown particles suggested by the Standard Model to explain observations of gravity which cannot be accounted for by observable matter and energy. It could also be considered a reference to the thoughts and ideas that ferment inside a human brain before they emerge through spoken or written words. The title was chosen to reflect the emphasis of the unknown in both scientific inquiry and creative writing. Modern science provides new opportunities for natural metaphor to search for and create meaning in all areas of human thought and endeavor. Dark Matter will use cosmological, evolutionary, quantum mechanical and traditional natural metaphor to elicit literary thought and infuse modern ideas into poetry and prose.

Preview of Issue #5
by hogeb over 4 years ago
Dark Matter Journal Issue #4
by hogeb over 4 years ago

This, That And The Other


This is my blog where I share my epiphanies about life with the world.

Just a blog


It's what you what to take from it. Who am I to tell you differently. Some of it is poetry, some poetic, and most just nonsense.

by SHAUNhenry over 4 years ago

LeahJLynn Writer in Progress


A place where creativity sets me free and at times brings me back to childhood. While exploring every creative outlet that comes to my mind. Blessings and Smiles

Theatre & Book Folks
by Writer in Progress over 4 years ago
Every Second Counts
by Writer in Progress over 4 years ago

Leander 42


A struggling writer stops glugging the vino long enough to finally engage with modern technology and create a blog...and then wonders whether the world would have been better off if he'd just opened another bottle instead.