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All Systems Stop
by kipwinger almost 4 years ago
Needs and Necessity
by kipwinger about 4 years ago

Mad Kane's Humor Blog


All poets need a bit of humor in their lives every now and then. Add some spice to your life with this funny blog touting lots of Limericks and Haiku, or join in on one of the frequent Limerick contests.

AIDY's Poetry Blog


"Navigating existential crises" is the primary calling of this site's head blogger and charismatic wordsmith.

Poetry Chaikhana


"Sacred poetry from around the world" winds up here to the end of providing literary sustenance for readers and writers alike.

Hsu Yun – An Exquisite Truth
by Ivan M. Granger about 4 years ago
by Ivan M. Granger about 4 years ago

Free Poems


"If you follow the rules on this blog, you can use these poems for free;" from what we've read, those are rules by which we'll frequently abide.

Last Night I Dreamed - By Jeanne Fiedler
by Sitzetzu over 3 years ago
Maria's Canto - By Conor O'Neill
by Sitzetzu almost 4 years ago

Poetry Out Loud


Back in the day, poems were not only read -- they were recited. This site leads the way in an oration revival.

Poetry Society of America


One of the country's most respected literary organizations puts on their very own blog site.

Bob and Margery's Poetry


These two poets, based in both New York City and San Francisco, bring a fresh spin to the poetry blog scene.

Mathematical Poetry


Who says that numbers and words cannot collaborate from time to time? This site makes music of the match-up.

The Purpose of Art
by Kaz Maslanka over 3 years ago
by Kaz Maslanka over 3 years ago

Dancing with Pens


"A journal of discovery and creation" also provides readers some heartwarming material.

Harriet: The Blog


A great site for poetry lovers to stay updated on poetry news. More importantly, while you are catching up on the news, you can also check out other tools and exceptional resources.

Change's Purchase by Jonathan Farmer
over 4 years ago
Learning Lab: William Butler Yeats: "Easter, 1916" by Ange Mlinko
over 4 years ago

Chris O. Cook's Poetry


This "semiformalist necromantic" crafts a heartfelt style of poetry that is worth several investigations.

Avoiding the Muse


The writer of this blog site does "practice medicine full-time" yet somehow carves out space to engage with his poems.

Poetry Hut Blog


"Fresh poetry news hand-picked daily" makes this a site to bookmark, if only for the informative posts on what's happening in the community.

Chicks Dig Poetry


Hey macho men -- listen up; if you really want to impress your lady friends, you'll read this site often.

Four By Two
by Sandra over 3 years ago
22 Hours in the Big(ger) City
by Sandra over 3 years ago

Poetry and Poets in Rags


A collection of poetry and poet news from various newspapers for the reader's benefit. A Tuesday night weekly.

Mark Doty


One of the finest American poets of the past twenty-five years deigns to supply hungry readers with his lush thoughts and remembrances.

Poems Here on Earth: Galway Kinnell
by Mark Doty over 3 years ago
Carolyn K, in her Black Mink
by Mark Doty almost 4 years ago