Streets of Berlin


As this blog's name suggests, this blogger chronicles Berlin street life with a camera. Streets of Berlin is ultimately about seeing everyday life as precious and worth capturing. Learn to see the mundane through a new lens.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam, January 2014 Contax T2 // Agfa Vista 400 //...
almost 4 years ago
Hanoi, Vietnam, January 2014 Contax T2 // Tri-X @400 developed...
about 4 years ago

The Travel Photographer


There are unique difficulties that the travel photographer faces in their day-to-day work. For example, is shooting from the hip, in order to capture candid street photos, true photography? And how do you interact with new cultures in a way that gives you the best photo? Learn from New York City travel photographer Tewfic El-Sawy.

Hà Nội Report | The Đồng Thầy
by tewfic el-sawy over 2 years ago
Hà Nội Report | Hầu Đồng'ed To Max
by tewfic el-sawy over 2 years ago

Explore Travel Photography


Although this blog is called "Explore Travel Photography," there are techniques here that everyone can use. This photographer's image of light trails in front of Big Ben make us want to pick up our cameras and try the same style at home!

Asiatic Lions


Feel the Wild, Nature and Wildlife photography. Asiatic lion pictures, India birds and photos of lions, sunrise and sunset, landscape and more.



sunpreview annual and global weather

Sylvi Photography


The world through my lens. Check out my blog for wonderful travel posts.

Unexplored Paradises


When I can, I travel. When I can't travel, I dream about my next adventures and collect images of places I want to visit.

Follow my photography


Follow my journey in photography! I've just got in to photography and try to develop my skills as much as possible. I combine it with my love for traveling.

A Thousand Words


Photos with short stories to enhance the experience.

Out There Somewhere


Bits of the life of an amateur in life. The everyday blog that has it all (to a certain extent) - uniqueness, goals, and creativity. Some random fun adventures with disposable and digital cameras. From travelling photography to nature & architecture to random macro and double exposure experiments - you will see everything here.

Nolan Mascarenhas


I am a part time writer,most of the time foodie,part time consultant,full time wanderluster,part time biker,any time comic, big time animal lover, all the time story teller.

The Brazen Gourmand | for the culinarily curious


self-described culinarily curious U.S. Army Officer, serial entrepreneur and inventive spirit hungry for challenges, adventure and the next good eat documenting my food related experiences throughout South Korea and wherever my travels take me...