Laurel on Health Food


This blog is written by a holistic health counselor who is willing to offer many great tips, advice, and recipes throughout her blog to help assist everyone in living a healthy life.

Jalapeño Cornbread
by Laurel over 3 years ago
Roasted Okra Salad
by Laurel over 3 years ago



Published poet Diane Lockward hosts this blog. Read her reflections on poets, poems, and books. Regularly offers updated lists of useful, practical information such as print journals that accept online submissions.

Eat Your Carrots
by Diane Lockward over 2 years ago
New News and Old News and Uncovering the Cover
by Diane Lockward over 2 years ago

Margo Roby: Wordgathering


Aspiring poets, gather your creative energy and pay a visit to Margo Roby's weblog. She displays her love for language and desire to encourage and help fellow poets along their journey. Posts are incredibly inspiring and valuable, offering poetry prompts, exercises, and grammar tutorials.

Poetics Serendipity
by margo roby over 2 years ago
Poem Tryouts: Stop and Smell That Rose
by margo roby over 2 years ago

November Sky Poetry


Follow the inspiring life of Christine Klocek-Lim on this beautiful blog. She features works of poetry, interviews, and more, along with stunning photography and well-chosen graphics that make it an easy and delightful read.

World Class Poetry


Strictly considering twenty-first century poetics, this is a great resource to know about. Learn how to market your writing more efficiently and present it correctly. Discover poetry contests and events, and stay updated on all the latest hot poetry book releases.

Poetry Blog


This author had a nice idea: illustrate poetry with images. Read selections from some of the world's most beloved poets, including Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson, delightfully complete with accompanying photographs.

Poetry menu: the new poetry blog is now reality!
by poetry over 3 years ago



A comprehensive collection of poetry from an Indian mathematics teacher. Follow and enjoy her works and get a little inspiration of your own.

eyes keep staring from all angles
by gautami tripathy almost 3 years ago
if only it was just a spider
by gautami tripathy almost 3 years ago

Poetry Grrrl


Readers of this site will be regularly refreshed by beloved favorite selections of classic poetry. This blogger also loves presenting original poetry and posts occasional videos of poetry slams along the way.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Quote about Music
by PoetryGrrrl over 4 years ago
Pablo Neruda – Always
by PoetryGrrrl over 4 years ago

Poets & Writers


The world's largest non profit organization serving creative writers. This is a rich resource with a directory of nearly 10,000 writers, and databases of literary magazines. It also hosts reading and workshop programs throughout the year. Find tools for your writing or connect with other like-minded individuals.

Music Lessons
by Writing Prompter over 4 years ago
Music Lessons
by Writing Prompter over 4 years ago

We Write Poems


A relatively new site with lots of promise. Community forum and prompts section are up and running; stay tuned for more!

Few Miles


This blog won the The Celebrate Poet of Awards in 2010 and 2011. The talent of the blogger seems undeniable. Check out his original works and enjoy!

Go Further to Get Closer
by Someone is Special over 4 years ago
#ConditionSeriousHai - Sid ♥ Isha - Chapter: Childbirth
by Someone is Special over 4 years ago

Bob Stanley Poetry Blog


Bob Stanley is a man of poetic distinction. Currently known as the poet laureate of Sacramento, he has several published works, numerous awards, and is the president of the Sacramento Poetry Center. Be influenced by his person and his blog.

Monday Poetry Train Revisited


A site where poets are encouraged to link up to their latest pieces. Post your own and enjoy the others!

How a Poem Happens


Contemporary authors discuss their personal stories and describe the story behind their work. A comprehensive list of interviews from celebrated poets.

George David Clark
by noreply@blogger.com (Brian Brodeur) over 2 years ago
Robin Becker
by noreply@blogger.com (Brian Brodeur) about 3 years ago

Beyond the Pale


A poetry art blog. This poet and poet biographer offers interesting essays, each boasting an unexpectedly charming accompanying photo.

Trumplandia: A Vision
by noreply@blogger.com (TC) over 2 years ago
the worst people in the world
by noreply@blogger.com (TC) over 2 years ago

fait accompli


The notebook of psychoanalyst/poet Nick Piombino. These notes eventually evolve into poems and other literary works.

by noreply@blogger.com (Nick Piombino) almost 5 years ago

Rinkly Rimes


A cute title and cute idea. The original collections featured here are updated daily, amusing and lighthearted.

by noreply@blogger.com (Rinkly Rimes) over 4 years ago

The Poetry Kit


A poetry and literature blog. Discover ongoing competitions, courses, events, workshops, publishers, and even a list of other distinguished poetry blogs.