One Poet's Notes


Contemporary poetics are reviewed here. This seven-time published poet definitely qualifies for the job. Edward Byrne reviews literary works, features select poems each week, and also offers sneak peaks of his new books.

Almost I Rushed From Home to Tell You This


The consistently excellent poet has a blog where his work, imaginings, and mentality can enjoy free reign.

Nina Andrews


What should you know about poet Nina? "I love birds, dogs, magicians, and blue. My favorite food is strawberries, the little wild ones."

Comic of James Cummins' poem, "Fling"
by Nin Andrews over 3 years ago
Millay Comic
by Nin Andrews over 3 years ago

Hayden's Ferry Review


"Showcasing the voices of emerging writers" serves as the primary point of dedication to this site, worth a read if you're into the newest, freshest poets on the scene.

Contributor Spotlight: Michael Meyerhofer
by Dana D over 3 years ago
#superblueferry: AWP Event
by Dana D over 3 years ago

the word cage


In Ohio, "Akron's finest poetry and garbage" somehow coalesce to form this intriguing blog.

This is happening.
by marybid almost 3 years ago
Small Enterprise
by marybid almost 3 years ago

Seth Abramson


Anyone looking to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing -- click on this site now! It's a treasure trove for all readers, writers and non-writers alike.

Poetry Instigator


This site firstly functions as "a fine poetry making machine," then goes on to inspire equally profound activity in its readers.

Read Write Poem


This blog models the ideal living pattern for any poet; notice how eating or sleeping don't factor into the equation.

Chicano Poet


This poet is definitely one to keep an eye on; the worldplay and sense of rhythm are regularly dazzling.

by RC over 4 years ago
by RC over 4 years ago

Victoria Chang


"Thoughts about poetry, business, culture, books, and parenting" all coax this blog's readers' full attention.

New Poetry Books
by Victoria Chang over 2 years ago

Poems and Quotes


This site invites anyone with a poetical bent to share their latest work with other readers and writers.

Famous Poets and Poems


If you're just getting into poetry and want to bone up on the classics, this is your best bet.

Average Poet


Though Bob claims not to be the next Longfellow, his current work is anything but ordinary.

by rch over 2 years ago
by rch over 2 years ago

A Year of Reading


Understanding that teachers who are readers themselves can better encourage students to be interested in literature, teachers Franki and Mary Lee created a blog to follow their year of reading. They share their favorite titles to teach and some of their own poems.

Keeping Up with 2016 Book Releases
by noreply@blogger.com (Franki) over 2 years ago
Poetry Friday -- Boiled Eggs
by noreply@blogger.com (Mary Lee) over 2 years ago

Food Politics


From 1986-88, Marion Nestle was senior nutrition policy advisor in the Department of Health and Human Services and managing editor of the 1988 Surgeon General’s Report on Nutrition and Health. She has been a member of the FDA Food Advisory Committee and Science Board, the USDA/DHHS Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, and American Cancer Society committees that issue dietary guidelines for cancer prevention. Her research focuses on how science and society influence dietary advice and practice

Dairy food politics, Australia. Kangaroo politics too.
by Marion over 2 years ago
Three books about eating: 2. The Practice of Eating
by Marion over 2 years ago

Whole 9


Melissa Urban and Dallas Hartwig believe their are 9 factors that need to be addressed when it comes to obtaining a healthy lifestyle. They evaluate each of them to come up with an optimal health and fitness plan to help you to be the best you be inside and out.

Ask Whole9 Canada: Inconsistent Food Reactions
by Whole9 Canada over 3 years ago
Food, Mood, and FODMAPs
by Crystal Ellefsen, Whole9 over 3 years ago

Healthy Simple Living


After the climbing the corporate ladder and finding herself unfulfilled, this blogger reviewed her life and discovered a passion for health and fitness. Her blog features tasty recipes, and advice on a balanced lifestyle.

Finally! A 100% Stainless Steel Cooling Rack That Fits
by lilla about 3 years ago
4 Simple Step for Bicycle Safety (and Other Outdoor Activities!)
by lilla about 3 years ago

Language is a Virus


There is so much information on this site that it is almost overwhelming. Learn how to publish your fiction or search for a famous poem.

Contemporary Poetry Review


Poetry criticism and commentary at its finest. This is a web journal devoted entirely to poetry criticism, and it is rated among the finest of its kind with highly intelligent critics and meticulous editors.

Great Moments in Criticism: Bierce Attacks Wilde
by the editors almost 3 years ago
Ahead Was Silence: Matthew Buckley Smith on Louise Glück
by Matthew Buckley Smith about 3 years ago