Scott Kelby


In the world of graphic photography design, Scott Kelby's name reads like Picasso or Cezanne. His mastery of Photoshop always lands him on the cutting edge of the technology, and he graciously doles out generous helpings of his genius at a consistent pace on his blog page. Texture fanatics will find a gold mine here, as Scott is particularly gifted with the technique great Texture requires. Newbies and old hats alike will gravitate to Scott's blog and not mind sticking around there.

It’s Free Stuff Thursday!
by Brad Moore about 4 years ago
It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Beno Saradzic!
by Brad Moore about 4 years ago

Smash & Peas


These two guys love photography. One is a professional photographer for a magazine and the other practices photography as a hobby. Together, novice and pro bring you technical information, interviews, and inspiration in this appealing blog.

Wood Line
by Lee Milthorpe about 4 years ago
Sheep Fields
by Lee Milthorpe about 4 years ago

Beginner's Photography Blog


Ingrid's charming blog leads photographers through all the basics to help you advance in your photography goals! This is a great place to go if you are just getting started and need help with questions like, "What is that dial thing on my camera?"

Trick Photography – How to do Multiplicity
by Ingrid over 3 years ago
Take 52 Photo Challenge Critique – Affection
by Ingrid over 3 years ago

I Heart Faces


This blog is operated by two moms, Angie and Amy, who met through blogging. They love taking photos of their children and decided to create a place to show them. Their blog is a place to share photos of unique and beautiful faces for others to view.

Preparing Your Photos for Canvas
by IHF over 2 years ago
Beautiful Photo of the Week
by IHF over 2 years ago

Daily Art Fixx


Wendy Campbell, the blogger of Daily Art Fixx, wants to educate and inspire those who love the art photography as she does. This site includes artist profiles--both historical and current--visual arts and women in the arts. She believes that art is a highly personal thing and that everyone has there own interpretation, which is what makes art so intriguing.

TEDx Met: Luke Syson: How I learned to stop worrying and love “useless” art
by Wendy Campbell about 4 years ago
Henrique Oliveira – Baitogogo
by Wendy Campbell about 4 years ago

Photography Blog


This sleek blog indulges the tech side of the photographer. Read about the latest camera bodies, lenses, firmware upgrades, lighting gadgets, and more to seek out new equipment and boost your technical understanding of your camera.

StreetFoto San Francisco Festival
by Zoltan Arva-Toth over 2 years ago
Nikon Relaunches ‘Nikon Image Space’ Photo Sharing Service
by Zoltan Arva-Toth over 2 years ago

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman


This housewife is one talented woman! A fantastic writer, cook, and photographer, we couldn't help but fall in love with her intelligent and interesting blog. Read her posts on lens distortion, food photography, backlighting, and everything in between.

That's the Shot Photography Blog


This handy professional photographer brings you samples of their own work as well as some do-it-yourself projects like making your own Lensbaby, using an LED flashlight as fill lighting, and creating your own beauty dish.

Muddyboots Photography Blog


Browse through Erica's myriad of links to find useful and fun tutorials, or search through her own posts to learn how to avoid blurry photos or create a twin in post-production.

Guess the Lighting


We consider this blog to be the runner-up to our top five blogs. We're still tormented with having to cut this one. But if you want to better your lighting skills by studying the work of the best photographers around, this is the place to look! See highly visible work and study the lighting diagrams this blogger provides.

Tony Duran lights Emily Ratajkowski for Ocean Drive
by admin over 3 years ago
Annie Leibovitz lights the cast of Game of Thrones for Vanity Fair
by admin almost 4 years ago

Black Star Rising


This blog is not just for those interested in being a photographer. It is also interested in educating photography buyers as well. This comprehensive blog will give you a good background on the artistic, technical, and legal aspects of the photography industry.

What Apple and Samsung Can Teach Photographers About Attracting Loyal Clients
by Kathy DalPra almost 4 years ago
A Simple SEO Tweak To Get Better Blog Traffic
by Kathy DalPra almost 4 years ago

Yanik's Photo School


This nature and travel photography aficionado brings you step-by-step guides for how to achieve your best photographs in a number of different styles and of different subjects. Read up on the "7 Steps for Taking Photos in the Rain" and "15 Steps to Perfect Family Portraits."

