All That Shoes


There's not much chatter at this blog, but a lot of eye candy! See photos of all kinds of shoes from clunky leather platforms to lace-up lacy flats.

by adoravictoria over 2 years ago
by adoravictoria over 2 years ago

Craving for Shoes


Sometimes shoes just speak from themselves. They make a statement and need no commentary. They only demand admiration. This seems to be the philosophy behind Craving for Shoes. So, go admire!

When the clock strikes midnight, don’t forget your glass...
over 2 years ago
Dream a little dreamy dress at Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2016 RTW...
over 2 years ago

Daily Shoegasm


We love these shoes! This tumblr is another example of letting the shoes speak for themselves. If you need some inspiration, this is a good place to go.

Nice Shoes


This tumblr brings you photos of shoes as submitted by followers. From sneakers to stilettos, explore this ever-growing gallery of footwear from everywhere.



This tumblr showcases an amazing diversity in shoes. If you are interested in shoe design and are seeking some unique shoe inspiration, this is a great place to go!

R-A-W Shoes Blog


If you've ever thought that shoes were boring, then looking at this blog will convince you that you are wrong. See some of the weirdest and prettiest high heeled shoes around. We guarantee that you'll see something completely unique.

Casadei Resort 2015 Collection
almost 4 years ago
Alexandre Birman Resort 2015 Collection
almost 4 years ago



Lusting is all about looking. True to form, this blog doesn't include much talking. But that just allows the shoes (usually one or two posts a day) to speak for themselves.

Karen Millen
about 4 years ago
Alejandro Ingelmo Fall 2014
about 4 years ago



The shoes posted on this tumblr can be girly, quirky, vintage, futuristic, casual, or geometric--and that's just the first page! Every kind of shoe is welcome here. As long as you enjoy shoes, this is a fun place to look around.



As one might guess from the name, this blog is a symptom of shoe obsession. And lucky for us, it offers images of many unique shoes. Who knew that the shoe world was so diverse?!

about 4 years ago
over 4 years ago

Blog That Shoes


Shoes come to life on this blog because every shoe has a story! The blog features shots of fabulous shoes from everyday folks caught on the street. And if you have a pair of shoes that you want to show off, you can submit a photo and description of it here.