Lightroom Presets Boxing Day Mega Sale!!
by Yanik over 2 years ago
Saving Serabie 2 Years Later
by Yanik over 2 years ago



There are a lot of photography tutorials, tips, and other information on the web. Strobology has set a high goal for itself by attempting to consolidate all this information onto one blog. They have a long ways to go, but make sure you stop by and see how they are doing.

Light Stalking


Light Stalking is obsessed with beautiful photography and eager about sharing such art with the world. Catch their enthusiasm about new photographic work and read up on how to improve in your photographic endeavors at the same time.

8 Comments that May Make A Photographer Crazy (Depending on Our Mood)
by Sheen Watkins over 2 years ago
10 Photo Theme Ideas For When You Have Photographer’s Block
by Tiffany Mueller over 2 years ago

Point of Utterance


Aloha really works on helping you with the development side of photography. Learn how to imagine up new concepts, bring out emotion in portraits, and shoot themes when you travel. Another candidate for our top 5, we strongly suggest that you stop by to check this blog out.

Nick Carver Photography


In additional to stunning nature photography, self-taught photographer Nick Carver brings you great do-it-yourself projects and modifications, like tripod leg pads, plamp (plant clamp), and ring light. Make sure you look at his tutorials, which are nicely organized by skill level.

Abstract Photography: Palm Trees in Laguna Beach
by Nick Carver about 4 years ago
Why the Exposure Triangle is Completely Useless
by Nick Carver about 4 years ago

Lighting Essentials


This blog is an excellent resource for aspiring professional photographers. The how-to articles are succinct and specific, and geared toward people in the industry.

Does the Best Photographer Make the Most Money?
by wizwow almost 4 years ago
Smartphone Camera Photography
by wizwow almost 4 years ago

Neil Creek Photographer


This blogger passionate about panoramic photography, macro photography and pushing the boundaries with creative and innovative techniques. He loves to share his knowledge on photography and how to achieve near perfection.

Lingerie Shoot – 140524
by Neil Creek about 4 years ago
A few photos I just took around our foggy garden this morning!
by Neil Creek about 4 years ago

K. Praslowicz,Photographer


Kip is a web developer and a photographer. He shares his thoughts about photography, as well as technical things he has figured out on his own. He is a big supporter of film and film photography.

Ansco Color Film - 1949 Advertisement
by K. Praslowicz over 2 years ago
Zeiss Ikon Cameras: For Better Pictures - 1952 Advertisement
by K. Praslowicz over 2 years ago

Digital Photography School


Learn how to use your digital camera with digital photography tips you will find on this blog. This is a community of photographers of all levels who come together to learn, share and expand their knowledge of photography.

3 Tips to Maximize Your Road Trip Photos
by Nisha Ramroop over 2 years ago
Tips to Help You Start a Successful Photo Blog
by Simon Ringsmuth over 2 years ago

Picture Correct


On this site you will find informative articles on photography tips and techniques. Richard Schneider, the founder of this blog, offers valuable resource to photographers of all experience levels.

Beginner Photography Training Tips for Newbies
by PictureCorrect Contributor over 2 years ago
Interesting Photo of the Day: A Frozen Tree
by Michael Fraiman over 2 years ago

The Photoletariat


This blog looks to equalize the photography community by proving almost any camera, including iPhones, can produce greatness. Technical tips for super-detailed users appear here often.

Fyfe Photography


My husband and I love photography and this is a place to share that photography as well as, occassionally, the photography of others. If it's beautiful, inspiring or otherwise noticable, then we want to share it here! Hopefully, we can also share some tips and tricks of the trade, websites of interest and more along the way!

Moms Who Click


Our mission at Moms Who Click, is to share our passion for photography and create a community with other photo loving enthusiasts. Whether just starting out or a seasoned professional, our goal is to create a community where we all provide one another with tips and tricks as well as inspiration.

BEHIND THE LENS: Daisy Beatty Photography, NYC and East Hampton, NY
by noreply@blogger.com (Moms Who Click) almost 3 years ago
Sponsored: AT&T LG G4 Smartphone Sweepstakes & Photography Tips
by noreply@blogger.com (Moms Who Click) about 3 years ago